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Suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis and looking for a good night’s sleep, Rachel and her husband purchased a Sleep Number bed. Impressed by the comfort of the floor models in the store, the couple did not look for Sleep Number reviews about the product. If they had stopped to look at reviews online, they would have been more aware that many other customers have had issues with Sleep Number customer service and faulty products. 

After being excited for the delivery of their new mattress and hopeful for a good night’s sleep, Rachel and her husband wound up spending months trying to troubleshoot their new purchase and finally turned to PissedConsumer to get help with Sleep Number refund issues.

This article showcases the customers' experience with Sleep Number beds based on reviews:

How much are Sleep Number beds?

According to her review with PissedConsumer, Rachel and her husband spent more than $4,000 on their Sleep Number bed system. Sleep Number prices can range, however, based on the type of mattress you buy. The Sleep Number bed website advertises queen-sized mattresses starting at $1,099 in their Classic series. Mattresses in the Innovation series of Sleep Number bed run between $4,000 and $5,000 before adding a base to the bed and any mattress covers or linens.

Sleep Number 100 night trial and warranty

The company also advertises a 100-day trial and money-back guarantee. In an update to her original Sleep Number complaint and her more comprehensive video review, Rachel explained that the company may offer a Money Back Guarantee, but that guarantee “can be at a cost of $1,260.00 with necessary items delivery pickup and restocking fees.” She warns other users that this “should be seriously considered BEFORE buying a sleep number bed.”

Sleep Number warranty: How long does it last?

Sleep Number customer service advertises a 15-year limited warranty on the company’s website.

15-Year Limited Warranty Sleep Number

In her video review, Rachel explained that interacting with Sleep Number customer service isn’t quite as simple as the website description would make it seem.

According to her post about Sleep Number mattress, “My bed was defective from day 1 and they would not stand behind their products.” She quickly realized that her Sleep Number complaints appeared to be falling on deaf ears.

Rachel explains that she “made over a half a dozen trips into the local showroom trying to figure out what was wrong with my bed.” Each time she tried to sort out her Sleep Number complaints, she was told she “could not return my bed until I had had it for at least 30 days.” Ultimately, she decided that Sleep Number customer service “was a joke.”

Contacting Sleep Number customer service

Rachel tried to find answers to her Sleep Number complaints in the store first. She called the Sleep Number phone number and “did everything they asked, instructed and told me to do... to no avail.

Then she and her husband contacted the company about their Sleep Number warranty. The company decided to send some additional foam to install on the Sleep Number mattress. After a mishap with dates and times for installation, Rachel was told, despite her rheumatoid arthritis, to fix the Sleep Number mattress herself using emailed instructions.

Rachel continued to contact the company using the Sleep Number phone number trying to find a resolution. After 70 days a Sleep Number warranty technician came to install the new foam.

He discovered that the air chamber in the mattress was leaking and there was moisture in the mattress. Frustrated and angry, Rachel and her husband decided that they would simply take advantage of the Sleep Number refund policy during the 100-night trial.

100 Night Trial Sleep Number

Sleep Number reviews: What do customers say?

These consumers aren’t alone in their frustration and complaints about Sleep Number products. There are 1175 Sleep Number bed reviews on that echo many of the same frustrations of Rachel’s family. Few of these online reviews have been resolved. 256 customers have contacted the Sleep Number phone number through the site and 29% of those customers have had their issues resolved.

Another frustrated customer had to contact the company for Sleep Number replacement parts as his bed started leaking air. Two years after purchase – and too late under the Sleep Number refund policy – Jacu J. learned that his $4,000 Sleep Number mattress was leaking air, but that the leaks were considered “NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR.” Unable to do a Sleep Number return, Jacu would be forced to pay for repairs out of pocket, thanks to only limited warranty coverage.

Remorse for purchasing Sleep Number PissedConsumer review

Another frustrated customer wound up with an unintentional Sleep Number return after the three beds she ordered would not fit up the stairs in her home. In her review, she explains that after her Sleep Number bed sale, the delivery people threw her old mattresses in the yard and then decided they couldn’t get the new beds up the stairs.

They put the old, now-muddy mattresses back in the house, packed up her new $14,000 worth of beds, and drove off without ever delivering them. She was supposed to be contacted but never was, but fortunately did not lose any significant money.

Sleep Number review warn others

After spending more than 70 days sleeping badly and fighting to repair their Sleep Number bed, Rachel and her husband finally decided to return their bed and settle for a Sleep Number refund. Even then they were very surprised and disappointed to learn they would still owe the company money for restocking the base and for delivery and pick-up. All told, the couple was out more than $1,250 for a bed that was malfunctioning and ultimately returned.

Tips for buying a Sleep Number bed

Rachel and other customers leave tips and warnings for other customers in their online reviews. Among the thoughts they shared, here are some things to consider if you are shopping in Sleep Number locations for a new bed.

  • Understand the product. Sleep Number beds are air mattresses covered with foam and fabric. According to reviews, leaks appear to be common and the beds require maintenance from homeowners if that were to occur.
  • Try the mattress at home first. Rachel encourages others to try the Sleep Number mattress first before committing to a base. The base is not covered by the warranty and trial offer.
  • Returning a base is tricky. The warranty and trial period extends to the Sleep Number mattress only. The bases are often not included and can be challenging to return if you return the mattress. Rachel was finally able to return her base but learned there $300 restocking fee.

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