Most people plan and save for their vacations over an extended period of time. Therefore, when booking a vacation, it is paramount to ensure that the company you are booking with is reputable.

Vida Vacations complaints

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Vida Vacations is a timeshare company that promises its customers luxury, happiness, and peace of mind during their vacations. In this article, we answer the top Vida Vacations FAQs and evaluate if the company is legit.

 Below are the top consumer questions to

  1. Is it legit?
  2. How to cancel the contract?
  3. How to contact customer service?
  4. Which location is the best?
  5. What is the Vida Vacations refund policy?

1.  Is Vida Vacations Legit?

Vida Vacations is a vacation membership club that offers its members timeshare access to its properties and destinations across Mexico. On the “Why Vida Vacations” page, the company promises its customers the following:

  • Apart from a selection of 7 resort locations, the website indicates that they can help their members access other destinations globally.
  • With their proven track record over the last 10 years, the company promises to help its members create unforgettable vacation experiences and find the peace of mind and happiness.
  • Concierge services that incorporate travel arrangements and itinerary planning.

However, some of the questions that most customers have are: does the company deliver on its promises and are there reported cases of Vida Vacations scams? We looked through various review platforms to find out whether the company is legit.

Vida Vacations reviews across the various platforms indicate that customers have had varying experiences. On PissedConsumer, Vida Vacations’ rating is 2.4 and most reviews on ConsumerAffairs are 1-star, while on GlassDoor, it has a 4.4-star rating and most reviewers rated company as good. 

Several Vida Vacations reviews indicate customer dissatisfaction with the company. The top Vida Vacations complaints are in regard to predatory selling tactics, poor customer service, unfair cancellation and refund policy, and unclear terms of engagement on timeshare memberships. In a recent review on ConsumerAffair, the customers referred to a Vida Vacations as a scam.

Vida Vacations reviews

Despite the numerous Vida vacations complaints, in this Vida Vacations review ( #1211410) on, the reviewer rated the company 5 stars and praised the company for their helpful customer service and affordable rates that saved him $75 per night at the Hilton Hotel in Denver.

“…I have looked at several time shares and vacation packages, and my experience as a member has proven to me the Vida Vacations is the best one on the market. Hands down…

2. How to Cancel Vida Vacation Contract?

One of the top Vida Vacations FAQs is in regard to their cancellation policy. Several dissatisfied customers would like to know how to get out of the Vida Vacations contract.

While does not provide a cancellation policy, various reviews insinuate that the Vida Vacations cancellation policy is provided in the membership agreement. According to a Vida Vacations cancellations policy review (#607825) on, the policy allows members to make cancellations within 5 days of signing their Vida Vacations contract. However, it is not clear whether on making your Vida Vacations cancelations within the stipulated 5 days, you get a full refund or not.

According to an article on, members have a few options to get out of a timeshare agreement with Vida Vacations including reselling, renting or transferring their timeshare. However, these options are not easy to follow through with, therefore, the best option would be to seek a Vida Vacations cancellation. The author advises members to seek legal assistance if they encounter difficulties with the Vida Vacations cancellation policy and procedures.

Another reviewer on who had challenges with canceling membership reported Vida Vacations to PROFETA, the Mexican consumer protection agency. The reviewer also reported the transaction they made to Vida Vacations as fraud to their bank with the hope that it would be reversed. They also reported to IRS who wrote off the tax on the amount paid.

Vida Vacations cancellations

3. How to Contact Vida Vacations Customer Service?

According to their Contact us page, you can either call the Vida Vacations phone number or send an email to The Vida Vacations customer service will answer your questions, provide you with the information you might be seeking, or help you decide on the most ideal destination and timeshare membership.

Vida Vacations customer service

The following Vida Vacations phone numbers are provided for payment inquiries:

  • 1-866-888-0587 for US and Canada customers;
  • +52(322) 176-0660 for customers from all other countries.

You can also email customer service via to make payment inquiries. You will be required to provide your contact number and registration number.

Vida Vacations payment inquiries

The Vida Vacations phone numbers are reachable Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays between 9.00 am and 3.00 pm Central Time. Vida Vacations' customer support can also be reached via the company’s various social media pages including LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

4. Which Vida Vacation Location Is the Best?

It all depends on your needs, budget and preferred Vida Vacations location. According to the, the timeshare membership offers members access to seven Vida Vacation locations namely: Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Acapulco, Puerto Penasco, Puerto Vallarta, and Mazatlan.

In each of these destinations, the company has various luxury resorts. Some of the most popular Vida Vacations hotels include Grand Luxxe, Grand Bliss, Grand Mayan, Bliss Resort, Mayan Palace, and Sea Garden Hotels. Each of the Vida Vacations resorts is well equipped with facilities such as golf courses, spas, living and accommodation spaces, and restaurants among others. However, some have unique features.

which vida vacation location is the best

According to the Vidanta member's handbook, when making your Vida Vacations reservations you will be required to provide your desired travel dates and your preferred location. To determine which Vida Vacations resort is ideal for you, visit the resorts page and look at each resort. Vida Vacations reservations are made by contacting the company’s customer service.

According to a number of Vida Vacations timeshare reviews on PissedConsumer, some customers are displeased with the value they get on their membership. For instance, in this Vida Vacations, timeshare review  #1163551 the reviewer complained that the Vida Vacations sales staff persuaded them to upgrade their membership only for them to find out that they had paid more but were actually downgraded to the lowest level Grand Luxxe room.

“…Sales convinced us we were upgrading to the Residence at Grand Luxxe Loft, which is highest exchange value at Vidanta Residence clubs…

 …However what they sold us was actually a downgrade to the lowest level Grand Luxxe room rather than the highest Residence at Grand Luxxe room…”

5. What Is the Vida Vacations Refund Policy?

This is one of the top Vida Vacations FAQs. According to the member's handbook, Vida Vacations payments are the first step to acquiring timeshare in any of the company’s resorts. In several reviews, customers complained of being coerced to sign up. As a result, many do not have a clear sense of what they are signing up for until it is too late, hence, a number of customers who sign up end up seeking a refund. 

There is no confirmation of refund policy and no Vida Vacation FAQ on the company’s website to clarify this point. However, while we do not have up-to-date information in regards to the Vida Vacations refund policy, there are many cases of refunds shared by former customers across various review platforms.

The reviews indicate that the company refunds deposits if the customer makes a claim within the 5-days of making their Vida Vacations payments. Usually, refunds may take a week, and in some cases several weeks. While some customers were able to get refunds without much hassle, others had to involve the Mexican attorneys.

In one TripAdvisor review of the Vida Vacations refund policy, the reviewer indicated that they were able to get a full refund on their cancellation. However, initially, the customer representative said that the customer would lose 35% of the deposit, but after the customer mentioned that their attorney was experienced with the Mexican laws, the representative agreed to make a full refund and cancel the agreement.

Vida Vacations cancellation review

We also found a copy of a Vida Vacations cancellation letter from the company (dated 2000 year), which states that the paid amounts are retained by them, meaning they are not refunded.

Vida Vacations cancellation letter

Below is a screenshot from from the forum that proves that the company refunds.

Vida Vacations refunds

As evidenced in the Vida Vacations reviews, different customers have had different experiences. A majority of the reviews on are negative with customers mostly complaining about predatory selling by Vida Vacations representatives and getting lower value on their membership than what was promised.

If you have had an experience with Vida Vacations that you’d like to share with other customers, feel free to leave your review on

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