Where do furniture buyers experience issues most often? Look no further than this article. We provided a brief description of the top 5 worst furniture brands according to customers.

All the companies were analyzed according to the following criteria:

  • rating;
  • things customers dislike;
  • things customers like;
  • number of resolved issues;
  • responsiveness of the support.

Top Worst Furniture Stores

Acceptance Now

Acceptance Now is a large enterprise that established partnership with some notable brands such as Beck’s Furniture, Rooms To Go, American Signature, and others. They offer flexible leasing agreements on furniture, electronics and home appliances. PissedConsumer contains more than 1,800 customer complaints online about this company.

1. Rating

The company got an average rating of 1,4 stars out of possible 5 based on more than 1,000 reviews on PissedConsumer. Acceptance Now received 1 star for Customer Service, 1 star for Staff, and 2 stars for Website. The amount of claimed losses makes up to USD 660K. An average loss per customer is USD 2,3K. Due to these factors, our users consider the company among the worst furniture stores.

2. Customers Dislike

According to reviewers, Acceptance Now Furniture Lease Policy has many traps and pitfalls. The greater part of all complaints refers to high lease fees and interest rates. Customers are dissatisfied with the Acceptance Now charges:

“Nothing but a lie. They are charging me over $1500 in crazy fees etc. They are charging me over $1500.00 in crazy fees, etc. There has to be something that can be done. HELP!” 

Moreover, Acceptance Now customers often find out about their obligations only when the contract already is in effect:

I was never informed of what my total payments would be until I requested a copy of the purchase agreement which I got a year later. $5000 for a $1660 agreement. I have paid 161 per month since June 2016... I HAVE PAID OVER $2100 i never saw the rental purchase agreement. They never gave me a copy in the store, just a lease agreement review sheet. 

The second most frequent complaint is lack of professionalism. A great number of customers claimed that Acceptance Now staff failed to provide professional help:

"Everyone is incompetent in this company... They lie about delivery times, they lie about knocking on your doors, they change your payment due date and then call and harass you the 1st day of the month even tho you're not due until the 15th...

Acceptance Now poor customer service is at the third place. Many reviewers complain about lack of courtesy. They point out rudeness and violent language of the company employees:

"...the representative WAS VERY RUDE I asked her for her name and she told me she didn’t have to give me her name, and that she wasn’t going to give me her name, I told her how irritated I was with her calling every 6 seconds and she told me well if I’m sick of them calling then I need to stop answering the phone...

3. Customers Like

Despite abovementioned points, a lot of PissedConsumer users speak highly of the quality of sold Acceptance Now products

"I loved the merchandise that I purchased from RAC, but their customer service from the sales lady to the regional manager is bad....I attempted to pay off my merchandise in 3 payments (90 days) and they refused to take my payments, because I was told their program is designed for me not to pay if off in 90 days, like the agreement states I can do".

4. Number of Resolved Issues

As of January 2018, there are 1,820 reviews on the company, and only 9 issues were resolved. Acceptance Now is one of the worst furniture stores on PissedConsumer in our users’ opinion.



Agio is a rather large manufacturer of custom outdoors furniture. The company caters for the residential market. All products and services are offered only through retail stores.

1. Rating

The company has got an average of 1 star out of possible 5 based on 6 reviews at PissedConsumer. Rating details are as follows: 1 star for Customer Service, 1 star for Staff and 1 star for Exchange, Refund, and Cancellation Policy.

2. Customers Dislike

The most common cause of reviews about Agio on PissedConsumer is poor quality of products. The company positions itself as the world’s largest manufacturer of outdoors furniture. Yet, a lot of customers point out that Agio furniture is unsuitable for the outdoors use:

"We purchased 6 Agio outdoor chaise lounges for over $600 at a local Sams club. After 2- 3 years, they have all shredded from the sun. We bring them indoors in the winter to protect them. This company not interested in helping without original receipt we have pictures with the name still on them. We also have a few cheaper chairs that have outlasted the Agio's..."

A small percent of reviews refer to Agio refund and exchange policy. Some customers failed to receive the replacement:

"My 81 year old parents purchased patio furniture from Costco in 2016 - within weeks the bottom (part the chair sits on) had broken off of the chair. I emailed Barbara at Agio, who said that if I would send pictures they would honor the warranty and send me a replacement. I sent the pictures. After months had rolled by I still had not received a replacement..."

3. Customers Like

Agio delivery services receive positive feedback . The company provides free of charge shipment. Consumers are pleased with it:

I purchased an Agio cast aluminum patio dining set from Sears online.Free and fast delivery but when we unpacked the box one of the 8 chairs was broken and clearly a bad casting, (kind of leaned to one side)....

4. Number of Resolved Issues

As of January 2018, none of the issues were reported as resolved.


Mattress King

Mattress King is a chain of retail stores that offers beddings and bedroom accessories in Alabama. In 2017, the company was rebranded to Sleep Outfitters.

1. Rating

The company has received an average rating of 1 star out of possible 5 based on 4 furniture stores reviews at the PissedConsumer. Rating details are as follows: 1 star for Customer Service, 1 star for Reliability and 1 star for Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy.

2. Customers Dislike

Most of complaints refer to the Mattress King goods quality. According to reviewers, the quality of mattresses is very poor:

"...Our mattresses failed (had a big sink hoke in them) we went through the proper channels and had them replaced. They failed again! I had no desire to replace them a third time. I asked for my money back, they refused"

Moreover, the company does not provide the quality assurance:

"My husband and I purchased a King mattress set from Mattress King in Huntsville, AL and paid over 2K. In 10 months the mattress developed huge indentions. I called the store and was notified that all promises/warranties etc. were null and void..."

Some Mattress King consumers met replacement problems. The company provides replacements, but exchange mattresses are also in bad condition:

"...The Mattress King on McFarland Blvd. in Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 sold me a damaged box spring and frame. Although I set six replacement appointments, the store continued to deliver damaged merchandise. They offered me a $50 "credit" to keep their garbage.When I finally gave up after twenty five days of calls, they told me that I cannot cancel the transaction..."

3. Customers Like

As of January 2018, there are no positive reviews about Mattress King.

4. Number of Resolved Issues

As of January 2018, no issues were resolved. An average customer loss amounts to USD 2.9K. Thus, the company is referred as one of the worst furniture stores in PissedConsumer users’ opinions.


Worst Furniture Companies

Rochester Furniture

Rochester Furniture is a chain of retail furniture stores. The company operates under the slogan “It is not just furniture. It is Rochester”. It is positioning itself as a reliable client-oriented retailer. It services local and international markets.

1. Rating

The company got 1 star rating out of possible 5 based on 5 reviews at PissedConsumer. Rating details are as follows: 1 star for Customer Service, 1 star for Staff and 1 star for Reliability.

2. Customers Dislike

Poor customer service is the main reason for Rochester Furniture customer complaints online. The company’s representatives make buyers wait for a long time, do not answer questions and leave issues unresolved:

"...my complain is that I bought the bed because I saw that there was an extra mattress coming with it. Anashree told me that should I not keep the deal I can also cancel. For me that is a "don't care attitude" and no customer service at all..."

Another frequent complaint is bad quality of Rochester Furniture manufacturing. Buyers receive damaged merchandise:

"...So when we got to our new house, we open the chairs, the one chair was on display when we bought it, the one chair was missing a leg and we took the chair to the shop and they said they will check and see...

3. Customers Like

A small amount of customers are completely satisfied with features of the delivered Rochester Furniture goods:

"...We still love the product and would like to give Rochester Furniture, who is part of the JD group, the opportunity to deliver the product which is said to be the purpose of the business..." 

According to the review, they even agree to wait for proper delivery to get the merchandise they ordered. 

4. Number of Resolved Issues

As of January 2018, no issues reported on the PissedConsumer were resolved.



Cymax is a large furniture retailer. It offers home and office furnishings to customers in the United States and Canada. The company employs an e-commerce technology to sell their merchandise.


The company got a rating of 1,4 stars out of possible 5 based on 117 furniture stores reviews at PissedConsumer. Rating details are as follows: 1 star for Customer Service, 1 star for Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy and 2 stars for Website.

2. Customers Dislike

According to Cymax, their annual sales exceed USD 100 million. The company arranges a lot of deals but there are some reasons for customers’ dissatisfaction. First of all, consumers do not like the way of doing business with the company. Little attention to shipping details and lack of control result in serious mistakes:

"...I ordered a floor mirror beautiful mirror!! Shipping was fast but I RECEIVED THE WRONG ITEM!!!!!! Ive called this company 3 times and they keep telling me to send emails with pictures of the items well ive sent the emails with the pictures ive called ive done just about everything and all I get is an email with an APOLOGY I’VE GOTTEN 4 EMAILS..." 

A large percentage of buyers are dissatisfied with rude and unqualified Cymax sales personnel:

"Store advertises by picture a mirror on a dresser and then doesn't ship the mirror and customer service says it's not part of the dresser. Customer service was rude and talked over me talking and obviously did nothing about it..." 

The third common significant reason for complaints is product quality. Several reviewers stated that the quality of Cymax merchandise leaves much to be desired:

"...I purchased 2 Kensington recliners from Cymax thru Sears in June, 2015. 18 months later the leather is flaking off and the pull handle to open the reclining part is broke off..." 

And the last but not the least is packaging and delivery. As it turned out, proper packaging is a serious problem. Furniture is large, bulky and heavy. Cymax fails to provide efficient packaging and safe delivery to customers:

"The L Shaped Computer Desk and 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet arrived damaged. I truly don't know if the file cabinet can even be put together. The furniture is of very poor quality. I was so disappointed..." 

3. Customers Like

A lot of Cymax consumers share their good experience as well. Mainly, they praise the good return policy:

"...Cymax requested a video demonstrating the problem. After emailing the video, Cymax promptly refunded my total purchase back to my account and sent a letter of apology. Nicely handled...” 

After-sale support is another subject of positive feedback. Buyers are pleased with the resolutions:

Cymax resolved my issues and the piece of furniture is beautiful! Everything was delivered in several shipments and lots of phone calls...”

4. Number of Resolved Issues

As for now, only 1 issue reported at our site was resolved by Cymax.

5. Number of Company Responses

There are 20 responses from Cymax to customer complaints online on PissedConsumer. Total number of reviews is 770 (January 2018).

The furniture market within the United States of America is a multi-million dollar industry. The competition is fierce here. So, furniture stores reviews are of crucial importance. Take time to look through reviews and complaints on PissedConsumer to be aware of worst-rated and best-rated furniture stores by customers. 

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