Many frustrated customers are concerned about finding answers to the Figis consumer’s top questions. These customers are trying to finalize orders, change orders or contact Figis customer service with questions about payments, late charges and issues surrounding their purchases. We have compiled the most common question about Figis to provide consumers with the answers they have been trying to find and have dug through the to find answers to some of the Figi’s frequently asked questions.?

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Been looking for answers to your Figis frequently asked questions? Read on to find the most common Figi’s consumer questions along with the answers we could find to satisfy our readers about

1. How Do I Contact Figis Customer Support? has a page dedicated to its customer support and Figi's contact information. You can find the Figis contact number as well as other ways to reach Figi’s customer help on of

The company gives you choices on how to contact the Figis consumer help team.

Figis contact info

You can research your question in their collection of frequently asked Figi’s consumer questions, you can call the Figis helpline at 1-866-855-0203, you can email the Figis customer help team through a contact form, or you can get in touch about your Figi’s complaint or question via traditional mail. The address provided on the Figis help website is:


3200 S. Central Ave.

Marshfield, WI 54404

Figis contact form

2. What ?an I Do if Figi's Didn’t Send My Order?

According to the information provided on the Figis FAQ page, you have some options when a package appears to be missing.

what can I do if I haven't received my Figis items

If your package wasn’t received, you can first wait to see if the item is still on the way, which may be the case if it was sent from the supplier.

You can also call the Figi’s Customer Service number at 1-866-855-0203 to speak with the company about your question.

The easiest first step might be to simply track your order through the Figis website. To do this you can log into the My Account feature on In case you want to return your order, find out about Figi's return policy.

How to check Figis order status

You will be prompted to set up a new account if you don’t have one. Once your account is set-up, you can check your current order status to determine where your order currently is in the order process.

Figis order status faqs

According to the Order Status FAQ, you need to set up or sign into your account. Then you will enter your customer number in the pink box to locate the Order History. You can click on the order number or the “View Details” option to see more information regarding the order. For more information regarding the status of your order, you may contact the Figis customer help team.

3. How Can I Return Figi's Order?

The Figis return policy extends only to non-perishable orders. This means that you will not be able to directly return Figis fudge or Figi’s cheese.  To specify what is considered to be perishable order according to the company policy, call Figis customer helpline.

To return a package to, you can send the non-perishable item back to the company. The instructions on the Package Returns page say to send the original item in the original packaging back to:

Figi's Companies, Inc.

4400 Industrial Park Rd.

Stevens Point, WI 54481

The website also indicates that a return can take 4-6 weeks to be fully processed and that it is important to include your order or customer number. Your return should also include your full name and address, and what you’d like to see as a resolution.

figis return policy

If you received the wrong perishable good or if you weren’t satisfied with the Figi’s food item that cannot be returned through the mail, the Figi’s website encourages you to contact customer service. You can do this by emailing through a contact form or by calling the company at 1-866-855-0203. 

4. How Can I Cancel or Change a Figi’s Order?

Canceling an order does not appear to be possible with Figi’s. According to the FAQ page about order cancellations, “changes or cancellations may not be possible.” Check what can be done in case your Figi's pre-approved credit has been canceled in the part "What Is Figi’s Pre-Approved Credit?"

Figis cancelation policy

The company encourages patrons to ensure that the order is correct before actually submitting it online.

One PissedConsumer user found this out the hard way. In the  Figi’s complaint #1423695, the person states that when the consumer called “...for assistance with incorrect order...” the “rep claimed old orders were canceled and new correct ones would be placed.”

After calling multiple times about the status of his orders, the customer was told “…I called in too late to cancel any orders and there were no notes in the system from the previous calls stating that any orders were to be canceled, thus this rep insinuated that because their people put no notes into their system as to the nature of the call that I was lying…

After “being charged $800 for two orders when both were finally supposed to be canceled,” ...the customer was offered “a 25% refund...

Have any other questions about the company cancelation policy, call Figis toll-free phone number.

5. Does Figi's Allow Discounts or Coupons?

The company does allow discounts and coupons. In fact, Figis promo codes can be sent directly to customers who sign-up for special offers with the company. Those who receive Figis promo codes for free gifts or discounts must meet the criteria of the promotion. 

Fiigis promo codes faq

On the Free Gift page of the Figis FAQ section, the company explains that for a Free Gift offer, customers must place a minimum order of $25 as well as provide the Figi’s discount code. The printed Figi’s catalog or email would have additional information about how to use a particular coupon code or promotion.

Figis discounts faqs

In a separate page about Free Gifts, Figi’s also explains that the only one code can be used per order and that no changes can be made after the order has been placed. Additionally, the instructions encourage users to read the offer details carefully and to double-check the address where the promotion will be sent as it is automatically sent to the first address on the order unless changed. To find out more about the company's promotions, discounts, coupons, promo codes, and free gifts, contact the Figis customer service team.

6. What Is Figi’s Pre-Approved Credit?

Figi’s offers customers a three-payment plan called the Deferred Credit Plan. This program is available to those who meet the Figi’s credit standards and who pay in three separate installments. Those who use the pre-approved credit plan will have a chance to make interest-free payments if your credit application is approved.

Figis deferred credit plan faq

The website notes that credit card orders will be automatically paid in full when the order ships, which does not allow for the three separate payments.

The website provides additional information about the credit offer on the Credit Details page. These details include limitations to the plan including customer location and credit score. $15 fees for late payments are also outlined in the credit details. 

Additionally, the details also give the company rights to contact you at “any number or email address you have provided to us” including through “automated dialing equipment”.

Figis credit details

While it is not clearly stated on the, it does appear that orders that fail to meet credit standards might be canceled according to the Why Was My Order Cancelled Page of Figis FAQs. ?heck what needs to be done to get Figis discounts and coupons in the section "Does Figi’s Allow Discounts or Coupons?".

Why was my figis credit order canceled

The page notes that they will not provide information about a canceled order via phone, email or through the website, but that you will receive a letter “detailing why your order was canceled.” It also encourages you to replace your order using a credit card, which may indicate your initial form of payment, perhaps credit, was not approved.

A PissedConsumer user left a Figis review Review #308228 about this very issue. After receiving “...a tantalizing catalog along with an ad that says you are "preapproved" for a 3 pay credit plan,” the customer discovered that “...if your credit is not approved, yor order is cancelled and you have no idea this has happened unless you call in to the company....”

In their Figis review, the customer stated that “...I strongly urge you to bring the 'preapproved" status up to them when you place the order and question them how you will know if your credit is approved or not...”

In case you need to know more about credit plans offered by the company, reach out to Figis customer support.

Not finding the answers to your Figis customer questions? You still have options on how to find out more information.

  • Visit the Figis customer service page in order to find direct Figis contact info for the company.
  • Read Figi’s reviews on our site to find others with similar experiences that might have answers or suggestions.
  • You might also post a review about your experience to open up a conversation with other customers and the company.

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