According to the Amora Coffee and tea subscription pages, customers can return their products if they are dissatisfied with them for refund or exchange with another variety within 30 days of receiving the products.

“If you are dissatisfied for any reason with the tea you receive, simply return it within 30 days for another variety, or a refund.”

A number of Amora Coffee customers have come forth on PissedConsumer to complain about being charged for products they did not authorize, so they would like to return and get a refund.  Others managed to return the products but have not been refunded.

Here is an example of Amora Coffee complaint #1552671:

My son has been trying to cancel the orders for months! Yet every month you tag his credit card ! We are a disabled household!! I'm tired of hearing this *** He has called you , written you , returned the product with NO REFUND!!...

Amora Coffee does not provide concise returns and refunds policy on their website. As such, there are no clear instructions available about the return address and procedure, or how long a refund will take. They also do not indicate whether or not one will be charged a shipping fee on the returns.

According to Amora Coffee review #1092344 the customer got the following instructions from Lisa, an Amora Coffee customer care representatives on how to return products:

“…Send back the unopened package boxes. Write REFUSED-RETURNED on the boxes & drop in your mailbox or at the post office…”

If you need to return your Amora Coffee products for any reason, get in touch with Amora Coffee customer service via the phone. Ask about the Amora coffee return policy, return procedure and request to be provided with a return address. In regards to Amora Coffee refunds policy, ask about the amount that will be refunded, how long the refund will take, and through which means the refund will be made.

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