Polygroup Limited offers its customers three main categories of products: Christmas trees and lights, above the ground pools, and inflatables. The company has been in business for over 30 years. Its top products are the above the ground pools and inflatables which sell at affordable prices with some ring pools selling at less than $50.

Polygroup Questions and Answers

Number of Polygroup Reviews – 296

Polygroup Rating* – 1.4⭐

Claimed Losses – $36.1k

Successful Calls – 37%/327

Resolved Issues – 3

We made a research to find out whether the Polygroup pools are worth it. We evaluated Polygroup reviews and ratings across the web to answer top consumer questions. Read on to determine whether Polygroup pools are good.

  1. Are Polygroup pools good?
  2. What is the customer service number?
  3. How to order from the store?
  4. What is the warranty policy?
  5. How to install a Polygroup pool?

1. Are Polygroup Pools Good?

As evidenced by the numerous Polygroup pool reviews, their top products are the above the ground pools and inflatables. Specifically popular are the Polygroup summer waves pools, pumps, and accessories. Prospecting customers would like to find out whether the Polygroup swimming pools are good.

According to their About page, Polygroup’s commitment to its customers is to provide them with a wide range of innovative, quality, and value-conscious products. We looked at Polygroup reviews and ratings across various review platforms to establish if they honor their commitment. Below are the findings.

On Pissed Consumer the rating is 1.4, on TrustPilot, it has a 1 star, and on GlassDoor, it is rated with 3.5 stars. On PissedConsumer, the majority of Polygroup pools reviews are complaints with most reviewers rating the business at one or two stars.

The top Polygroup complaints are in regards to:

  • Poor customer service characterized by difficulty getting through to a real person on the Polygroup phone numbers and unhelpful responses.
  • Warranty issues whereby customers had difficulty redeeming the 90 days limited warranty.
  • Substandard products whereby in a number of reviews, customers reported that the Polygroup pump did not work even though it was new.
  • Missing parts whereas on several occasions, the customer complained that they discovered when installing the pool that it was missing some parts.

For instance, in the Polygroup complaint #1992014, the customer complained that they purchased four 4x42 inch pools only to discover that 3 of the pools had holes in the liners when the water delivery company came to fill the pools. Besides, one of the pumps stopped filtering water a week after being set up and then completely shut down a few days later. Also, the GFCI box could not reset.

The customer further experienced difficulty when trying to contact the Polygroup customer service to follow up on his warranty claim.  When he eventually did, he was not given a helpful response and could not be transferred to speak to a supervisor.

Polygroup consumer review

With that said, there are a few positive Polygroup reviews across various review sites. Satisfied customers were happy with the price of the products, ease of installation, and customer service. For instance, in one 5 star review (#858687) on PissedConsumer, the customer expressed their satisfaction with the customer service.

I called customer service and they were very helpful. It was amazing I have never dealt with anyone like them. Not only did they get my package shipped overnight they also sent me free products for my troubles…

2. What Is the Polygroup Customer Service Number?

Various Polygroup contacts are provided on the company’s contact page depending on your location as follows:

The U.S. Toll-Free Phone Number: 1 (888) 919-0070

The UK customer service phone number: +44 (0) 330 0904 424

Spain customer service phone number: 900 905 437 – free toll number

For US customers, the Polygroup customer service representatives can be reached via phone between Monday and Friday from 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM EST.

You can email Polygroup customer service via warranty@polygroup.com. This email can also be used to seek assistance with the Polygroup warranty. Concerning the technical issues, you can reach out to the PolyGroup tech support via their help center.

There is no indication of Polygroup corporate headquarters address both on the company’s website and social media pages. However, according to their locations page, they have various office and factory locations across the US, Europe, and Asia.

It is worth noting that several Polygroup reviews on PissedConsumer and across various review platforms indicate poor customer service. While some customers could not get through to speak to a real person on the Polygroup phone numbers, the majority of those who did, complained that they were taken around without being offered any real help.

3. How to Order from Polygroup Store?

 Here is a step by step process for ordering from the Polygroup store:

  1. Visit Polygroup.com and on the far right of the menu bar, click on “Store”; or go directly to www.polygroupstore.com.
  2. Sign up or log in to your account.
  3. On the store home page, you are provided with various product categories including the Polygroup pools & parts, Christmas trees, and pumps and filters.
  4. Choose the particular category you are interested in and browse the products to identify the ones you want to buy.
  5. Select the item you want to purchase, choose its dimensions and accessories( the product page provides indication of whether it is eligible for the warranty).
  6. Go to your cart to checkout.

In case you have questions about a particular product or you need assistance with completing your order, call their phone number or visit the Polygroup FAQs center.

Polygroup reviews indicate that the ordering process is quite straight forward as there are no complaints in this regard. However, the main complaints are related to the delivery of substandard or defective items. For instance, in the Polygroup swimming pool review #1954294, the customer complained that the summer waves elite pool pump did not work from day one. When they contacted the company seeking a replacement for the pump, they were told they had to buy a new pump at $200.

I bought a summer waves elite pool kit for my kids at a price of 500 dollars.Straight out of the box and after filling pool with water I learn that the pump does not work...

4. What Is the Polygroup Warranty Policy?

Polygroup.com offers a 90 days warranty on all their swimming pools. According to the Polygroup warranty policy provided in their FAQs, the limited warranty only covers metal frame pool against material and workmanship defects for 90 days from the day of the purchase. The warranty is only valid for use by the original purchase and is not transferable.

According to the Polygroup FAQs, all warranty claims must be made directly to the company even if you bought from one of their authorized retailers. To make a Polygroup warranty claim, contact the customer service at (888) 919-0070. You must provide proof of purchase by providing the original store sales receipt and information on the product type.  Upon their discretion, Polygroup.com will either repair or replace the defective parts. In some cases, you may be asked to return part or the entire product for inspection and repair. Ensure you have a return authorization number when returning.

Polygroup warranty

The company clarifies that the limited warranty does not cover claims such as water loss, pool chemicals, damage, or labor.  Similarly, the Polygroup warranty becomes void under the following circumstances:

  • If the purchaser modifies or repairs the product themselves or with the help of unauthorized personnel.
  • If you use non-Polygroup replacement parts for Polygroup pools.
  • If you use the product against the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If the product damages as a result of normal tear and wear, accident, negligence, abuse of the product, or use of improper voltage.

Notably, the above limitations and exclusions do not apply for states or jurisdictions where they are prohibited by the law.

Polygroup limited warranty

One of the top Polygroup complaints is in regard to the poor quality of products and difficulty redeeming the limited warranty. Polygroup reviews on PissedConsumer indicate that on several occasions customers receive substandard products or in some cases missing parts. When they seek replacement or repairs, the company does not stand by their 90-day warranty.

According to customers’ posts on PissedConsumer.com, in some cases the company out rightly denies warranty claims. In other cases, the customer is taken around by the Polygroup customer service representation or put on hold for up to 45 minutes without being offered a solution. Still, there are instances when the customers could not get through on the Polygroup phone number to seek assistance on their defective pools.

For example, in one review about Polygroup swimming pool (#1966977), the customer complained that they were being given a run around with warranty. The company refused the email receipt that the customer provided as proof of purchase yet that is the only receipt they had received for their online purchase. Furthermore, Polygroup.com did not offer a solution to the leaking pool.

5. How to Install a Polygroup Pool?

This is a common Polygroup FAQ from their customers. Therefore, Polygroup.com provides installation instruction manuals for every type of pool and accessories on their support page. Besides, Polygroup has some instruction videos on YouTube. For instance, you can find an easy-to-follow instruction video on how to set up Polygroup summer waves pool on their YouTube page.

They also provide general guidelines on how to install Polygroup above the ground pools as follows:

  • The pool should be set up on level, stable, and compact soil.
  • Do not install the pool on the sand surface.
  • If the ground is uneven, do not use sand to level it.

According to the Polygroup pool setup reviews, the most common issues that customers encounter when attempting to set up include missing parts, defective parts, or the pool getting damaged shortly after being installed.

Polygroup Limited is commited to offer its customers a broad range of innovative, quality, and high-value products. As evidenced in the numerous Polygroup reviews across the various platforms, the company does not always honor their commitment. While Polygroup.com has been in business for more than 25 years, the pattern of customer complaints cannot be ignored.

Do you have a Polygroup pool? You are welcome to share your experience and leave a review about the company’s product and service on PissedConsumer.com.

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