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Customers book travel experiences with Viator tours and they want to feel confident that their money is well spent and that the experience lives up to their expectations. When consumers have questions, they want to be able to easily contact Viator, find the answers they need and sort out any issues along the way.

Many consumers post reviews about the travel company online, often asking for booking, cancellation, and possible refunds. These frustrated customers reach out to Viator customer service for solutions, and in some cases, they find the answers they need from the company.

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Number of Viator reviews– 1.3K

Viator rating* – 1.9⭐⭐

Claimed losses – $230K

Successful calls – 19%/9.7K

Resolved issues – 22

Looking for answers to your questions about how to contact Viator? We have scoured the Viator Help pages to find the answers and information you’re looking for.

1. Is Viator Legit?

Nobody wants to spend money on a trip or adventure that winds up being a waste of time. That’s why it’s worthwhile to wonder, “Is Viator legit?”

According to the Viator customer service pages, the company is associated with TripAdvisor, a big name in the online travel industry. The company also is clear with information about the Viator cancellation policy and refund policy through the help section. If you want to call Viator, the contact information is posted on the website as well. contact information

However, Viator reviews might be the most telling. In their Viator complaint, one PissedConsumer user explained that due to a website error, they were charged four times for their travel group’s tour. In the review (#1209025), the user complained that there were problems that were not addressed despite them calling the Viator phone number and the tour office.

The consumer was going back and forth using the Viator customer service email address and phone numbers. Still, they did not get a refund for a website malfunction. It is worth noting that they were frustrated because they could not reach the company in a timely manner.

2. How Can I Contact Viator Customer Service?

PissedConsumer has compiled contact options if you are trying to reach Viator customer service. To contact Viator, you have several options, including our compiled contact information.

The website does not offer an immediate way to call Viator, but you can find the number if you dig deep enough into the subpages of the website.

Additionally, if you need to modify or cancel a Viator booking, there are three contact options provided in the Help pop-up menu that you can open through the site. You can contact the company using online chat or via email. You can also get specialized information when you log into your account.

customer support channels

If you don’t have access to a Viator login, you can still contact the company and find the necessary information. The Viator cancellation policy is posted through the help section but will require access to your account created when making your reservation.

Additionally, you can complete a refund request or submit other inquiries through chat, email, social media, or Viator contact number but the preferred method is to log in to your account and complete the request from there.

3. How to Contact Viator Customer Service by Phone?

It is clear from the website and the availability of only one Viator customer service phone number, that calling is not the preferred means of contact for the company. If you want to call Viator from outside of America, you may need to spend some time finding the right number.

If you want to cancel a Viator booking or make changes to a reservation, you have options to email or make automatic changes through your account. Sometimes you just want to talk to someone, and in those cases, it’s good to have the Viator customer service phone number.

The Viator phone number is listed in the About Us section. The Viator contact number specified by their company website in the Google listing is 1-888-680-1640 and their Facebook page suggests calling at 1-888-651-9785.

The company’s phone number is the source of several Viator complaints. In review #3268862, one PissedConsumer user explained that he “had difficulties contacting a customer service representative” and that the “number was incorrect.” He explained that his “stress is being compounded by the lack of contact from Viator.”

Customer reviews example

4. How to Contact Viator by Email?

Viator customer service appears to welcome emails. When you open the Help menu and navigate to the Contact us now section, which you’ll find at the bottom of each article, you will see the option to send an email. While there is not a specific Viator customer service email address given, you can send an email through the site.

How to contact Viator by email

Viator reviews indicate that email may not be the best option for contacting the company as you are waiting for a response rather than contacting someone directly. If you have a Viator login, you are encouraged at the top of the Help menu to log in to your account for “personalized help” which may include more direct contact. Otherwise, you can send a Viator customer service email through the Help menu and wait for a response.

5. How to Get Help From Viator Social Media?

There are many options to contact Viator through social media. While it might be hard to find the Viator customer service phone number, it’s easy to directly access social channels. Along a Viator contact number, email or chat, you’ll see an option to contact the company through WhatsApp, a social media chat function.

Though you will find the Viator phone number on the About Us page, there is a link to various social media channels. There is also a Viator customer service email address for press inquiries which is and is not likely to help a consumer get in contact with a company representative.

Viator social media channels

If you are looking to contact a Viator travel agent through social media, you may be able to find one on several platforms. Consider contacting the company or browsing Viator reviews across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok, all with the same page name @ViatorTravel.

6. Viator Refund Policy: How to Request a Refund?

The most common Viator complaints are about refunds. Many companies do not seem satisfied with the Viator refund policy and request methods, and they share their experiences online.

The official method to make a Viator refund request is outlined on the company’s site. The Help Center includes instructions for those seeking refunds. You can start requesting a Viator refund in your account.

How to request a refund

Once you’ve logged in, you can contact Viator about the refund by finding the booking in question and choosing “Request a Refund.” The Viator cancellation policy also states that you can cancel many experiences up to a day in advance for a full refund, which would not require an additional refund request.

7. Can I Cancel or Change a Booking Reservation on Viator?

Viator cancellation policy is up to 24 hours in advance for tours arranged through the website. The Frequently Asked Questions section includes a detailed set of instructions for how to cancel a reservation.

In order to cancel or change a booking, you will work through the Manage My Booking button on the top right corner of the website. You will need your Viator login or use your Itinerary Number to access your bookings.

Once logged in, you will see options to print your tickets, change a tour date, cancel your tour, or simply view additional details. You should view these details carefully for each booking as there may be a detailed cancellation policy for the activity as well.

How to cancel booking

According to Viator FAQ to cancel a booking, you will use the Cancel Booking button in your account. Be aware that not all tours are eligible for a full refund. This information will be in the details for each booking. After you use the Cancel Booking button, you will see additional information about how much refund you will be given after cancelling. To finish the process, you will click the Cancel Booking button. A confirmation email should follow.

Changing a booking requires completing a request to change the date through the Manage My Bookings menu. According to the Terms and Conditions, you will not be charged a fee for changing the date if your request is received more than three days in advance.

Some activities are not eligible for modifications including theatre and show tickets as well as special events. Also, according to the Terms and Conditions, if you booked your original plans with a promotion or discount, changing the date of your activity may “invalidate your discount.”

booking modification and cancellation

There is also a page in the Help Center dedicated to amending or changing a booking. It includes the same information about using the Manage My Booking link to access reservations and then select the changes you’d like to make.

One frustrated customer in their Viator complaint (#3739852) says:

I immediately emailed Viator to please cancel because I could not get there. It was very misleading. We received a email back that said they would credit us but instead it was charged.

The whole situation poses a question, “Is Viator legit?”, as they did not receive a refund after the tour cancellation. Still, the consumer is satisfied with and usually uses its services.

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