Ridesharing is a way of life in your home city and when you travel. No longer do you rely on taxis or rental cars. Instead, you can use the convenience of the two most popular ridesharing platforms: Uber and Lyft. While very similar, the two companies aren’t the same.

How do they differ? Across many areas of the business model. While the premise is the same: drivers drive you around in their own vehicle, you can find differences between Uber customer service and Lyft customer service. You can also find differences in their pricing models.

So, which is better: Uber or Lyft? It boils down to how you like to do business and what business is being offered in your area. Let’s look at the breakdown between Lyft vs. Uber.​

Uber QA Lyft QA

Uber Rating – 1.8⭐⭐

Lyft Rating – 1.9⭐⭐

Uber Reviews – 7.9k

Lyft Reviews – 7.1k

Uber Claimed Losses –  $2.9million

Lyft Claimed Losses –  $400k

Uber Resolved Issues –  17

Lyft Resolved Issues –  24

Uber Successful Calls  3%/52.9K

Lyft Successful Calls - 4%/48.2K

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How to Contact Uber and Lyft Customer Service?

One of the biggest questions for anyone working with a particular company is how to contact customer service. This is true as well in the Uber vs Lyft comparison because customer experiences are not all created equally. If you are looking to contact Uber and Lyft, we have included options below.

Contacting Uber customer service

If you are trying to contact Uber customer service, you have several options. You can make contact with the Uber phone number, social media accounts, by email, or by writing.

  • Drivers can call the Uber phone number at 800-593-7069, riders can dial 800-353-8237.
  • You can contact Uber customer service via social media as well. Customers leave questions and Uber reviews on the company’s Twitter (@Uber) and Facebook.
  • You also reach Uber support by email at support@uber.com.

You can speak directly to individuals at the Uber Greenlight options created by Uber headquarters in certain locations. This option is available to drivers. To see if there is an Uber Greenlight option near you and to book an appointment, learn more on the Uber FAQ page about the topic.

Contacting Lyft customer service

If you are trying to contact Lyft customer service, you can reach the company in several ways. In addition to the Lyft phone number, you can reach the company by email, by writing, or through social media accounts.

  • You can call the Lyft customer service number at 631-201-5938 to request a ride or dial 855-865-9553 for support.
  • You can also contact Lyft customer service through social media. Customers leave Lyft reviews and questions on the company’s Twitter (@AskLyft) and Facebook.
  • You can email Lyft by finding the appropriate page in the Contact Us menu and clicking on any of the “I Still Need Help buttons. A menu will open with options for emailing about specific issues.
  • Finally, you can contact the company by mail by writing to the Lyft headquarters at the following address:

Lyft HQ,
185 Berry Street,
San Francisco, California 94158.

Lyft Pricing vs. Uber: Price Comparison

The biggest concern for most people in the ongoing battles between Uber and Lyft for customers is price. What is the price difference between Lyft and Uber? What is the official breakdown between the two companies? Is Uber or Lyft cheaper? The short answer is it depends.

Lyft prices vs Uber break down across different platforms, locations, and times of the day. Certain times of the day are more expensive for both Uber and Lyft rates. Other times Uber rates might be lower due simply to availability. Or Lyft rates may be lower because there is a special to consider.

Let’s see how Uber prices stack up against Lyft for a basic scenario. Thanks to price estimators on both websites, you can do your own Lyft vs Uber price comparison any time since rates do change.  In our example below, we will compare the Lyft price with Uber’s for a basic ride from the University of Texas in Austin to the Austin airport.

As you can see in the image below, Lyft estimates the ride would be between $25 and $30 for a basic vehicle. Lyft rates go up for larger vehicles and luxury options.

Lyft ride prices

For the same ride, Uber rates are much more specific. The lowest-priced Uber is $25.45 for the ride from campus to the airport. Uber rates still increase for more comfortable or luxury options, but these rates fall right into the same range of prices that Lyft estimated. For example, a luxury ride on Lyft is estimated to be between $50 and $60. Uber rates have the premier ride at $55.88, right in the middle of Lyft’s range.

Uber price estimator

As seen from Lyft and Uber reviews, customers have been frustrated with their experiences with ride pricing and pricing transparency. Many of the Uber and Lyft reviews on our site deal with pricing issues with the two apps. For example, in one Uber review (2470390), one customer explained his frustration with what he called “secret price hikes. According to this post, the customer and his wife are paying more for the same rides with no notification.

My wife would normally pay no more than $9.00 to $9.25 to get to work now Uber has been charging between $25 to $40.

The reviewer expresses his frustration with Uber customer service throughout the review. He ends his contribution to our Uber complaints with a plan to ride the bus.

Uber consumer review

Likewise, there are similar Lyft reviews about pricing issues and extra, unknown charges. Among our Lyft complaints, one frustrated customer in Florida discovered that she had several charges to her card rather than the single one expected (review #509030). She complained that she “can’t get ahold of” Lyft customer service and is ready to find a different means of transportation.

Uber and Lyft Services: What’s the Difference?

We know how the two companies are the same, but how are Lyft and Uber different? Let’s compare the two across several categories.

Service Options

When it comes to streamlined services, Uber has a slight advantage due to address book options and display. Uber address book options let you create Saved Places that are accessible along with your Home and Work locations. Lyft headquarters created a similar feature for Lyft, but the common locations show up at the bottom of your destinations which isn’t as accessible.

Budget-Friendly Options

Both Lyft and Uber have budget-friendly options. There are carpool options on both Lyft and Uber. Pooling on Uber is called UberPool while pooling on Lyft is called Shared or SharedSaver. You may wind up taking a bit longer to get home, but you can save significant sums of money. Both UberPool and SharedSaver require a bit of a walk to meet your driver. Shared rides on Lyft do not.

Both programs have reward options as well. Uber rewards allow you to earn points toward future rewards. Lyft rewards are available for drivers, encouraging them to go above and beyond. Drivers earn points that can be used for many things including vehicle maintenance.

Vehicle and Driver Options

Uber has more options in some areas than Lyft does for rides. In our Austin example above, you can see that Uber has options for Green vehicles and vehicles that allow pets. Lyft did not have those options available.

You can’t choose your driver, as the vehicle is assigned to you when you use the app. You can read Uber reviews about your driver with that app. You have Lyft reviews as well to help you feel safe in the vehicle. When you use the app, you’ll be given information about the vehicle and the driver. If you have additional questions or concerns about the vehicle or the driver you were assigned, you can contact the company using the Uber phone number. In the same way, you can dial Lyft phone number to contact their customer service.


Tipping is not mandatory with either ridesharing app. There is a one-touch option for tipping on both of the apps so that you have the option to reward your driver for a good, safe drive. Wondering how much to tip Uber or Lyft drivers? It is customary to tip between 10 and 20 percent of the ride’s cost if you feel the service is worthwhile.

What Are Uber vs. Lyft Safety and Policies?

Safety Features

Safety is a big concern for both drivers and riders with Uber and Lyft. So, is Lyft safe? Is Uber? Both companies have policies to make sure both driver and rider are as safe as possible. As one would-be rider found out, Uber takes mask policies very seriously. In one Uber review, the customer complains that her ride was canceled due to noncompliance with the mask rules. She states, however, that she was wearing a mask and that the original driver never showed up.

Both Lyft and Uber require a mask for both rider and driver. Additionally, Lyft has paused shared rides to reduce transmission. Uber allows drivers and riders to cancel rides without penalty if the other party isn’t wearing a mask as well.

Uber and Lyft reviews feature other safety questions as well including vehicle safety and the overall safety of the ridesharing program. According to one Lyft review (#2381329), the company can be diligent to a fault when it comes to allowing drivers into the program.

Among the Lyft and Uber reviews, drivers like this one express frustration with how long it can take to submit and have paperwork finalized and approved. The paperwork and approval process required for drivers should help keep passengers safe as well.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

There can be penalties if you cancel Uber or Lyft once a driver has accepted the ride. When that happens, you need to know about the Uber and Lyft cancellation policies. It’s important to know how to cancel Uber or Lyft rides correctly to avoid unnecessary fees.

Uber Cancellation and Refund Policies

Wondering how to cancel Uber? According to the Uber refund policy page, you can cancel an Uber ride without any penalty provided a driver has not been matched with your ride. If a driver has already picked up your ride, you will need to click on the Cancel Trip button at the bottom of your driver’s information.

Uber cancellation policy

The Uber refund page explains that you may be charged a cancellation fee for doing this, but you can ask for a review of charges if you feel they are incorrect. To request an Uber refund, you will need to complete an email form with trip details. The Uber FAQ pages repeatedly remind customers that you can cancel any time without a fee for mask noncompliance.

Lyft Cancellation and Refund Policies

The Lyft cancellation policy is available through the FAQ pages as well. To cancel a Lyft ride, you simply tap on Edit ride in the app, and then you can Cancel the ride. Again, there are warnings that there might be a Lyft cancellation fee applied for canceling on a driver who has already picked up the job.

Lyft cancellation policy

Lyft has both cancellation and no-show fees that may apply if you cancel a ride or simply avoid it once you’ve booked it. According to the Lyft refund policy, you may be charged a fee if you cancel a ride once the driver accepts the request or if the driver is within 5 minutes of being on time. Additionally, you can be charged a no-show fee if you aren’t present and the driver contacts you during the allotted time.

Lyft cancellation fees

If you have questions about a Lyft refund following a cancellation or no-show fee, you are urged to contact Lyft through the app for a review. In the Ride History of your app, you can “Get Help” through the ride. Be prepared to offer a description of the situation as well.  

Lyft how to review fees

When it comes down to it, Uber vs Lyft is really a matter of preference and availability. It’s hard to make a blanket statement with so many different factors at work, including some as simple as what is available in your area. If you only have one car service available, the question of Uber vs Lyft is moot anyhow. The competition between Uber and Lyft is fierce. Your job is to understand how they work and then choose accordingly.

Would you like to share your experience with Lyft or Uber? You are welcome to leave a review on PissedConsumer.com.

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