Moving from one place to another can be a challenge if you are not using the services of a reliable moving company. In this quest for the right moving company, many US consumers consider or use American Van Lines. However, when interacting with a company, it only makes sense to have some concerns or dissatisfaction expressed regarding an aspect of the business, such as the American Van Lines customer service. This is a review of consumers’ most burning questions about the popular moving company as a means to determine whether, and possibly to what extent, the organization indeed manages to meet their customers’ requirements and needs. 

American Van Lines

American Van Lines reviews: 27

American Van Lines rating: 1.4⭐

Claimed losses: $35.8K

Issues resolved: 3

Based on the information provided by either online reviewers or high-authority niche forums and platforms, we provide in-depth replies to answer consumers’ biggest concerns.  

  1. Is it good?
  2. Is American Van Lines a broker?
  3. How much does the moving cost?
  4. How to contact American Van Lines customer service?
  5. What is their cancellation policy? 

1. Is American Van Lines Company Good?

To give an honest, in-depth, and always unbiased reply to such a concern, we made a list of the American Van Lines moving reviews posted on reliable online sources, along with the American Van Lines reviews posters have left on our platform. We ensured we assessed both negative and positive American Van Lines reviews. This also includes reviews for American Van Lines’ operations as provided on the company website and other credible platforms.

As with every organization that offers its services to the public, there are both satisfied and dissatisfied customers, and each case is different. However, one is still able to detect an issue if there is a repeat pattern in the way a company does its business. It appears that some problems with the fine print are there, as you are about to find out in the next sections.

Overall, though, PissedConsumer has rated American Van Lines with 1.4/5, based on posters’ reviews and ratings, while Yelp has given them 3.5/5, almost 4/5, and a 2/5 mark.

American Van Lines bbb rating

2. Is American Van Lines a Broker?

Many consumers wonder, “Is American Van Lines broker or not?”.  On the company site, the AVL Advantage page, in particular, we read a direct statement mentioning that we cannot consider American Van Lines a broker. They specifically say that they do NOT contract local agents and that they are responsible for all American Van Lines moving requirements. This suggests that the company is not a broker.

Is American Van Lines a Broker

However, according to American Van Lines moving company reviews posted on several credible platforms besides PissedConsumer, such as ConsumerAffairs, suggest otherwise. Consumers that shared their American Van Lines moving experience with the organization speak of them (the company) having outsourced some of their services to other moving companies ( see Review #1593249).

American Van Lines moving review.png

We have also received reviews from posters that feel frustrated by getting confirmation from the American Van Lines customer service department about AVL not being a broker, only to see a hired company showing up on moving day (see Review #1677194).

American Van Lines Review

3. How Much Does American Van Lines Moving Cost?

 You can get a first free American Van Lines quote by completing the corresponding online form on the website. You will need to enter some details in the American Van Lines Quote form, though, such as the zip codes of the moving from and to locations, along with some personal information that American Van Lines movers require. Another way to ask for a free American Van Lines quote is to call them on (888) 296-5458 (toll-free number).

Beware that you won’t find any American Van Lines prices anywhere on their site. This is because the total American Van Lines cost of moving your stuff depends on which mover you choose. And, although they have a few blog posts written in their Blog & News page that give some information related to movers’ charges, no actual fees are mentioned. This is somewhat expected as each case is different and depends on several factors that need to be considered before the company can give an American Van Lines quote, such as:

  • Whether you will be moving bulky items, which will require larger moving trucks.
  • If you have a lot of stuff to move.
  • The overall distance they need to be transferred it.
  • How busy for movers the selected moving period is, and more.

What we did find is the company mentioning a Flat Rate Pricing System that is being used, without giving any specifics as to what determines the final cost, though.

American Van Lines prices

Nevertheless, they do urge consumers to contact the company to get an American Van Lines moving quote that will include movers’ charges based on consumers’ specific requirements.  This is probably the only way to figure out the American Van Lines cost for your moving endeavors. Remember that you can get American Van Lines quotes on moves that are either local or long distance.

Note that American Van Lines discounts are available for:

  • military staff and veterans;
  • American Legion members;
  • other consumers’ groups (via coupons and promo codes).

Take that into consideration when you request a quote.

4. How to Contact American Van Lines Customer Service?

According to the site’s American Van Lines Customer Service page, the following contact details are available:

  • American Van Lines phone number (toll-free): (888) 296-5458;
  • alternative phone lines to reach out to the American Van Lines Customer Service department (i.e., for after-hours emergencies);
  • contact us form;
  • email;
  • social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and G+).

Note that you may also request an American Van Lines Customer Service agent to call you at a specified time that suits you best. In this case, you don’t need to use the American Van Lines phone number above, rather than press the pulsating telephone icon on the company website.

You can check out all available communication options on the PissedConsumer platform, as well as American Van Lines reviews and handy stats. At the moment, there is no dedicated American Van Lines FAQs page to look into for answers to your questions before trying to get in touch with a company representative.  The next best thing to an American Van Lines FAQs section is the companyhelp page, which provides information about the most common concerns consumers have, including:

  • Moving checklist;
  • Rights & Responsibilities When you Move;
  • Valuation & Insurance;
  • Moving tips;
  • Prohibited items;
  • Moving glossary;
  • Boxes & Supplies.

According to American Van Lines moving reviews posted on our platform, the company’s customer care is not difficult to reach. Most posters describe the customer care reps as nice and friendly (the company has ranked as one of America’s Best Customer Service 2019 per Newsweek magazine survey).

American Van Lines customer service

 Nevertheless, posters have left several American Van Lines reviews about significant delays in the moving dates that were communicated to them via the Customer Service department (in some instances, even never). Below is the Review #1631033.

5. What Is American Van Lines Cancellation Policy?

There is no American Van Lines cancellation policy to be found anywhere online, not even in the American Van Lines FAQs page (the Help section). The only reference to canceling an order or something that could indicate some sort of American Van Lines cancellation policy is a two-line statement (page 36) in the booklet uploaded in the Rights & Responsibilities section of the American Van Lines Help page.

The booklet is actually a copy of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s regulations that protect consumers on moves across different states, as well as the responsibilities of household goods carriers.  In it, we read that if you wish to cancel your move or decide to use a different mover, you need to cancel your order, which is not much of information about what to do or what terms and conditions are pertaining to canceling a move. Clearly, this is far from being an American Van Lines cancellation policy. 

American Van Lines cancellation policy

At this point, let’s clarify that American Van Lines Inc. and North American Van Lines Inc. are two different companies. The latter provides a long, and much more detailed, list of North American Van Lines FAQs but mentions nothing about a Cancellation Policy. Bear that in mind when reviewing American Van Lines complaints and ensure that the reviews you are reading refer to the company in question. You may access all American Van Lines complaints posted on PissedConsumer.  

Speaking of complaints, your voice has power. You may leave a review on the platform and help others with your shared experience(s). And, if you are thinking of using the services or products of a company, do feel free to check out what other consumers like you have to say via their posters.

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