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RVs are becoming increasingly popular, not just to take out on the road and spend time in the holidays, but as living spaces too. 

The market is teeming with RV brands and dealers, so it can be challenging to choose the best motorhome for your needs. Besides, when buying a camper you want to avoid wasting your hard-earned money.

Having a solid base of more than 300 RVs, motorhomes, and trailer companies, PissedConsumer.com has analyzed data received from RV reviews to outline a clear perspective on the most popular brands and dealers to support decision-making. 

Common RV Problems

Though quite a few owners of campers have issues with RV brands, it can be tricky to get trusted information about how to choose the right one. It’s good to know about common problems with the worst RV brands. Oftentimes, users like to discuss the best campers, which can be gold dust if you’re searching for an RV.

So, here are four common RV problems customers are addressing the most:

1. Tire issues

Many users experience issues with tires, such as wear and tear or flat tires. Even the best RV brands can’t avoid every flat tire, but they can advise you to check your tires properly. 

2. Design defaults

Some customers report the worst RV brands to have shoddy interiors with rotting wood or mold. RV reviews describing issues with faulty designs, such as faulty frames and finishes, are also numerous. 

3. Toilet trouble

There is evidence of customers complaining the most stressful motorhome issues have been over broken toilets. RV complaints highlight that this is a real problem if it can’t be fixed straight away.

4. Vehicle safety

A few camper reviews comment on vehicle safety problems, poor quality, or fire risks.

Being savvy about how to choose RVs is one way you can get ahead. Researching what previous customers say on review sites supports a smart purchase. PissedConsumer.com customers regularly discuss these top 5 motorhome companies and dealers.

Keystone reviews

Forest River Reviews

Forest River is widely recognized as one of the leading RV manufacturers in the market and customer reviews reflect this.

Forest River rating

Forest River has a 1.7 star rating*, notching up 85% unfavorable assessments. Forest River reviews discuss RV problems with shower leaking and faulty parts. Many customers mention poor Forest River customer service and product quality. 

Forest River RVs pros and cons

Some Forest River reviews are positive, particularly around the layout of the camper. A few customers commented on ‘great layout’ and ‘I like the layout’ of their Forest River RVs.

A common customer complaint was that parts were faulty and weren’t always replaced or mended by Forest River. We can see this in Forest River review #1021995, where this user found multiple issues:

Told by the service department that the "converter" was known to be faulty ... and had been replaced with a different one. If I wanted the new one I would have to pay for it myself.

Other customers complain about poor Forest River customer service, such as review #4471988:

They don't care about their customers or handle claims in a timely manner. They warranty is worthless when you have a problem...

Forest River is certainly not alone in RV brands with customer complaints. Other companies and dealers also have customers reporting many problems. 

Camping World Reviews

Camping World is one of the largest camper dealers offering a wide range of products and services. The number of Camping World reviews are more than 3,700 on PissedConsumer. This may reflect the popularity of the company, but there could be additional factors.

Camping World rating

Camping World reviews give the company 2/5* for price affordability and product quality. On average, it has a 1.8 star rating. The pros mentioned about Camping World RVs are usually regarding salespeople of this company.Cons are often about Camping World customer service, with customers feeling somewhat dissatisfied. 

Camping World pros and cons

Some reviewers helpfully share their experience buying a camper and are optimistic about this dealer. For example, reviewer #2656157 reported:

Camping World has ALWAYS been there for us if we have had problems on the road.

Others don’t have the same level of satisfaction with Camping World services, and in review #4607662, this customer said:

Service is the worst I have ever experienced in my 62 years. The first time it was in for warranty service most of the items were not fixed.

In Camping World review #4481864, customers expressed their unhappiness with Camping World and the RV issues they had. The video review reveals that Camping World customer service didn’t answer their calls and they had spent an additional $5,500 on things they “didn’t have to”:

the hole camping world experience has been a nightmare I don't recommend them to anyone.

Keystone RV Reviews

Keystone RV is a well-known manufacturer of affordable and quality campers. The company strives to provide exceptional experiences for their customers at every interaction. However, what do customers tell in their reviews?

Keystone RV rating

Keystone RV reviews provide some insight into how customers view the company. Floor plan, layout of the camper and design seem to be popular with those that see this product as the best RV. Others see the customer service and poor product quality as evidence of the worst brand. In general, Keystone RV has a 1.8-star rating and ranks 83 among RVs, Motorhomes, and Trailers companies on PissedConsumer.com.

Keystone RV pros and cons

One happy customer commented that the Keystone RV customer service was “excellent.” Review #1638203 shows the owners were more than happy with this camper:

“My experience with the Keystone rep has been stellar and I have nothing but praise for the rep and the company.”

Further Keystone RV reviews reveal that not everyone is this satisfied. Lack of customer service over warranty claims is a common complaint, such as in review #4326750, where customers had Keystone RV parts issues:

Took it in for a warranty claim and are still waiting on parts... Customer service tells us they can't help.

Fleetwood RV Reviews

Fleetwood RV is known for producing a diverse selection of top-notch recreational vehicles that are renowned for their durability and innovative features. However, like other companies, Fleetwood RV reviews have put their customer service at the top of the cons list.

Fleetwood RV rating

Fleetwood RV models also garner plenty of reviews from both happy and unhappy customers. In fact, Fleetwood RV reviews tell us their rating* is 1.9 stars with an 83% unfavorable rating distribution, showing that these campers have some detractors. 

Fleetwood RV pros and cons

This RV brand has positives for interior layout and good features, whereas the negative focus is on customer service and attention to detail. One review, #3526744, called about a slide not functioning and got a quick response from Fleetwood RV customer service:

Truly pleased with my call. He quickly diagnosed the problem, walked me through how to fix it and also sent an e-mail with instructions.

However, there are customers who aren’t as satisfied as shown in a few Fleetwood RV reviews. Those leaving comments confirm that it’s challenging to get through to their customer service representative, such as review #4236071:

No answer on phones!!! Im a new owner and dont understand why you guys dont answer your phones.

Thor Motor Coach Reviews

Thor Motor Coach is one of the well-known manufacturers of motorhomes and recreational vehicles, offering a variety of models to meet diverse tastes and needs. At the same time, Thor Motor Coach reviews cover such issues as poor workmanship, warranty, and product assembly.

Thor Motor Coach rating

Thor Motor Coach reviews demonstrate a stronger performance. The ratings show that this is not the worst RV company rated by reviewers. The Thor Motor Coach RV has a 2.4 star rating* with 3/5 for style and design.

Thor Motor Coach RV pros and cons

Some of the Thor Motor Coach reviews paint a positive picture of the customer support center. The review #2240533 reflects a satisfied response to issues being resolved by Thor Motor Coach customer service:

I am very happy with Thor's response to my concerns... I appreciate the quick response from both Thor and PissedConsumer.

Contrary to this, some customers outline such RV problems as poor workmanship and warranty issues. Also, people don’t feel satisfied with the company’s customer support. This review #4446424 confirms that not everyone thinks they are the best RV brand:

I don’t know what to do anymore with this unit. Poor quality all the way around customer service poor quality very disappointed.

Best Tips For Choosing an RV for Your Needs

Quite a few exceptional reputable and reliable camper companies and dealers are available. Finding a decent one simply requires a little study. Always monitor potential problems and look for precise information when choosing an RV. Ask about details and be attentive to the company representatives' responses.

Here are some other smart tips to help you make the right decision when you ask yourself “How to choose an RV?”

Read and watch online reviews

Before making a purchase, thoroughly research the company reviews and ratings. You should rely on reliable sources and get acquainted with the company’s business procedures and the extent of product quality. Online review sites such as PissedConsumer.com can be handy when it comes to RV brands choices.

Watching approved videos from recognized experts can help you select the best RV brand. You’ll get practical advice to help you decide on exactly what you need.

Determine your specific needs and set a budget

While choosing RV brands, think about things like the number of people living in, desired facilities, storage requirements, and travel preferences. Then, decide how much you are prepared to spend on a camper, considering the purchase price, ongoing maintenance fees, and other expenses to avoid common RV problems and extra charges. 

Check the company rating

A great advantage of RV reviews is the company ratings for the product and customer experience. The owners who have RV problems may highlight an issue you want to avoid. 

If you have recently bought a camper or have had an experience with an RV brand, leave a review and share your experience to help others. 

*Disclaimer: Ranking and statistics are based on our users’ review texts and Pissed Consumer posters’ reviews. Also, a company’s rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the profile, including users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company’s responses, etc. The algorithm is subject to change in the future.

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