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RVs are becoming increasingly popular, not just for taking out on the road and spending time in the holidays but as living spaces, too. 

The market is teeming with RV manufacturers, so it can be challenging to choose the best motorhome for your needs. Besides, when you’re buying an RV, you’ll also want to avoid wasting money. 

With more than 300 RVs, motorhomes, and trailer companies, PissedConsumer.com has analyzed data received from RV reviews, showcasing consumer insights and uncovering how people are facing consumer issues

Key Insights

  • The global RV market is anticipated to grow 11.5% annually by 2030, with 376,673 RV units sold during 2023 in North America. 
  • Most RV reviews reveal issues with customer service, product quality, and warranty coverage. 
  • To help you select the right manufacturer for RV travel, research customer experiences and look closely at warranty provision. 

Common RV problems

Common RV Problems

Though quite a few owners of campers have issues with RV brands, it can be tricky to get trusted information about how to choose the right one. It’s good to know about common problems with the worst RV brands. Oftentimes, users like to discuss the best campers, which can be gold dust if you’re searching for an RV.

So, here are the most common RV problems customers are addressing in their feedback.

1. Tire issues

Many users experience issues with tires, such as wear and tear or flat tires. Even the best RV brands can’t avoid every flat tire, but they can advise you to check your tires properly. 

2. Design defaults

Some customers report the worst RV brands to have shoddy interiors with rotting wood or mold. RV reviews describing issues with faulty designs, such as faulty frames and finishes, are also numerous. 

3. Toilet trouble

There is evidence of customers complaining the most stressful motorhome issues have been over broken toilets. RV complaints highlight that this is a real problem if it can’t be fixed straight away.

4. Vehicle safety

A few camper reviews comment on vehicle safety problems, poor quality, or fire risks.

Being savvy about how to choose RVs is one way you can get ahead. Researching what previous customers say on review sites supports a smart purchase. PissedConsumer.com customers regularly discuss these top 5 motorhome companies and dealers.

5. Roof and window issues

Some customers may experience roof and window problems with RVs. In RV reviews, customer issues describe structural damage, leaks and ventilation problems. 

5 Most Discussed RV Manufacturers Based on Customer Reviews 

If you’re beginning your RV journey, researching is a must. What are the best and worst RV brands? What RV manufacturer has the most complaints? 

Here are the five most discussed brands of RV manufacturers based on online reviews left on PissedConsumer listed from worst to best. 

5. Forest River: “Poor quality and workmanship”

Forest River logo

Forest River reviews - 1.9K

Forest River rating* - 1.7⭐⭐

Claimed losses - $10.5M

Resolved issues - 19

Forest River ratings 

Consumer insights left in online reviews gave Forest River a rating of 1.7 stars out of a possible five on PissedConsumer.com. 85% of customers mainly were dissatisfied. Only 26% of users would likely recommend the company to a friend or family member. As of the date of writing, 100% of users note that they won't use the RV manufacturer for the same product/service in the future. Only 2% of consumer issues discussed in 2.8K calls to Forest River customer service have been resolved. 

Forest River reviews and complaints

Some Forest River reviews are positive, particularly around the layout of the camper. A few customers commented on ‘great layout’ and ‘I like the layout’ of their Forest River RVs.

Forest River reviews discuss RV problems with shower leaking and faulty parts. Many customers mention poor Forest River customer service and product quality. For example, in one of Forest River complaints, a customer shared their unpleasant experience with “persistent water leaks causing severe damage.” After being hooked up to water, within several hours, “ the entire upper deck bathroom was flooded with water.” Since that time, a customer has faced numerous water leak issues:

The sheer amount of water leaks in this unit is absolutely unacceptable. I would expect that Forest River would also find this poor quality of workmanship unacceptable for their brand name.

Other customers complain about RV problems and issues with quality, warranties, and service. In one of the video reviews, a customer described their issues with poor warranty service, subpar workmanship, and unprofessional behavior. Despite attempts to change the situation for better and solve problems, they didn't disappear, leading to great inconvenience:

I was absolutely treated with disrespect and my mental status was absolutely used against me. They don't have much respect for disabled vets. That its my biggest problem.

Forest River is certainly not alone in RV brands with customer complaints. Other manufacturers and dealers also have customers reporting many problems, when choosing between the best and worst RV brands for their needs. 

4. Keystone RV: “Looks good from a distance”

Keystone RV logo

Keystone RV reviews - 1.3K

Keystone RV rating* - 1.7⭐⭐

Claimed losses - $6.8M

Resolved issues - 9

Keystone RV is a well-known manufacturer of affordable and quality campers. The company strives to provide exceptional experiences for their customers at every interaction. However, what do customers say in their reviews? 

Keystone RV ratings

Keystone RV reviews provide some insight into how customers view the company. Floor plan, layout of the camper and design seem to be popular with those that see this product as the best RV. Others see the customer service and poor product quality as evidence of the worst brand.

Based on customer reviews left on PissedConsumer.com, Keystone RV has a 1.7 star rating out of possible five, with 84% of customers left unsatisfied. Only 50% of users are likely to recommend Keystone RV to a friend or colleague. 

Keystone RV reviews and complaints

One happy customer commented that the Keystone RV customer service was “excellent.” Review #1638203 shows the owners were more than happy with this camper:

My experience with the Keystone rep has been stellar and I have nothing but praise for the rep and the company.

Further Keystone RV reviews reveal that not everyone is this satisfied. Poor customer service, issues with warranties, poor manufacturing quality are one of the common complaints, such as in one of the Keystone RV complaints, where customers felt RVs were “very poorly made” and “falling apart”:

…for $43000.00 you dont get quality you get a box on wheels that dont stand up to the keystone name.

3. Heartland RVs: “I really liked my RV at first then it started falling apart”

Heratland logo

Heartland RVs reviews - 596

Heartland RVs rating* - 1.7⭐⭐

Claimed losses - $4.1M

Resolved issues - 3

Heartland RVs reviews indicate some customers are positive and others more critical. Most Heartland RV reviewers who have a complaint want to be offered a solution. But what are Heartland RVs ratings? What do consumers say when researching the best and worst RV brands? 

Heartland RVs ratings

In online reviews left on PissedConsumer, customers have given Heartland RVs a 1.7 star rating out of possible five with an 87% negative and 3% positive feedback. In fact, most customers want a solution to their issues. Good news is 11% of users solved issues after calling Heartland RVs customer service

Heartland RVs reviews and complaints

Reviews about Heartland RVs were positive about customer service as they resolved issues and helped get warranty work completed. One customer in review #1990031 reported they had “lost keys” and Heartland RVs “assisted me straight away.” 

In contrast, some people complained there were too many problems, service wasn’t reliable and warranties were not honored, such as in one of Heartland complaints, where customers mentioned:

I really liked my RV at first then it started falling apart. Heartland would not honor the warrantees.

However, there are cases when the company resolves issues, as illustrated in one of the RV complaints. The customer had various RV problems, including “modeling falling off,” “the roof of the outside kitchen falling down,” and “the battery cable end coming off.” They felt frustrated and unhappy: 

We paid a lot of money for a poorly put together product and now they don't want to stand behind it. Never again will be buy a Heartland or go to Camping World!!

Though with some delay and active actions from the side of the customer, the company managed to resolve their issue. 

2. Fleetwood RV: “Just ridiculous recorded messages that lead nowhere and accomplish nothing”

Fleetwood rv logo

Fleetwood RV reviews - 360

Fleetwood RV rating* - 1.8⭐⭐

Claimed losses - $3.1M

Resolved issues - 2

Fleetwood RV is known for producing a diverse selection of top-notch recreational vehicles that are renowned for their durability and innovative features. However, like other companies, Fleetwood RV reviews have put their customer service at the top of the cons list.

Fleetwood RV ratings

Fleetwood RV models also garner plenty of reviews from both happy and unhappy customers. Based on customer reviews left on PissedConsumer.com, it is rated 1.8 star out of five possible with an 83% unfavorable rating distribution, showing that these campers have some detractors. Moreover, only 20% of users would likely recommend this RV manufacturer to a friend or colleague.

FleetWood RV reviews and complaints

This RV brand has positives for interior layout and good features, whereas the negative focus is on customer service and attention to detail.In review #3526744, a customer calledabout a slide not functioning and got a quick response from Fleetwood RV customer service:

Truly pleased with my call. He quickly diagnosed the problem, walked me through how to fix it and also sent an e-mail with instructions.

However, there are customers who aren’t as satisfied as shown in a few Fleetwood RV reviews. Those leaving comments confirm that it’s challenging to get through to their customer service representative, such as review #5051542:

…another huge corporation and I cannot find a way to speak to a human. just ridiculous recorded messages…

1. Jayco: “Roof leaked... A/C non-functional and numerous other defects”

Jayco Logo

Jayco reviews - 562

Jayco rating* - 1.9⭐⭐

Claimed losses - $3.5M

Resolved issues - 5

Jayco builds RVs, travel trailers, toy haulers, and fifth wheels. But what are Jayco’s ratings from their customers? Is it among RV brands to avoid or one of the best RV manufacturers? 

Jayco ratings

Reviews on PissedConsumer.com give Jayco a 1.9-star rating. The company has 81% negative feedback. Reviewers value style and design the most. When calling Jayco customer service, 4% of issues have been resolved so far.

Jayco reviews and complaints

Jayco has contented customers who speak about attractive interiors. A customer thanked Jayco for making a NO slide camper that is liveable for us.’

But some customers report defective products, complain about quality of materials and workmanship, and poor customer service. For example, in one of Jayco video reviews, a customer shared consumer insights and their experience about buying a brand new travel trailer for $32,000, which turned to have numerous “defects”:

Destroyed my summer 2021. Left me stranded and homeless in PA…Within 5 months of owning the defective unit I made five requests for Jayco to take back their junk and refund my purchase price.

What’s more, some customers feel they were sold unwanted additional products as one frustrated customer illustrates in their Jayco review:

Getting the runaround. This includes selling us expensive electronics we didnt need because they were already integrated in our RV.

In the end, Jayco did fix this issue and offered an apology to the consumer. 

How to choose an RV for your needs

Best Tips For Choosing an RV Manufacturer for Your Needs

Quite a few exceptional, reputable, and reliable camper manufacturers and dealers are available. Finding answers to questions such as ‘What are the best and worst RV brands?' and' What RV brands to avoid?' requires a little study. 

Always monitor potential problems and look for precise information when choosing an RV. Ask about details and be attentive to the company representatives' responses.

Here are some other smart tips to help you make the right decision when you ask yourself “How to choose an RV?”

Determine your specific needs and set a budget

While choosing RV brands, think about things like the number of people living in, desired facilities, storage requirements, and travel preferences. Then, decide how much you are prepared to spend on a camper, considering the purchase price, ongoing maintenance fees, and other expenses to avoid common RV problems and extra charges. 

Create a list of must-have features

Before buying your dream RV, think thoroughly about all the key features that you want to have there. Do you need much storage space? What technology integration do you need? Consider everything in terms of your comfort, convenience, and functionality. Even if something seems obvious, it's always better to write it down and then decide if it is appropriate.

Check the company rating

A great advantage of RV reviews is the company ratings for the product and customer experience. The owners who have RV problems may highlight an issue you want to avoid. 

Read online reviews and watch customer videos

Before making a purchase, thoroughly research the manufacturer reviews and ratings. You should rely on reliable sources and get acquainted with the company’s business procedures and the extent of product quality. Online review sites such as PissedConsumer.com can be handy when it comes to RV brands choices.

When choosing between the best and worst RV brands, watching approved videos from recognized experts can help you select the one that suits your needs the most. You’ll get practical advice to help you decide exactly what you are looking for.

If you have recently bought a camper or have had an experience with an RV manufacturer or dealer, you may leave a review and share your insights to help others. 

*Disclaimer: Ranking and statistics are based on our users’ review texts and Pissed Consumer posters’ reviews. Also, a company’s rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the profile, including users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company’s responses, etc. The algorithm is subject to change in the future.


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