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A large motorhome is a dream for many would-be travelers. There is magic in the idea of packing up the house and hitting the open road with your new RV, but for one family, that dream quickly turned into a nightmare.

Is Thor Industries a Good RV Brand?

Janice, a PissedConsumer user, told her story about her new Thor motorcoach as a warning to others. In her Thor Industries reviews, Janine explains that she and her husband had enjoyed a different brand of RV for some time, but wanted to upgrade to a larger model with a diesel engine.

After working with a dealer many hours away, Janice and her husband struck a deal to trade in their current camper and buy a new Thor Industries RV. Their total purchase price was upwards of $190,000 for the new coach. Janice explains in her review that the salesman “assured us of its quality and said it was ready to go” since they purchased the new Thor Industries RV primarily over the phone due to distance.

When Janice and her husband arrived to take possession, they immediately noticed several concerns. The dealership worked all day to resolve issues on the new coach, and finally, the couple left that day with “promises from them that they would take care of everything.” Unfortunately, as she detailed in her Thor Industries review, this is not the case.

How to Resolve Your Issues with Thor Industries

As Janice and her husband drove away, they quickly realized that they should have done a bit more research with online reviews. The Thor Industries RV issues were still not resolved, and the couple called Thor Industries customer service to tell them they “wanted to bring it back, they said they wouldn’t take it back and again assured us they would fix it.

The couple brought the camper back to the dealership with promises that the dealership fixed Thor RVs. As time passed and the camper issues remained unresolved, Janice started making weekly phone calls to Thor Industries customer service. Despite her calls and more promises, Janice maintains that her Thor Industries complaints were falling short. Nothing was being done.

Frustrated by the delays and the expenses, Janice finally took to reviewing websites like On sites like PissedConsumer, she discovered that many people have issues with the brand. There are Thor Industry complaints explaining similar stories and frustrations by owners. In fact, there are more than 330 Thor Industries reviews on PissedConsumer alone, and only two of those have found any resolution.

In her Thor reviews, Janice describes her frustration that “after the fact we have heard from so many people how bad Thor’s quality has gotten over the last few years, they just pump out their products without any quality.

Despite her numerous phone calls and Thor Industries complaints to customer service and the dealership, her new RV had spent most of its first year in the shop waiting for one repair or another.

How to Contact Thor Industries Customer Service

Janice is just one of many customers who frequently use the Thor Industries customer service number. According to reviews, there are many questions and concerns about Thor RVs and most of these issues take several phone calls to resolve or even discuss.

To contact the Thor Industries customer service number, the Thor Motorcoach website encourages owners to call the Owner’s Only phone number at (877) 855-2867. The Thor Industries website also offers owners a chance to send an email through the site if they would rather send their question or concern in writing rather than calling the Thor Industries phone number.

Thor Industries RV Reviews on PissedConsumer

Janice left her original review in writing on PissedConsumer, but later left a video review as part of an interview on the site. The comments on the video and the original post make it clear that Janice and her husband are not the only new owners of Thor RVs who thought they were buying a dream, but instead found only disappointment.

There is another customer, Brooke, who also left a negative Thor Industries review. She detailed all the issues and repairs attempted by Thor Industries customer service through her dealer. In her review, Brook explains that they purchased a new Thor Industries travel trailer. After getting it home and parking it under a carport, they discovered almost constant water leaks and subsequent water damage. She called the dealership countless times who contacted the manufacturer about resolving the issues.

After submitting pictures and evidence of manufacturer issues across multiple Thor Industries locations, Brooke says that their claim was denied by the company in only four minutes. The issue remains unresolved.

According to her review, the representative from Thor Industries said that “he would make sure everything was fixed and he would also extend my warranty and we would be compensated for our losses of paying for the unit while it was unusable.” Unfortunately, as her review ends, she explains that despite his claims, ultimately her request for reimbursement and repairs was denied and she warns others that her new mobile home is “it is basically a $200,000 piece of junk made without care for the consumer.

Tips for Choosing a Good RV

Buying a motorhome or RV is not the same as buying a car or a home. It’s a specialized type of vehicle that comes with its own set of requirements. If you’re considering buying a new travel trailer or motor coach, be sure to consider a few best practices.

  • Research brands and reputations.
    Different brands of campers have different reputations, and most of those are based on quality. A camper company that is making campers too quickly is shortchanging the quality control. Other camper companies are known for high standards of quality and customer service. Spending some time reading forums and reviews can help you avoid known issues.
  • Avoid impulse buys.
    New campers look and smell good, but there are often problems lurking that you have to research and discover. Buying something because it looks good at the surface level can leave you with a mess. Likewise, you should never buy sight unseen.
  • Inspect campers carefully.
    All campers look pretty good when you first walk into them, especially if they are brand new and never used. But it’s the details of a camper that cause problems. Look in every corner, every cabinet, and at every seam and rivet. A bad seal on one window can destroy a whole camper.

Buying a new camper is exciting and it should be a joy. Be sure it stays that way by doing your research before you buy and taking your time to inspect every aspect of the new camper before you sign on any dotted lines or if any money changes hands.

If you realize that you have questions or concerns about your new camper after the fact, you can join many online communities of camper owners or ask questions on a review website like PissedConsumer.

Have a question or concern? Join the Thor Industries community on PissedConsumer by leaving a review.

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