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Customers have questions about Aspen Dental. They want to know how appointments work, how to сall Aspen Dental customer service and, of course, how much dental work and dentures are going to cost. We have compiled a list of the most popular Aspen Dental consumer questions on

Customers want to have confidence in their dentist and the dentistry practices, so we have scoured the to find information to address consumers’ top questions.

Consumers’ Top Questions about Aspen Dental Management, Inc

Have you already tried to find the answers to your Aspen Dental questions? It can be hard to pick through the many pages of the website to find the information you need. Read on for reviews and information that address your and other consumers’ questions about this company. 

1. How do I set up or reschedule an appointment?

Setting up an appointment with the dentistry is straightforward when you work through

How to set up an Aspen Dental appointment

There is a button on the home page of the site to schedule an appointment. After clicking that button, you will be taken to the scheduling page that asks for your location and information.

How to schedule Aspen Dental appointment

Once you’ve entered all of your information and your location, you will have your choice of times for an appointment. You will also be asked to enter your patient information including any dental insurance details.

If you’re not scheduling a new patient appointment, you are asked to call using Aspen Dental toll free phone number 877-277-4479 to set up or reschedule an appointment.

You may also use the My Account features to contact your local Aspen Dental Management, Inc office and reschedule the appointment.

2. How do I contact Aspen Dental customer service?

There is not just one Aspen Dental phone number available on the website. There are multiple phone numbers available on for contacting customer support. In most cases, the website urges users to start by speaking to the customer service representatives at their local office.

Other questions are directed to the consumer care team through the About Us page of the company website.

How to contact Aspen Dental customer support

The Aspen customer service phone numbers differ across locations. In different spots at different times, the phone number for Aspen Dental customer help vary on the website and may be based on the location. The phone numbers that appear at different points for customer support include Aspen Dental Management, Inc customer helplines 877-649-0354 or 800-277-3633

You also have the option of leaving a review on, which may start a dialogue with the company as well.

3. How can I cancel an appointment with

Aspen Dental advertises that you can cancel and reschedule an appointment with the local office by using the My Account features on the website.

Aspen Dental My Account FAQsYou will need to be an existing Aspen Dental customer to use the My Account section. If you are not an existing customer, you can cancel your initial appointment using Aspen Dental contact info.

Aspen Dental office near me

4. How much are dentures at

There are advertised specials for dentures on for a specific location, and these offers can vary, which makes it hard to pin down an exact price.

When addressing the question of cost in the Aspen Dental FAQs page of the company website, the company states that pricing for services and procedures “vary from office to office and state to state.” The company starts with an initial appointment and then develops a treatment plan that includes “costs, financial alternatives, and insurance.”

What is the price for Aspen Dental dentures

There is a Pricing & Offers section of available for each location. On this page, you can find many “Starting At” prices for different services. Again, these will vary by location.

One important aspect to consider is how Aspen Dental structures their payment plans. The offices require an initial appointment as the basis for a full comprehensive dental plan. This dental plan includes all of the services required for a healthy mouth.

Aspen Dental Dental Services FAQs

According to this Aspen Dental review on the PissedConsumer website, the customer’s local Aspen Dental office required a large amount of the payment up front. The person explains, “I was told I had to pay 60% of the total plan before they would schedule my appointment, which was around $350.”

The poster was required to pay up front again when they arrived,

“...When I arrived for my next appointment, I was told that I needed to pay the balance of my "treatment plan" cost to which I replied that I would only pay in full for what I was scheduled for that day. I charged another $40+...”

The user encourages others worried about the financial aspects of Aspen Dental to,

“...Watch your wallet! If you are elderly, easily confused, hard of hearing, or even nervous, take along and a friend or family member as an advocate! If at all possible, do not pay cash or use their credit services, use a third party credit card so you have some avenue of dispute!!!! Document, Document, Document!!!...”

5. How long will it take to get dentures from Aspen Dental Management, Inc?

The Aspen Dental FAQs are careful about guarantees on how long it will take to get dentures. The website does lay out the steps required to be fitted for the dentures, how to adjust to dentures and general information about getting dentures from Aspen General, but it does not include a specific time frame for manufacturing.

How long is it to have Aspen Dental dentures made

One thing the website does say is that there is an on-site denture lab in every Aspen Dental practice. This lab should help you receive a “faster service.”

How fast can I get my Aspen Dental dentures

In case you’d like to have more exact information, you can call Aspen Dental hotlines 877-649-0354, 800-277-3633, or 877-277-4479

6. What warranties and guarantees does Aspen Dental offer on dentures?

Company offers a Dentures Money Back Guarantee as well as a limited warranty. The Aspen Dental FAQ page about dentures includes some details, but there is also a page of the website dedicated to consumers’ questions about dentures and the guarantee.

What is Aspen Dental money back guarantee

According to FAQs, Aspen Dental Management, Inc warranty applies to all full and partial dentures and covers the cost of the denture only. This presumably means the cost of the dental services required with the dentures is not included. There is a 90-day time limit on refunds and adjustments.

Dentures are also covered under a limited warranty. One PissedConsumer found that the Aspen Dental warranty isn’t all-inclusive, however. After two years, his dentures chipped, but “…when I went to the office on University parkway in Sarasota Fli, I was told that I needed to pay$181 dollars before they would do the warranty work…”

This may have been due in part to areas of service that are clearly not stated by the warranty. Aspen Dental is clear that their dentures warranty does cover “any break, crack, fracture, or tooth loss that results from a flaw in workmanship, at no cost to you.”

It does not, however, cover “loss, discoloration, normal wear of denture teeth, neglect or abuse.” ...The warranty also does not cover, “changes in gums and bones due to aging or weight changes which could result in ill-fitting dentures...”

Aspen Dental denture warranties FAQs

Another Aspen Dental dentures complaint also includes the seven-year warranty on the premium dentures (review #991055). After teeth fell out of his dentures, a frustrated customer took them to be repaired or replaced at his local Aspen Dental office.

The person explains,

“...When I asked about the warranty and getting replacements, the office manager got really rude and defensive, seriously lacks quality customer service skills, and said the warranty only cover the repairs, like I want to go have my teeth fixed every few months or so...”

In his Aspen Dental dentures review, PissedConsumer user was frustrated that the company would only continue to repair their existing dentures rather than create brand new ones when they showed signs of wear and damage.

If you don’t find Aspen Dental answers to the questions you have, you have options in how to find more information:

  • You may visit the customer service page to contact the company directly.
  • You can read through the many Aspen Dental complaints and reviews we have on PissedConsumer to see if another customer has had a response to a similar issue.
  • You can also post reviews of your own to start a dialogue with other customers and the company.

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