According to the Membership page on the Planet Fitness website, a Black Card membership offers the following:

  • Unlimited Access to Home Club
  • Free Fitness Training
  • Free Wifi
  • Reciprocal Use of All Planet Fitness® Locations
  • Unlimited Guest Privileges at All Planet Fitness Locations
  • Use of Tanning
  • Unlimited Use of Hydromassage
  • Unlimited Use of Massage Chairs
  • Unlimited Total Body Enhancement
  • 1/2 Prices Cooler Drinks (Restrictions may apply)
  • 20% off Reebok Products

Planet Fitness membership

Some of these benefits are offered only at selected locations where the services are available. Some services like Hydromassage and WiFi may not be available at every Planet Fitness location. Another benefit of a Black Card membership is experiencing variety across different locations. For more information regarding Black Card Membership and other, you may contact Planet Fitness customer service.

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