Top 7 Consumer Questions to Planet Fitness Customer Support

There are many Planet Fitness questions from consumers, and we have worked hard to pull together the answers to the most common questions. Most Planet Fitness consumer questions are about the company’s billing practices, rates, and rules for memberships, and the facilities and amenities available in the gyms. We dug through the FAQs and Terms of Service to find answers directly from the company.

Joining a gym like Planet Fitness is a monthly commitment that comes with a monthly price tag. It’s good to investigate where and how you spend your money and to read what others have said about the company and their practices.

Planet Fitness complaints and reviews should give you a great idea of what to expect with a membership at the gym. And if you have a question to Planet Fitness, you are welcome to ask it on the Planet Fitness Q&A section on Pissed Consumer website or place a call to Planet Fitness via the Customer Service page

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