If you are in the market for a new battery, you are likely to come across the Duralast and Interstate Batteries and you may be wondering which brand to go with. To help you decide on which option is right for you, this article compares Duralast vs Interstate Batteries.

  • Duralast is a private-label brand under the AutoZone company, whereas Interstate Batteries is an independent, privately-owned marketing and distribution company for batteries.
  • Duralast batteries are sold in over 6,000 AutoZone stores. There is a robust distribution network for Interstate Batteries through over 150,000 dealers worldwide.
  • Both Duralast and Interstate Batteries have different types of batteries including automotive batteries, lawn and garden batteries, marine and RV deep cycle batteries, power sport batteries, and heavy-duty batteries.

Duralast QA

Interstate Batteries Company Details

Duralast rating * – 1.8⭐⭐

Interstate rating * – 1.8⭐⭐

Duralast reviews – 47

Interstate reviews – 102

Duralast claimed losses – $3.3K

Interstate claimed losses – $7.4K

Duralast successful calls – 0%/10

Interstate successful calls – 12%/83

Here we compare two companies in regards to:

1. Duralast vs. Interstate Batteries Customer Service: How to Contact?

Both Interstate Batteries and Duralast customer service can be reached through different channels including phone, email, and social media.

Interstate Batteries Customer Support Contact Information

There are two Interstate Batteries customer service numbers. One is exclusive for questions about SLI batteries while the other is dedicated to all other types of Interstate batteries.

Interstate Batteries phone numbers:

  • 888-772-3600 – SLI batteries
  • 866-884-4635 – other types of batteries

The Interstate Batteries phone numbers are open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm Central Time.

To reach the Interstate Batteries customer support via email, you will need to submit the online request form provided on their contact us page. The form requires that you provide your first and last names, email address, postal code, and business name (where applicable). Choose a request type between “Customer Support for My Business” and “Customer Support for Myself”. You should also provide a category for the issue you want assistance with and details of your inquiry in the comments section.

Interstate Batteries also provides a website feedback form and an FAQs section. The website feedback form allows you to report if have encountered a problem with any of the website’s pages. You are required to provide your name, email address, page URL, and details of the issues.

Interstate Batteries contact us

The Interstate Batteries FAQs section has answers to some of the most common customer questions about:

  • Warranty
  • Battery info and safety
  • Services
  • Shopping

Interstate Batteries has set up social media accounts on Twitter (@interstatebatts), Facebook, and Instagram. Although there is not much customer engagement on these pages, Interstate Batteries social media posts regularly. You can attempt to reach out to the Interstate Batteries customer service by sending a direct message on one or all of their social media pages.

Their Facebook page provides the following email address: interstatebatteries.social@gmail.com. An additional customer service email address is provided on their Terms of Use page: customerservice@interstatebatteries.com.

The Interstate Batteries headquarters is located at:

12770 Merit Drive
Dallas, Texas in the United States

Duralast Customer Support Contact Information

The only contact information provided on the company website is a phone number. The Duralast phone number is similar to the one provided on the AutoZone website. Since Duralast is one of the AutoZone brands, you can reach the Duralast customer service through AutoZone contact information.

Duralast contact number

The following is the main AutoZone and Duralast customer service number: 1-800-288-6966. The AutoZone Facebook page provides an additional Duralast phone number (+1-901-495-6500) and a customer service email address: customer.service@autozone.com. 

According to AutoZone.com, the Duralast phone numbers are open throughout the week:on Monday to Friday between 7 am and 10 pm CST, on Saturday 7 am and 9 pm CST, and on Sunday 8 am and 8 pm CST.

You can also reach the Duralast customer support via email by filling the respective contact form on the AutoZone contact us page. You will first need to choose a category that you are reaching out about from the following options: orders, website issues, rewards, parts and products, store experience, or “something else.” There is one more email address that you can use to contact the company concerning the AutoZone's Duralast and Duralast Gold products: duralast.parts@autozone.com.

The AutoZone FAQs and Terms & Conditions section is quite comprehensive and answers the most common customer’s questions on a variety of issues including:

  • AutoZone rewards,
  • store shopping list,
  • online shopping,
  • merchandise gifts,
  • shipping,
  • core charges,
  • returns and return policies,
  • warranties,
  • orders and order tracking,
  • pricing and invoices.

The AutoZone customer support representatives are actively engaged on the company’s social media pages including Twitter (@autozone), Facebook, and Instagram. Customers leave their Duralast complaints and questions on the AutoZone page and the social media team responds timely. You could also send them a direct message on either of their social media platforms.

For Duralast batteries mail correspondence, you can send a mail to the following address:

AutoZone.com Inc.,
P.O Box 2198,
Memphis, Tennessee 38101

The Duralast headquarters is located at 123 S. Front, Memphis, Tennessee.

2. Duralast vs Interstate Batteries: What Is the Difference?

A comparison of Interstate Batteries vs Duralast shows that they have a similar rating of 1.8-star on PissedConsumer.com with customers being generally dissatisfied with the companies’ products and services.

Duralast Reviews and Ratings

Most Duralast reviews alert the poor quality of products. For instance, in one Duralast review (#2239262), the customer complained that their batteries were not long-lasting.

Bought 1st battery and it died in a year. Replaced under warranty. The 2nd battery has now started dying in only 9mo. Previous factory battery lasted 5 years

Interstate Batteries Reviews and Ratings

Several Interstate Batteries complaints indicate the company has poor customer service and that the quality of products is substandard.

Also, several Interstate Batteries reviews indicate that the company does not honor its warranty and some customers have had to threaten to take legal action for the company to take action. For instance, in the Interstate Batteries review, the customer explains that their 65 Battery died after 2 ½ months and the nearest Interstate Store was adamant to honor the company’s national wide warranty until he threatened legal action.

Interstate Batteries warranty review

In a similar Interstate Batteries review (#2256528), the customer had to sue the company and email one of the company’s top executives to get them to honor their 24-month replacement warranty. As a result, the company resolved this consumer issue.

Interstate Batteries warranty issue resolved

3. Duralast vs Interstate Batteries Quality, Types, and Prices

Duralast Batteries Quality, Types, and Prices

Duralast has a wide range of battery selections including automotive batteries, lawn and garden batteries, marine and RV deep cycle batteries, power sport batteries, and heavy-duty batteries. Although the company positions its batteries as being durable and safe, there have been numerous Duralast reviews with complaints in this regard on PissedConsumer. For instance, in the Duralast review (#1635224), the customer said his mower’s batteries bust open with a loud noise spilling acid all over. Another reviewer (review #2146282) said the battery pack they received was not working.

Based on reviews, Duralast batteries have a 3/5 rating for store layout and location, 2/5 for price affordability, and 2/5 for product quality. The top Duralast FAQs on PissedConsumer.com are about charging the batteries e.g. how to charge and what to do if the battery is not charging. The answers can be found on the AutoZone FAQs and help center.

Duralast batteries can be bought through Autozone.com or in one of the AutoZone stores.  Duralast and AutoZone categories their customers as either “Consumers” or “Pros”. Consumers are end customers who buy in retail while Pros are often professionals or stockists who buy in wholesale.

AutoZone has over 6000 stores in the US. Use the store locator feature on Autozone.com to find a store near you. New commercial customers can call AutoZone and Duralast customer service on 1-866-853-6459 for further assistance.

Interstate Batteries Quality, Types, and Prices

There are over 12,000 types of Interstate Batteries including automotive, marine, RV, lawn, and garden batteries among others.

These are distributed through the Interstate Batteries robust distribution network in the US and across the globe. The distribution channels include over 200,000 dealers, 300 wholesale warehouses, and 200 All Battery Center stores.

Customers can find answers to Interstate Batteries FAQs on the company’s support page. Installers, retailers, wholesalers, and fleet managers looking to become dealers should contact Interstate customer service for assistance.

The Interstatebatteries.com website has a store locator and “Find a battery” features that enable you to easily find a store near you. The company also prides itself in recycling more batteries than it produces to create a sustainable environment and community.

Interstate Batteries store locator

With that said, most Interstate Batteries complaints are in regard to their quality. The company has a 2/5 rating on price affordability, 2/5 on product quality, and a 1/5 rating on reliability.

For instance, in one Interstate Batteries review (#2103763), the customer complained that their battery lasted less than 5 months. In another review (#2426435), the customer complained of difficulty getting through to customer support to inquire about how to test their battery that was seemingly bad.

4. Duralast vs Interstate Batteries Warranty Policies

Duralast Batteries Warranty Policy

Some Duralast battery reviews indicate that customers are not clear about the term of their warranty policy. This section will clarify the company’s battery limited warranty and answer some Duralast FAQs regarding warranty periods, eligibility, and exclusions.

Duralast battery warranty

Duralast battery warranty period depend on the battery model. The warranty is varied from the purchase date to the stipulated end date that is indicated on your receipt. For automotive batteries, the warranty becomes void if you sell or transfer your car.

Duralast non-automative warranty

The Duralast warranty stipulates that if your battery becomes defective within the free replacement period, you are eligible for a free replacement in any AutoZone store country-wide. If the battery becomes defective after the lapse of the free replacement period but within the warranty period, you will be issued a credit amount that goes towards the purchase of a new battery.

The Duralast battery warranty does not cover defects as a result of the following:

  • Improper installation
  • Other faulty parts
  • Abuse
  • Low fluid levels
  • Off-road or stationary power unit usage
  • Non-marine batteries used in marine applications

For warranty claim questions, you may call the Duralast phone number.

Interstate Batteries Warranty Policy

Like Duralast, Interstate Batteries reviews also indicate that some customers are not clear about the company’s battery warranty. Below is an overview of the Interstate Batteries warranty terms and conditions.

Interstate Batteries provides different warranty terms for batteries bought on different dates. The warranties are available in different languages including English, French, and Spanish.

The Interstate Batteries warranty for customers in the US is a limited warranty that is valid for all branded interstate batteries models that are listed on the warranty document. The warranty period varies from one battery to another.

Interstate Batteries warranty

The batteries must have been bought from an Interstate Batteries authorized dealer or an All Battery Center Store in the 50 States of America. The warranty is only valid if the person claiming is the original retail purchaser.

To get a replacement battery, you will need to take your defective battery to an Interstate Batteries warranty dealer near you. They will test it to confirm that it is defective and then replace it with a new one. However, the warranty will not apply if the battery is merely discharged or became defective as a result of abuse, accident, freezing, collision, or explosion among other reasons.

For further details and to find answers to some of the Interstate Batteries FAQs regarding warranty terms, periods, and exclusions, read your warranty document in detail. To find a claim dealer near you, call the following Interstate phone number: 1.888.772.3600.

Which one is better between Interstate batteries and Duralast?

It comes down to your preference and ease of accessibility of the brands. Both companies have a similar range of batteries. They also have the same rating and similar complaints in regards to customer service, quality of products, unclear warranties, and failure to honor replacement warranties.

Have you recently bought Interstate batteries or Duralast batteries? You are welcome to share your experience by leaving a review on Pissedconsumer.com.

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