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Grand Design RV is an RV manufacturing company that was founded in 2012. It manufactures and sells different types of RVs including fifth wheelers, trailers, and toy haulers as well as accessory parts. If you are shopping for a reliable and superior value RV manufacturer, you are likely to come across the Grand Design RV. Seeing that an RV purchase is a big financial investment, you want to be sure you are dealing with a reputable company.

Grand Design RV QA

Number of Grand Design RV Reviews – 95

Grand Design RV Rating* – 2.6⭐⭐⭐

Claimed Losses – $250K

Successful Calls – 19%/69

This article answers the top Grand Design RV consumer questions. It also evaluates company reviews and ratings across various platforms to help you determine whether it is credible.

  1. How good are Grand Design RVs?
  2. Who manufactures them?
  3. What is the Grand Design RV warranty policy?
  4. How to contact them?
  5. What is the price?

1.How Good Are Grand Design RVs?

“Is Grand Design a good RV?”

This is one of the top questions asked by customers looking to buy an RV from GDRV. To help you answer this question, we visited to find out what they promise their customers and compared it against what previous customers had to say about the company on various review websites.

According to the "Why GDRV" page on their website, the business was started with a focus on customers. The "Our Story" page highlights that the Grand Design RV culture is committed to creating a long term and personal connection relationship with its customers as well as employees and dealers.

In that effort, aims to offer its customers long-term value through more features and superior quality on their recreational vehicles. GDRV also offers its customers a 3-year limited structural warranty. They point out that RVs undergo a rigorous 300+ point inspection process before being shipped to the buyer to ensure that it is of high quality. The company promises its customers superior after-sale service.

The big question is, does Grand Design RV honor their promises to their customers?

On PissedConsumer the rating is 2.6, on, it has 3.7/5 stars, and on, it has a 3-star rating. The reviews on Grand Design RV indicate that while some customers are satisfied with the company’s products and services, others are not.

The top Grand Design RV complaints include:

  • Structural and mechanical issues with the RV features and the RV itself;
  • Poor customer service;
  • Failure to honor warranties;
  • Lack of after-sale services.

For instance, in a video Grand Design RV review #1323016, the customer explicitly complained about the quality of Grand Design RV, poor customer services, and company’s failure to honor their warranty.

In the original review on PissedConsumer, the reviewer reported that they had several Grand Design RV problems. They bought a Grand Design RV travel trailer in November 2017 but by January 2018 the AC was not working.  On calling the Grand Design RV dealer where they bought the trailer, they were provided with recommendations on how to rectify the issue, but it did not solve the AC malfunction.

In June 2018, the kitchen faucet broke down flooding the camper. The outside speaker and sounds, as well as the thermostat, stopped working. However, on calling the main office, the Grand Design RV customer service agent was nonchalant about the issues. The reviewer was then forwarded to two different service managers who proved to be unhelpful.

When they attempted to claim their 3-year warranty, they were told that it was out of date. One dealer offered them an option to trade in their faulty camper for a smaller one in addition to them paying five thousand dollars.

Consumer says that she called Grand Design RVs 8 times, including a call to someone above the district managers, without being offered tangible help. However, after she posted a review on PissedConsumer, the company reached out to them and asked their dealer to fix the RV.

On the other hand, satisfied customers reported that they were happy with the quality and build of the Grand Design RV trailers and campers as well as with the after-sale services they got in the instances where the RVs developed defects.

For instance, in the Grand Design RV review #1259507, the customer said that they loved their Grand Design RV Solitude camper that they have had for more than 2 years. The reviewer further praised the spaciousness of the camper and the quick and efficient response by the Grand Design RV dealer when the camper developed issues.

GDRV positive review

2. Who Manufactures Grand Design RV?

Some customers would like clarification about "who makes Grand Design RV".

According to the, the company has over 67 acres of land in the rural areas of Middlebury, India that houses over 4000,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities. The Grand Design RV manufacturer community is drawn from a workforce that has a reputation for quality RV craftsmanship.

Customers wondering where to buy Grand Design RV are advised to buy from their local dealer. The GDRV notes that it is easier to get after-sale services and build a relationship with your local dealer. It is also easy to get superior quality of Grand Design RV repair parts from the local dealer. Besides, your local Grand Design dealers will provide you with all the relevant information in regard to any applicable RV local laws. Canadian customers are especially encouraged to buy from the local dealers as it helps to keep the Grand Design RV price affordable and consumers save on additional costs such as taxes and inspection fees.

To find Grand Design RV dealers near you, visit the "find local dealer" page, under "Shopping Tools" on their website. Enter your zip code or city name in the "find your closest dealer section", select your country, and search.

Grand Deisgn RV local dealer

3. What Is Grand Design RV Warranty Policy?

According to the, the company offers its customers two types of warranties: the Base Limited Warranty and the Structural Warranty.

The Base Limited Warranty

The Base Limited warranty covers your recreational vehicle against material and workmanship defects for 12 months from the date of retail purchase or when first the RV was placed into service, whichever comes first. This Grand Design RV warranty covers your RV against workmanship and material defects that result from the normal use of the unit.

However, the owner has to adhere to the recommended and required maintenance schedule of the RV as provided in the Owner’s manual. This Grand Design RV warranty is transferable within the warranty period as long as proper registration is done when passing it to the next owner.

The Limited Structural Warranty

The Limited Structural warranty is also commonly referred to as the Grand Design RV extended warranty. It covers specific structural components against material and structural workmanship for 36 months from the date of retail purchase or the date that the unit was placed into service, whichever comes first. Similar to the Base Limited Warranty, the Limited Structural warranty covers your recreational vehicle against workmanship and material defects that result from the normal use of the unit.

However, the owner has to adhere to the recommended and required maintenance schedule of the RV as provided in the Owner’s manual. Note that the Limited Structural Warranty is not transferable to subsequent owners.

Grand Design RV warranty articulately points out that they will, at their own discretion, repair or replace any material and/or workmanship defects attributable to the design and not the component manufacturer within the warranty period at no cost to the RV owner. For more information about warranties, visit the Grand Design RV FAQs center.

With that said, it is worth noting that Grand Design RV reviews on PissedConsumer indicate that customers have had different experiences with making warranty claims. While some warranty claims were successful, in other instances the company did not honor the warranty terms.

For instance, in Grand Design RV review #1739246, the customer was happy that the warranty covered costs of repairing a toilet valve leak, a torn belt in the electric furnace, and a pinched gas line on the stove among other structural defects. Conversely, in another Grand design RV complaint #1656627, the customer expressed their disappointment in that the recliners of their 2-year old 5th wheeler were peeling but they were told that they were "out of warranty."

4. How to Contact Grand Design RV?

According to their Contact Us page, the Grand Design RV customer service can be reached through phone numbers, fax, and mailing address as follows:

Grand Design RV phone numbers:

574-825-9679 (Customer Service)

574-825-8000 (Corporate Main)

Mailing Address:

11333 County Road 2
Middlebury, IN 46540

You can also find answers to the top Grand Design RV FAQs on the company’s knowledge base center. Alternatively, the Grand Design RV customer service can be reached by filling the "Rapid fill form" on the contact us page for questions on sales, service, parts, and factory tour.

Notably, the Grand Design customer reviews indicate that some consumers experienced bad customer service. While most customers were able to get through the Grand Design RV contacts, the representatives were unhelpful in some instances.

For example, a recent Grand Design RV review #1990742 indicates that the customer called the phone number four times in an attempt to get assistance on structural issues that the RV had. However, he was given different responses and none sorted the issue.

…There was also a problem with the awning motor. Every time I call there is a different response.

#1 nothing wrong, #2 then acting up and wires were rubbing in control panel, #3 nothing working in control panel, #4 rodent damage to wires.

Today is June 15th and they still have my RV and no clue…

5. What Is Grand Design RV Price?

Grand Design RV prices vary depending on the type of recreational vehicle and your choice of floor plan. Grand Design RV reviews allude that buyers spend thousands of dollars on their RV purchases. For more accurate information on the price of Grand Design RV, visit the RV type page.

On the "RV Types" page, identify the type of RV you would like and then click on the "Build & Price" button. You will be presented with the various floor plan options available for the given type. Select the floor plan you prefer. You will then be presented with a Grand Design RV price estimate.

The company notes that the provided Grand Design RV cost does not include freight, tax, license charges, or prep charges. They also note that they preserve the right to change RV prices, material, components, specifications, and standards without notice, at any time. Therefore, for the most accurate RV prices, contact the Grand Design RV customer service.

You can find various accessories on on the parts locator page. You will be presented with an option to select the brand/model of the Grand Design RV trailer you want as well as your floor plan. While the parts locator page will help you find out where you can find the accessories you want, it does not indicate the price of the various Grand Design RV accessories.

Grand Design RV was designed to be a customer-focused RV business that offers superior value. The reviews indicate that while some customers were happy with the Grand Design RV products and services, others were not. The top Grand Design RV complaints highlighted on and other review platforms include unhelpful customer service, warranty issues, and poor quality of the RV structure and features.

For more information about the company, visit its website, and check customer reviews across various platforms. You may also write a review about Grand Design RV on to help other customers make an informed purchasing decision.

*The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.

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