Those loving car modifications probably know Monster Transmission & Performance. The company offers high-performance gear for cars, specifically transmissions, engines, and torque converters, while also enabling its customers to have a tailor-made transmission cut for them and their specific requirements. This review article will try to answer the most commonly asked questions and concerns related to the popular transmission supplier. Here, you will find details ranging from the Monster Transmission phone number to return and warranty information you need to know.

Monster Transmission Q&A

Monster Transmission rating*– 1.8⭐⭐

Number of Monster Transmission reviews – 422

Number of resolved issues – 6

Successful calls – 30%

Claimed losses – $710K

1. Is Monster Transmission Any Good?

There are always both positive and negative customer experiences when dealing with a company, Monster Transmission and Performance included. You will come across lots of reviews that speak highly of key aspects of the company, such as the end product they got their hand on (e.g. review #1673448).

Monster Transmission review

At the same time, many Monster Transmission reviews mention things like bad customer service and low transmission quality. We have even received reviews referring to Monster Transmission as a scam, for not being reimbursed for receiving a damaged or defective product (review #1731428).

I ordered a brand new 400 Turbo transmission from monster transmission and they gave me a broken one that does not work and they admitted they were at fault... Now I'm having a local builder build me a transmission so I'm out of pocket $7000 Monster transmission is a scam.

Monster Transmission complaint

All that, of course, can make someone wonder, “Is Monster Transmission worth it?” The only way to go about this is to try to:

  • List the most common Monster Transmission complaints,
  • assess the reviews posted on credible platforms, and
  • notice how recurring or not are the reported Monster Transmission problems, as honestly and unbiased as humanly possible.

We gathered Monster Transmission Performance reviews from a wide range of esteemed platforms out there. Again, opinions vary. For example:

  • Trust Pilot gives the company a 5/5 rating and 10/10 Trust Score, for things like quick delivery, quality transmissions, and helpful customer service team.
  • GlassDoor rates the company with 3.7/5 based on Monster Transmission reviews from company employees (former and existing).
  • Indeed gave them a 3.1/5 for the same reason.
  • As for the PissedConsumer posters, they assessed the company services and products in a more negative way, which resulted in a 1.8/5 final rating.

The majority of Monster Transmission complaints that have been reported to us involve:

  • Transmission not delivered with the order specs;
  • Refund problems;
  • Bad product quality;
  • Poor customer service;
  • Wrong unit being shipped.

To further shed some light on the question many consumers have asked, “How good are Monster Transmission transmissions?” We also suggest viewing this video interview with one of the PissedConsumer users and see what other people have to say about the company. Note that all opinions are from verified reviewers and buyers.

It should be noted that some unfortunate instances (hence, negative Monster Transmission Performance reviews) could have been avoided if consumers went through the TECH INFO page on their Home screen. There, the company provides a long list of Monster Transmission FAQs with instructions, tech tip videos, how-to videos, and other information. It’s also recommended that you read the Terms & Conditions tied to the brand or merchant you want to buy from, to know details like Returns, Warranty, Refunds, and more. 

2. Where Is Monster Transmission Located?

According to the official site of the company, they answer the questions about where is Monster Transmission located by mentioning Brooksville, FL. On the contact us page, you’ll find the following Monster Transmission address:

17109 Old Ayers Rd.,
Brooksville, Florida 34604,
United States

If you are wondering “Where are Monster Transmission parts made?”, they pinpoint that the Brooksville facility is where the company re-manufactures and totally rebuilds transmissions. It is also the Monster Transmission location where they perform all quality inspections on every product before it leaves the place. For more specific information about where is Monster Transmission & Performance, you can search an online map and find it marked there. 

It looks that the Monster Transmission customer service department is not under the same roof as the transmissions manufacturing/building section in Florida. Although there is no on-site customer service agent to reach out to, you can use the company’s online form on the contact us page and email them your query. Choose between the two available forms, depending on whether you want to contact the Monster Transmission customer service for a price quote or another issue or concern, and fill out the needed details. Alternatively, you could use the provided Monster Transmission phone number (800-708-0087); it is toll-free.

To get an idea of how consumers feel about the company (i.e. their interactions, experiences, and quality of service), you can go through the Monster Transmission reviews on our platform.

3. What Is the Monster Transmission Return Policy?

According to the Monster Transmission Return Policy, you need to accompany the item’s RMA number when you return a product. To get that number, either email or call within 60 days of receiving your item. It is also a prerequisite that all returns are pre-authorized by MTP. The return policy also mentions that nearly all of their items can be returned. Know that they do charge a Monster Transmission core return fee, which includes production setup and processing charges (see your invoice for more details). In addition, you will also be called to pay a Restocking Fee that ranges between 25%, for unused items, and 50% for used products. This refers to Monster Transmission returns of undamaged products.

Although the Monster Transmissions FAQs section provides lots of handy information about different aspects of your experience with the company, it does not give order-specific details. For that reason, we provide you with a list of the most commonly asked questions about the Monster Transmission return policy and order-related concerns:

How to return the core to Monster Transmission?

You need to return the core within 30 days of delivery. For Quick Ship products, this time frame is reduced to 10 days. In any other case, the WOWantly becomes void. In the instances when you paid a core when placing your order, the core deposit will be refunded to you via credit card or check after calculating the handling and shipping fees, if any. Note that transmission cores should be the precise replacement of the transmission you have bought, in rebuildable condition, intact, and complete if you are returning the core to activate WOWantly or for credit. Ensure you send the torque converter as well. Not meeting any of the conditions mentioned above means that you will be asked to pay the core fee to activate the WOWantly.

Monster transmission core policy

How long does it take to get a transmission from Monster Transmission?

The company does not give specific details about that. This could be because each case is different, given that they build transmissions based on their clients’ requirements. There is a blog post on their website, where a staff member explains all the processes an order goes through, "from the moment you talk with one of our helpful sales representatives" until the final product leaves their facility Judging by the several stages involved in custom-building a transmission, the waiting period could take several weeks, depending on whether you require a heavy-duty product like Monster Transmission 4l60e or something with lighter specs. One of our posters, for example, said that they received their product 6 days after placing their order (see review #1639354).

ordered a TH350 on 8/8 of this year and was told it would be a 5-8 week build time since I had a custom unit. I received the order 6 days later…

Is there a Monster Transmission free shipping offer for returns?

Some of their products are eligible for free shipping. You can, however, find several sites offering online deals and coupons that include free shipping promos, such as Knoji, Coupon Birds, and more. When it comes to returning an item, you will need to pay some fees. The company return policy does not mention any shipping-related costs, though.

What fees are non-refundable when I return a product?

The merchant terms and conditions mention that the following charges are not refunded in case of a return claim:

  • Core fees
  • Lacor
  • Shipping
  • Adapters and installation services
  • Custom parts
  • Fluid/oil
  • Paint
  • Electronics
  • Financed orders
  • Layaway deposits/down payments
  • Custom-built products
  • Special orders

Monster transmission refund policy

If you have more questions about the return policy of the company, you can either navigate through the Monster Transmission FAQs page. For specific questions, you may contact the Monster Transmission customer service department.

4. What Is Monster Transmission Warranty?

The warranty return details are among the Monster Transmission FAQs at this time. The Monster Transmission Warranty Return Policy mentions the following:

  • Damaged in shipping or incomplete orders should be reported to the company customer service department within 72 business hours.
  • If a replacement product is still under warranty and you need to return it, they will try to find a way for you to return the improper item.
  • The Monster Transmission Warranty page speaks of “handshake” warranty.
  • To cancel an order, use the Monster Transmission phone number (800-708-0087) to contact a Client Care Specialist for further assistance.
  • You have up to 10 days from the day of delivery to refuse a package that arrives damaged.
  • Monster Transmission financing options are available, just give them a call to find out more about the company’s Layaway Program that enables you to pay for a big-ticket item by making a low deposit ($299) to lock-in the pricing and repay the due amount within 24 months.

Monster transmission warranty

It should be noted that we have received a few warranty-related Monster Transmission reviews (i.e. #1695044 and #1693213) related to their handshake warranty or another similar issue at However, the majority of Monster Transmission complaints are regarding the company return policy.

5. What Does Monster Transmission Build?

The company offers transmissions, torque converters, transfer cases, Monster Transmission installers, a Powertrain package that includes complete engines. With the building techniques, one can have a wide range of transmissions custom-built for them. What kind of Monster Transmission items can you have tailored to your needs? The most popular ones are the:

  • Monster Transmission 4160e,
  • Monster Transmission 700r4,
  • Monster Transmission 4180e,
  • Monster Transmission Turbo 400.

You may also purchase a Monster Transmission rebuild kit and upgrade your transmission yourself if you feel competent enough. You can choose between a total of four Monster Transmission kits available at this time. Now, if you are a drag racing fan, you could consider getting your hand on the Monster Transmission lock up kit and have control over when you want your car to spin faster than a turbine. Finally, you have the option to choose from used Monster Transmission parts occasionally.

Also worth noting is the fact that you can even have your transmission repaired (it does not matter you built it) via a relevant Warranty. Simply give the Monster Transmission service center a call and let them take over your case. You can find more details about all these services at the Monster Transmission FAQs page.

Feel free to leave a Monster Transmission review regarding your experience with the company and help other consumers that have been in your shoes answer their questions or handle their issue more effectively. You can also go through our Monster Transmission Q&A section, where we post FAQs, and answer your question.

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