GrubHub is an online and mobile food delivery service that connects customers with local restaurants. The company has an average of 1.4 out of 5-star rating on PissedConsumer from more than 700 reviews.

According to data compiled on PissedConsumer, most GrubHub complaints involve unexpected cancelation of orders, delivery issues, including no delivery at all.

Most common GrubHub FAQ include questions on how to contact GrubHub customer service, how to complain about the company and how to get the refund from We have compiled and answered the top GrubHub questions and hope they will help some customers find solutions. 

  1. How do I contact GrubHub’s customer service?
  2. My food never arrived. What do I do?
  3. How do I get a refund?
  4. Why is the delivery so slow?
  5. Why would cancel an order?
  6. How can I cancel an order?
  7. What do I do if something is wrong with my order?
  8. Is responsible for making sure I get my order?
  9. What is the delivery fee?
  10. Where does GrubHub deliver?
  11. How much does the company pay drivers?
  12. How do tips work?
  13. Is GrubHub better than DoorDash?
  14. How do I complain about GrubHub?

Top 14 GrubHub FAQ

1. How do I contact GrubHub customer service?

Customers can contact GrubHub’s customer service team using the online form, the online chat feature, or they can call GrubHub’s customer service number 1(877) 585-1085 , GrubHub toll-free number or via their mailing address.

Grubhub contact information

2. My GrubHub food never arrived. What do I do?

This is one of the top GrubHub complaints. Several GrubHub reviews on PissedConsumer claim that orders never arrived. One review claimed that their Applebee’s order was ready and on time but no driver was assigned to it, ultimately resulting with the manager telling them that "…they had to throw my order away and make a new one…"

Unfortunately, the company does not address this issue directly on its website. We can only assume that customers should treat this issue as a customer complaint, in which they should contact GrubHub’s customer service team via the chat feature on their website or call the GrubHub customer help number.

Grubhub delivery issues

3. How do I get a refund from

This is a top GrubHub question. According to GrubHub Terms of Use, the company in "its sole discretion, may offer credits or refunds on a case-by-case basis including, by way of example, in the event of an error with your order or in the amounts you were charged.

GrubHub refund policy

That being said, customers should contact the GrubHub customer service team, make their case, and seek a refund.

4. Why is GrubHub so slow?

Unfortunately, GrubHub does not answer this specific question on their website. They do, however, explain in their Terms of Service that they cannot be held responsible for “any delays, delivery failures, or other damage” resulting from causes beyond its control.Grubhub delivery policy

5. Why would cancel an order?

The cancellation of orders is a common GrubHub complaint, and many customers have posted on PissedConsumer that the company cancelled their order without any explanation. Some GrubHub reviews stated that the company canceled their order and refused to provide a refund.

Another GrubHub customer review stated that three orders were canceled because the delivery company said they were "without drivers".

Unfortunately, GrubHub does not directly address this issue on their site. That being said, it seems that orders can be cancelled — especially if there are no drivers to deliver the orders. GrubHub is at least somewhat aware of this issue, as represented in a tweet where the company responded to a customer whose orders were cancelled due to a “lack of drivers.” However, the tweet did not offer any explanation for cancelling an order for any reason.

Grubhub order cancelation

There are other instances where an order might be cancelled. For example, GrubHub's frequently asked questions section states that they will cancel an order after a customer indicates they want the order canceled as long as the restaurant has not already prepared the food. In addition, restaurants also have the ability to cancel orders, according to the "Grubhub for Restaurants" section of their to cancel Grubhub orders

6. How can I cancel a GrubHub order?

GrubHub's FAQ explains that customers can change or cancel orders by calling the GrubHub customer support number, 1(877) 585-1085, or chatting with a customer help representative using the chat feature on the website.Grubhub cancelation policy

7. What do I do if something is wrong with my order?

According to GrubHub FAQ, if customers encounter problems with orders, they can get assistance by contacting GrubHub’s customer service team through the customer care chat feature or by calling the GrubHub toll-free number with their order confirmation email or order details.

8. Is responsible for making sure I get my order?

Not exactly. According to GrubHub’s Term of Use, the company “does not guarantee the quality of what the restaurants or other food purveyors sell, nor does it guarantee the services provided by them, including, without limitation, in those cases where they provide the delivery services or engage another third party delivery service.”

In addition, Grubhub “does not independently verify, and is not liable for, representations made by restaurants regarding their food, including, without limitation, any menu- or restaurant-level descriptors or disclosures.Grubhub terms of use

9. What is GrubHub’s delivery fee? claims that the company doesn’t charge its customers delivery fees. However, frequently asked questions page explains that customers “may also be charged a delivery fee or service fee” without any further explanation.Grubhub delivery fee

GrubHub does charge businesses. According to the “GrubHub for Work” section of their website, businesses are charged a standard $9.99 delivery fee and $50 order minimum.

Grubhub order minimum

10. Where does deliver?

GrubHub delivers in most metropolitan cities across the country, according to Customers can find out if there are any GrubHub restaurants near them by entering their address into the search field on the website. Any participating restaurants will appear in the search results.

Where does Grubhub deliver

11. How much does GrubHub pay drivers?

GrubHub does not disclose this information on its website possibly because the answer varies by state. According to the company’s “GrubHub for Drivers” section of the website, drivers “will be paid a per order amount ('Delivery Pay') + 100% of your tips for every order you deliver.

If a driver’s market offers a guaranteed hourly minimum, the company explains that driver should refer to “Grubhub Payment Terms” email they received to learn the “acceptance rate needed for the hourly minimum in your market”.

How much do Grubhub drivers earn

12. How do GrubHub tips work?

According to GrubHub’s blog, drivers get 100 percent of their tips. The company also points out that delivery fees do not go to the drivers.

GrubHub suggests tipping drivers 20 percent of their bill, never going below five dollars for a tip. The company also suggests that customers also tip extra for large orders, deliveries made in inclement weather, and orders that involve walking up flights of stairs.

How do Grubhub tips work

13. Which is better Grubhub or Doordash?

DoorDash is a GrubHub competitor. According to data compiled from PissedConsumer, DoorDash has a slightly better rating at 1.9, whereas GrubHub has a rating of 1.4 stars.

As of March, 2019 Grubhub, has received 1212 reviews with 5 of which having been resolved whereas Doordash has received 8224 reviews and 34 of them have been resolved.

Grubhub VS Doordash

14. How do I complain about

Customers can contact GrubHub using the company's online form, the online chat feature, or they can call GrubHub’s toll-free number, 1(877) 585-1085. Another way to complain about the company is to post a GrubHub review on A customer service representative may reach out to consumers on the site and attempt to resolve any problems.

This list concludes the most common GrubHub FAQs. If you did not see the answer you were looking for, you can try one of the options below:

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