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Megabus is a long-distance coach operator that has been in business since 2003. The bus services are available in over 100 cities across the U.S.A., U.K., and Canada. Megabus positions itself as safe, convenient, and affordable. But, are they reliable, convenient, and safe?


Megabus Rating* – 2.1⭐⭐

Megabus Reviews – 2.9K

Megabus Claimed Losses – $240K

Megabus Successful Calls – 20%/23.5K

In this article, we provide a review of Megabus as per recorded customer experiences on We also answer the top customer questions to Megabus customer service.

  1. How do I contact Megabus customer service?
  2. Can I cancel a Megabus ticket?
  3. Are their tickets refundable?
  4. How much are the tickets?
  5. Is Megabus safe?

1. How Do I Contact Megabus Customer Service?

The Megabus customer service can be reached via email, phone, live chat, or social media.

You can call Megabus phone number at +1 877-462-6342.

Megabus email address depends on your location. For customers in the US, they provide the following email address: If you are in the UK, you should email at: Canada customer can reach them our by sending an email at says that the fastest way to get through to their customer service is through their live chatbot "Chuck." The bot is available 24/7 via email and serves as a virtual travel assistant. If it cannot answer your question or address your issue, it attempts to connect you to a real customer service representative.

Megabus contacts

Alternatively, you can reach out to Megabus customer service via social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The customer representatives are most active on Twitter (@Megabus). Often, customers who post their complaints on the page feed are either offered alternative contact information or asked to direct message for further assistance.

Tweet to Megabus on Twitter

You could also send mail correspondence to the following Megabus location:

Megabus North America
Elizabeth, NJ, US 07206

Although the company states its commitment to excellent customer service, several customers have had an unpleasant experience, as evidenced by the numerous Megabus complaints on

For example, in this video review, the customer expressed frustration in missing the bus due to poor customer service (review #1650068).

Although he had arrived at the bus station on time, he couldn't find a Megabus coach to board. On attempting to contact Megabus, he kept being asked to call a different number. When he finally got through, the representative was rude and unhelpful. The customer ended up purchasing another Megabus ticket and waiting for hours for the evening bus.

2. Can I Cancel a Megabus ticket?

Many customers find the Megabus cancellation policy unfavorable. It stipulates that passengers can't cancel Megabus tickets for whatever reason.

How to cancel a Megabus reservation

Megabus reviews indicate that customers would like to cancel their tickets in most cases due to a change in plans. In some instances, they request Megabus cancellation due to delays. Even so, the company says they are not responsible for delays or cancellations caused by factors that are above their control, e.g., traffic, weather, android condition. They also state that it is in the discretion to offer Megabus refunds or alternative travel arrangements when they fail to deliver time-reliable services.

The only alternative offered to passengers in the Megabus cancellation policy is to trade in a ticket for another journey any time before 3 hours to the originally scheduled departure time.

3. Are Megabus Tickets Refundable?

According to the Megabus refund policy, all the tickets are non-refundable. Whether you miss your bus or change plans, there is no Megabus refund once you've made your reservation. As stipulated in the cancellation policy, you can only reschedule at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure time.

To reschedule, either log into your account and use the self-service portal or call the Megabus number for assistance. You will be required to provide the reservation number and name or email address on your Megabus ticket.

The initial cost of your ticket goes towards payment for the new reservation, and you will be required to top up if there is any cost difference with the new reservation. You will also be charged a trade-in fee.

The trade-in fees vary according to the time remaining before the original reservation's departure time. $3.00 if you trade in more than 24 hours before departure, $5.00 for trade-ins made 6-24 hours before departure, and $7.50 for trade-ins made 3-6 hours before departure. There is an additional $2.50 reservation fee. Note that if you change your reservation through the Megabus phone number, you will incur an extra $7.

Megabus reservation fees

4. How Much Are Megabus Tickets?

Megabus prices vary according to your destination, time of your reservation, and demand for the bus services, among other factors. One-way Megabus tickets start from as low as $1, depending on availability. All Megabus prices are in USD. The company notes that fares are subject to change without prior notice to the passengers, even between searches.

Aside from the standard Megabus ticket price, you will also be charged a $2.50 reservation fee for online bookings and $7.00 for reservations made by calling the Megabus number.

Megabus ticket fees

To make your reservation, provide the following:

  • Megabus locations – departure and arrival city;
  • Whether you are making a one-way or round-trip reservation;
  • Number of passengers you are booking for;
  • If you have extra luggage;
  • Whether you require assisted travel (for customers with disabilities);
  • Preferred travel time;
  • Preferred seats.

Next, review and confirm your reservation and go ahead to make payment. Once your reservation has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email for the payment and your booking.

Megabus ticket reservation steps

Megabus complaints indicate that some customers had difficulties making reservations. While in some cases, the payment method declined, in other instances, the payment method went through, but the customer did not receive a confirmation email.

How much is it for an extra bag on Megabus?

The Megabus luggage policy states that you are only allowed one piece of luggage per passenger. The bag should not exceed 50 pounds in weight or 62 inches in total dimensions. You are also allowed a carry-on that should not exceed the size of a briefcase. Passengers whose luggage is above these specifications will not be allowed on the bus.

Megabus luggage policy

Do I have to print out a Megabus ticket, or can I just show it on my phone?

The confirmation email contains a reservation number that you will be asked to produce during check-in. While you can opt to print the confirmation page to present when boarding or for backup, you could also show it on your phone. If you made changes to your reservation, you do not need to print the confirmation form. All you need is the new reservation number.

Megabus ticket reservation confirmation

5. Is Megabus Safe?

Customers asking "Is Megabus safe?" are curious to know: Does the bus service company take measures to ensure the safety of the passengers and luggage?

Megabus coaches are equipped with power outlets, three-point seat belts, onboard restrooms, and reclining seats. The company suggests that customers lock their luggage with a T.S.A.-approved locking system. Passengers are also encouraged to label their luggage with their name, contact number, and address.

To ensure safety, inherently dangerous items are not permitted in the coaches. Items such as bicycles, snowboards, musical instruments, and golf clubs are only allowed if they are packed in a case. Luggage is subject to inspection, especially when traveling internationally.

Megabus safety measures and luggage limitations

Megabus encourages people traveling with children that are less than 5 years, to bring a booster seat or a child safety seat. The booster seat enhances both the child's comfort and safety.

Another aspect to consider when determining "Is Megabus safe" is checking customer reviews and ratings. On PissedConsumer, it has 2.1 stars, 2 stars on TripAdvisor, and 4.1 stars on Trustpilot.

The most common Megabus complaints are in regards to:

  • Poor customer service
  • Lost luggage
  • Unfavorable refund and cancellation policy
  • Unreliability in sticking with the scheduled departure and arrival time

The several Megabus complaints about lost luggage further beg the question, "Is Megabus safe?" According to their F.A.Q.s section, passengers should report a lost item to the lost and found department by filling the provided form. Ensure to provide as many details about the lost item as possible. The lost and found department will do its best to identify and return your item. Megabus offers a maximum liability of up to $250 per passenger if the item cannot be found.

Despite the company's clarification on what to do if you lose your luggage, some passengers expressed frustration with the Megabus customer service representatives' response when they reached out to report their lost items. In most cases, customers did not get assistance after filling the lost and found form. They had to call the Megabus number for assistance, and in most instances, they were dismissed or spoken to rudely.

Megabus lost items and luggage faqs

For example, in Megabus review #1519812, the customer was frustrated about being given a run around when they attempted to reach the lost and found department.

I called mega bus customer service immediately to report my missing luggage, and I've been given the run around ever since then. is one of the most affordable bus services in North America, Canada, and the U.K. Although you can get tickets for as low as $1, customers indicate concerns about their reliability and safety. The company's cancellation and refund policies are also unfavorable.

To learn more about this company, visit their website, check Megabus Q&A, or read reviews on If you'd like to share your experience with the company service, you're welcome to post a review.

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