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Affordable Dentures and Implants

Number of reviews - 932

Rating* -  2.1⭐⭐

Claimed Losses - $510K

Successful Calls - 30/70%

Affordable Dentures and Implants offers dentures, implant, teeth extraction, and crowns. Potential and existing customers are keen to look at Affordable Dentures reviews to find out how reliable and credible the company is. Most Affordable Dentures and Implants reviews on PissedConsumer are on the various aspects of the company including

  • quality of services and products,
  • fees and payment options,
  • whether the company is safe.

We looked through Affordable Dentures and Implants reviews and Q&A pages on PissedConsumer to get a sense of what customers would like to know about the company. We identified the following Affordable Dentures FAQs:

  1. How do I contact customer service?
  2. Is Affordable Dentures and Implants safe?
  3. Can you get dentures in one day?
  4. How much are dentures, implants, and crowns at
  5. What dental insurance does it take?
  6. What payment plans does the company have?
  7. Does Affordable Dentures Inc. do implants, partials, and crowns?

We then sought the answers to these questions from and other reputable websites.

1. How Do I Contact Affordable Dentures and Implants Customer Service?

The company offers its services through various affiliate locations across the US. lists the various Affordable Dentures phone numbers. In addition, PissedConsumer provides additional Affordable Dentures and Implants customer service contact information including a toll-free number, email address, ?nd chat link.

Affordable Dentures Phone Numbers

Toll-Free Number:

(800) 336-8873

Alabama Locations:

(256) 715-6662 1201 Briarwood Ave. SW Fort Payne, AL 35967

Affordable Dentures Email:

To find Affordable Dentures and Implants location near you and its respective contact information, visit On the home page, under the “Find Your Local Practice”, enter your city or zip code and search. You will be provided with a list of locations nearest to you, their respective operating hours, physical address, and contact information.

To reach the Affordable Dentures and Implants customer service, you can also fill the “Contact Us” form provided on the contact us page. The company notes that once you have filled the form, a patient support specialist will get in touch with you within 24hours on weekdays, Eastern time.

2. Is Affordable Dentures and Implants Safe?

A look at the Affordable Dentures reviews on PissedConsumer reveals that customers have had different experiences with the company. While some customers reported:

  • satisfaction with the quality of the dentures and implants,
  • affordable prices,
  • expertise of the doctors,
  • overall customer service of practice staff.

Others reported total dissatisfaction with some feeling ripped off.

For instance, in this Affordable Dentures and Implants review, the customer gave the company a 5-star rating. The customer expressed satisfaction with the affordable cost of implants and veneers, the excellent service offered by the dentist, office staff, and assistants, and the quality of the products used.

“Dr. Sas is my favorite dentist on the planet.

…Affordable Dentures is also SO much less expensive than everyone else..

….I've gotten 2 dental implants and a set of veneers from him and love them….

…The office staff and assistants are awesome also…”

On the other hand, in a video Affordable Dentures and Implants review, the customer described her experience with the company as horrible. In the Affordable Dentures and Implants complaint, the customer explains how she went in for a consultation for implants and was instructed to take an x-ray.

The doctor advised that the consumer needed to have all her teeth pulled and a denture put in place, else all her teeth would fall out. The lady she consulted with advised that she would help her by fitting her dentures free of charge. However, when she looked at her statement, she realized that she had been charged &950 for the supposedly free dentures.

The entire process took a few minutes and cost her $4,000. However, she told the dentist that only pediatric dentures fit in her mouth, she was still fitted with bigger dentures. The whole procedure was very painful and she bled profusely. She says that the services she got were not worth the $4,000 she paid.

At the date of writing this article, Affordable Dentures and Implants had a 2.1 out of 5-star rating*. Rating distribution shows that the majority of the customers were displeased with the service and gave 1-star and 2-star ratings. The top Affordable Dentures and Implants complaints are in regards to the service offered by the dentists and assisting staff, and quality of dentures.

Affordable Dentures rating

3. Can You Get Affordable Dentures Dentures in One Day?

According to the Affordable Dentures FAQs page, the company offers same-day denture services in the case of emergencies whereby the patient is in pain or they need emergency extraction services.

The doctors will evaluate your overall health condition and any medication you are taking to determine whether you qualify for the same-day denture service. Since every practice has an on-site lab, then they are able to accommodate emergency same-day denture services.

4. How Much are Dentures, Implants, and Crowns at

Affordable Dentures and Implants prices for dentures, implants, and crowns as well as treatments vary from one practice to another, and from one customer to another.

According to the Affordable Dentures and Implants fees and payments methods page, once you see the dentist for a consultation, they will discuss your treatment options and together you will come up with a treatment plan.

The company’s practices state that they aim to provide customers with the best-estimated cost for the services chosen or the treatment plan. However, due to clinical issues specific to your case, additional services could come up which can affect the estimated cost.

You can find fees for a given service at your preferred practice by searching for the practice through the “Find Your Local Practice” option on and looking at their fee breakdown. For clarification on fees and payment methods you can also call the practice directly.

Affordable dentures prices

Alternatively, call the Affordable Dentures and Implants toll-free number and request that they provide you with fee information. They will mail you an information brochure with practice fee information at no charge.

5. What Dental Insurance Does Affordable Dentures and Implants Take?

The Affordable Dentures and Implants fees and payments page does not specify any Affordable Dentures and Implants insurance. However, they state that if you have dental insurance you can personally make a claim with your insurer.

The company will provide you with a dental walk-out statement that you can use to make the claim, but they do not file a claim on your behalf. They further note that, since Affordable Dentures and Implants rates are so low, often the fees charged are lower than the co-pay amount required by your insurer hence, it may be cheaper to pay directly.

If you need assistance in determining whether to make an insurance claim, the practice staff can help you calculate the costs so you can make the best decision.

6. What Payment Plans Does Affordable Dentures and Implants Have?

According to the Affordable Dentures and Implants fees and payments methods page, some affiliate practices offer to finance through CareCredit. Patients will need to be approved for financing by CareCredit.

Some affiliate practices accepting CareCredit will require you to pay minimum treatment fees to be able to get financing from CareCredit. It is best to contact you preferred Affordable Dentures and Implants practice to find out if they offer the CareCredit financing option and if they require you to pay a minimum treatment fee.

7. Does Affordable Dentures Inc. Do Implants, Partials, and Crowns?

Yes. As highlighted on, the company offers full and partial dentures, dental implants, as well as teeth extractions and repairs. You can find out more information about the services by visiting their respective pages on

Affordable Dentures services

While this article covers most of the common Affordable Dentures and Implants complaints and questions, we might have missed your question, review, or complaint. If so

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  • Contact Affordable Dentures ?ustomer support by calling the Affordable Dentures Phone number.
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