Some Amora Coffee customers on PissedConsumer have reported having difficulty cancelling their subscriptions as evidence by the Amora Coffee review below:

“…I called them to cancel after they ripped me off close to 300 dollars. I tried cancelling with them several times...they won't cancel. They have another company that you have to deal with in order for the cancellation to be done..and they want something like 35 bucks just for the to play middle man and tell those thieves at Amora Coffee that I cancelled…

In another instance, a customer was able to cancel their subscription but continued to be charged.

Amora Coffee question #8481

“Why did I get charged when I cancelled a month ago on anymore deliveries of amora coffee...”

One reviewer (h.kitchener) replied to Amora Coffee complaint #1449043 advising the customer to dispute the charges with the card issuer and then seek to apply  for a new card. Issuance of a new credit card will discontinue all subscriptions including Amora coffee membership. When raising the issue with your bank, cite fraud by Amora Coffee. However, with a debit card, you would have to dispute the charges and seek a refund through your debit card issuer although the refund may take a long time.

Amora Coffee reviews

You could also report the issue to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). While FTC does not resolve individual cases, it will put the radar on the company and if there are enough complaints coming through about the company, FTC may start an investigation and take the necessary legal action. Read further to find out what is Amora Coffee refund and return policies.

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