According to the Amora Coffee website, the company offers two types of subscription plans: a coffee subscription plan and a tea subscription plan.

With the Amora Coffee subscription, you choose eight custom freshly roasted gourmet blends:

  • Delicata
  • Elegante
  • Vigorosi
  • Intenso
  • Angelico
  • Passionata
  • Carezza
  • Flirtare

You may opt for either whole beans or as ground coffee, in regular or decaf. With the subscription, you can mix and match as many varieties of coffee as you like, and you change your selection whenever you need to.

Amora Coffee subscription

On the other hand, the Amora tea subscription offers customers a choice of six varieties of 16 sachet tins of tea:

  • English breakfast
  • Green Cloud Mist
  • Chamomile
  • Ginger Lemongrass
  • Earl Grey
  • Jasmine

The tea is hand-picked and hand-processed, and it is 100% organic and biodegradable.

Amora Coffee tea subscription

For both subscriptions, the website also states that customers are free to choose and change their coffee/tea selection, quantity, and shipping frequency at any time. You may pause or stop home delivery at any time or for any reason.

On the website, the customers are provided with a “Join Now” option on both the coffee and tea pages that allow them to join the subscriptions. Customers can also go directly to the “Subscribe” page on the menu to access the subscription forms. Find out what to do if Amora Coffee doesn't cancel your subscription. 

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