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In recent years, customers have grown to love food delivery apps for convenience and efficiency. One of the pioneers in the industry is DoorDash, which has grown from student-founded food delivery to grocery and convenience store shopping and delivery. 

The popularity has resulted in a growing number of questions to the company. Is it safe? How to drive for DoorDash? How to get a refund? This article will provide answers to top questions based on DoorDash reviews and ratings on

DoorDash Q&A

Number of DoorDash reviews – 26.2K

DoorDash rating* – 1.8⭐⭐

Claimed losses – $5.4M

Successful calls – 28%/320K

Number of resolved issues – 123

Read on to do due diligence on what to expect before getting into a deal. You can always consult the DoorDash customer service for further details and issues.

  1. How to drive for DoorDash?
  2. How to quit Doordash?
  3. Is Doordash safe?
  4. How to contact customer service?
  5. How to get a refund?
  6. When does DoorDash pay?
  7. How to dash without red card?
  8. How to use credits?
  9. Why did they charge me an additional fee on my bill?

1. How to Drive for DoorDash?

Two of the most common DoorDash questions are “How to drive for DoorDash”and “How much money does DoorDash pay?”

For you to qualify for a DoorDash driver signup, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Have a car, scooter, or bicycle.
  • Have proper documentation such as a Driver's license and social security number.
  • Provide consent to background checks.

how to drive for DoorDash

Working for DoorDash begins with signing up for the company. You will be asked to provide your email address, then your phone number, and zip/postal code. Once provided, you will be redirected to an online form that you will need to complete to create your DoorDash account. After 1-2 weeks, your account will be fully activated and you’ll become a DoorDash driver.

Here is the drill involved to start Dashing after a successful DoorDash driver signup:

  • Use your DoorDash driver login credentials to access the platform.
  • Tap “Dash Now” to begin receiving orders in your area or set your own times by selecting “Schedule” if you wish to work at a later time.
  • Hit “Accept” once you see an order that you’d like to deliver and get the details.
  • Expected payments are deposited to your account once a week (you can check the “Earnings” tab in the DoorDash app for information).
  • After completing an order, you will receive a rating, and you also must receive DoorDash reviews that keep your overall rating above 4.2.

According to DoorDash reviews, how much you earn depends on where, how much, and what time of the day you work. Typically, each delivery earns you a base pay, which is calculated based on the order's estimated time, distance, and desirability. You may also earn a tip. DoorDash pays you 100% of the tips they receive for your deliveries. Another way to earn is by participating in Plus promotions such as Peak pay and challenges.

2. How to Quit Doordash?

If you are no longer interested in working for DoorDash, you will need to:

  • Remove all of your shifts.
  • Communicate with DoorDash Dasher Support to initiate the account deactivation process.

There is no need to use a DoorDash phone number to have your account deactivated or reactivated. However, you might use it to share your DoorDash complaints. Note that your DoorDash reviews/ratings will also be deleted from the platform.

To stop receiving delivery and other DoorDash-related notifications, do the following:

  • Uninstall the application from your smartphone.
  • Click on a DoorDash email and click Unsubscribe (you will find the option at the bottom of the email).
  • Reply to text messages with “STOP”.

3. Is Doordash Safe?

On their website, DoorDash promises dashers safety and customers' convenience. The company has put in place measures to ensure dashers have a smooth delivery experience and are protected with accident coverage at no cost. 

However, DoorDash reviews indicate complaints by both dashers and customers, that make them wonder, Is DoorDash safe?

On, DoorDash has a 1.8-star rating based on over 13400 rated reviews. Some customers are happy with the convenience of having items or food delivered to their door. Others like that the app is easy to use and has a wide selection of stores and restaurants. Dashers appreciate the opportunity to earn and work on their own time. However, the majority of the customers and dashers are dissatisfied. 

The most common issues covered in DoorDash reviews include problems with deliveries, poor customer service, missing orders, and others. 

For example, in this DoorDash review, the customer complained that their DoorDash order was not delivered and attempts to contact customer support for assistance were futile.

4. How to Contact DoorDash?

You can use our platform to access all available DoorDash customer service options. Among the provided ways to communicate with a DoorDash Support staff member the first line is through the consumer and dasher help centers. 

However, if you need further assistance, you can contact DoorDash support at 1-855-431-0459 or live chat on the app. DoorDash notes that both are open 24/7.

Several DoorDash reviews indicate poor customer service and issues related to communication. For example, one frustrated customer wrote in their complaint

DoorDash offers, in my opinion, the worst customer service and support than any business I have ever worked for or with.

5. How to Get a Refund on DoorDash?

If you did not receive your order, you may be wondering, how to get a refund on DoorDash.

According to DoorDash’s terms, the company is under no obligation to offer refunds on orders that were completed and delivered.

DoorDash refund

However, you may receive a full credit or refund for orders canceled by a party other than you or for being double charged.

If you are eligible for a DoorDash refund, customer support will review the issue reported and refund the amount owed to your original payment method. The time the refund takes to reflect on your end depends on your payment method.

Some DoorDash reviews indicate that the refund policy is unfavorable and some customers have difficulty getting refunds even when they are eligible. For example, in review #4543613, the reviewer complained that they were promised to get a refund for the delivery they never received but 

... its now been over 72 hours and no refund and the transaction is no longer pending its posted.

6. When Does DoorDash Pay?

According to the DoorDash FAQs, the company pays dashers in the U.S. once a week through secured direct deposit to your personal account. However, drivers in the U.S. and Canada can withdraw their DoorDash payments once daily through Fast Pay at a small fee of $1.99 per transfer.

Furthermore, drivers in the U.S. can receive no-fee daily deposits with Dasher Direct. Alternatively, drivers who sign up for the DasherDirect Business prepaid Visa card can withdraw their DoorDash Pay instantly at no fee and also enjoy a 2% cash back on gas. If you are wondering, does DoorDash pay hourly? The answer is, no.

DoorDash payment

No matter how simple these steps might be, there are DoorDash complaints from Dashers who have faced issues with their payments. For instance, in this video with a DoorDash review on, the reviewer addresses the problem by saying that the company still hasn’t paid her.

7. How to DoorDash Without Red Card?

According to the official website, you can use DoorDash without a red card. However, you will have access to limited orders as most orders require that you have one. Therefore, if you have lost your DoorDash red card, it is damaged or expired, report the issue and request a replacement. 

Login to your DoorDash account; under the account, tap on “red card” and then “Mark as lost/expired” for iOS or “Lost/expired red card” for Android. You may also order a spare red card as a backup.

8. How to Use DoorDash Credits?

DoorDash credits are valid for 6 months from the date they were issued. They are automatically redeemed, where applicable, to pay for a portion of your DoorDash food delivery orders. They do not apply to alcohol purchases.

DoorDash credits, terms and conditions

9. Why Did DoorDash Charge Me an Additional Fee on My Bill?

Might you have noticed an overcharge on your payment method and you are wondering what does DoorDash charge? 

According to the “What fees do I pay?” question on the site, DoorDash charges various fees aside from the cost of the food or items ordered. Some of these DoorDash fees include service, delivery, small order, expanded range, express fees, and many more. This could explain the numerous DoorDash reviews indicating unexplained charges.

Doordash offers considerable benefits for both consumers and drivers. At the same time, there are many questions that clients ask every day. DoorDash reviews are a helpful tool to find answers and guarantee a positive experience. If you have encountered problems with DoorDash or just want to share your positive experiences, leave a review on our website.

*Disclaimer: Ranking and statistics are based on our users’ review texts and Pissed Consumer posters’ reviews. Also, a company’s rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the profile, including users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company’s responses, etc. The algorithm is subject to change in the future.

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