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LinkedIn is a top professional networking platform. According to LinkedIn reviews on, while some users have a hassle-free experience, the majority of them encounter issues when using the platform. So, customers are seeking effective methods to contact LinkedIn customer service to address their concerns.

LinkedIn Q&A

Number of LinkedIn reviews – 3.1K

LinkedIn rating* – 1.7⭐⭐

LinkedIn claimed losses – $4.5M

Successful calls – 4%/19.7K

Resolved issues – 34

Key Insights:

  • LinkedIn does not offer customer support via phone or email. The first line of support is the LinkedIn Help Center.
  • LinkedIn cautions users against websites offering a LinkedIn customer service number for a fee.
  • The best way to contact LinkedIn customer service is by submitting a ticket through the help center.

The article offers constructive solutions and useful insights on how to contact LinkedIn support through various communication channels. We will answer the most common customer questions:

  1. Is LinkedIn support good?
  2. How to contact LinkedIn by phone?
  3. How to contact LinkedIn customer service by email?
  4. How to contact LinkedIn support via the Help Center?
  5. How to reach LinkedIn customer service online?

1. Is LinkedIn Support Good? is the largest online networking platform for professionals and companies. LinkedIn Corporation was launched in 2003 in California, United States, and is owned by Microsoft Corporation. It currently has over 930 million registered users in more than 200 countries and regions.

Nevertheless, LinkedIn reviews identify that many consumers are dissatisfied with the quality of customer service. This professional network has a 1.7-star rating out of the possible 5 on Pissedconsumer, with only 9% of users willing to recommend the platform to friends or colleagues. To get LinkedIn issues resolved, users have to wait up to 18 days. So, what are the most common complaints voiced by consumers?

Top LinkedIn complaints

Although LinkedIn offers many benefits, including career growth, networking, establishing new business contacts, and sharing experience and knowledge, it still faces client dissatisfaction. 

Below are the most common LinkedIn complaints:

  • account restrictions;
  • hacked accounts and impersonations;
  • difficulty getting the account verified;
  • difficulty getting through to LinkedIn support;
  • wrongful billing and unauthorized charges;
  • no way to email or call LinkedIn customer service.

For example, in one of LinkedIn reviews the customer expressed their frustration that their premium account, which they heavily rely on for work, had been restricted. Being “locked out for 8 days,” they are still unable to solve their issue and contact LinkedIn support:

LinkedIn support simply doesn't exist - no phone number and no contact email unless you have an open ticket from an existing (and accessible) account with them, and even then they never respond.

2. How to Contact LinkedIn by Phone?

There is no way to call LinkedIn support. In one of the FAQs in the help center, LinkedIn categorically notes that they do not have a phone number. They warn about websites that advertise to provide LinkedIn phone support at a fee and clarify that they are not affiliated with such companies. They also note that they do not charge their users for customer support. There is also no LinkedIn contact number provided on their social media pages.

LinkedIn Customer Service no phone

Reviews further evidence that there is no LinkedIn phone number to call. For example, one frustrated customer noted in their review that there was really no LinkedIn phone number and ways to contact the service: 

They have no phone number to call and no customer service. They charge me 99 a month and I can not sign on.

3. How to Contact LinkedIn Customer Service by Email?

There is no LinkedIn customer service email to write directly to. However, if you submit a support case via the help center, you will receive an automated LinkedIn email confirming your ticket receipt. Ensure that the email address linked to your account is receiving LinkedIn customer service emails.

You are not likely to get a response to your issue if you email LinkedIn customer service through the automated email address, but rather through the platform. You can view your LinkedIn customer care cases from the drop-down menu on your profile icon.

One of the LinkedIn reviewers explains that they attempted to get in touch with LinkedIn via email. However, they did not receive any response or had their issue resolved:

….the only contact method is through email. They say they're busy and replies might take a while, but it's been over a week now.

4. How to Contact LinkedIn Support via the Help Center?

The help center is the first line to contact Linkedin support. It offers resources, product information, and troubleshooting tips. While there is no LinkedIn help forum on the help center where you can engage with other members, you might find answers to your issue on the FAQs center.

If you don’t find answers to your issue, submit a support case on Linkedin Help Center via the app or web.


  1. Login to your LinkedIn account.
  2. On the drop-down menu from your profile icon, go to “Help.”
  3. On the help center, click on “Open Help in a new tab.”
  4. On the new page, scroll down to the bottom and click “Contact Us.”
  5. Of the two options provided, select “Get help from us.”
  6. Select “Other” from the categories provided and enter your question or the topic of your issue.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Create a support ticket.”
  8. Fill out the form provided and submit it.

Linkedin profile menu on the web


  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account.
  2. Click on your profile icon on the far-left corner of the screen.
  3. Tap on Settings.
  4. Scroll towards the bottom of the page and tap on “Help Center.”
  5. Choose a category.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Contact Us.”
  7. On the new page, select “Get help from us.”
  8. From the categories, tap on “Other” and enter your question.
  9. Scroll towards the bottom of the page and tap on “Create a support ticket.”
  10. Fill in the required fields and submit for a LinkedIn representative to reply.

Create a support ticket on LinkedIn

LinkedIn customer service notes that due to the demand for support, it may take longer than usual for you to get a response to your ticket from representatives. 

Premium members can access the LinkedIn customer service via live chat both in the app or on the web. The live chat option is only available in English, even if your LinkedIn account is in another language.

To access it, scroll to the bottom of the LinkedIn help center homepage and click on “Live Chat.” It will display as either online or offline depending on the availability of the service. However, there is no direct LinkedIn phone number to call.

LinkedIn premium help chat

However, several reviews indicate that customers did not get a response on their submitted support tickets. For example, in LinkedIn review #4960147, the customer says:

My account was hacked I open ticket on LinkedIn support but no one reached back of provide a solution to my problem.

5. How to Reach LinkedIn Customer Service Online?

Aside from the help center, you can contact LinkedIn customer care for help through their social media pages and forums.

LinkedIn customer support is highly responsive on the company’s Twitter help page (@LinkedInHelp). Some members post their LinkedIn complaints or questions directly on the company’s feed. Others opt to message directly. You can do either, but it is advisable to message them directly for issues that require you to provide your personal information.

LinkedIn customer service representatives usually respond to the Tweets and provide users with further standard instructions, which typically ask for relevant additional information and personal details sent through DM.

In the case of a hacked account, they provide a link to a form for you to fill out to help the safety team with recovery efforts. However, customers are complaining about long responses or ignoring requests and LinkedIn support tickets. 

Linkedin help online

In several recent Tweets, some members advised others to seek assistance with their account issues from third parties. LinkedIn representatives warn against giving third parties access to your account.

LinkedIn Online Help no third party

You could also join LinkedIn help forums on Quora and Reddit. On these forums, members leave their LinkedIn reviews and discuss the handling of various issues they encounter when using the social network.

LinkedIn help forums on Reddit

Like most social networks, there is no way to contact LinkedIn customer service directly. There is no LinkedIn phone number, email address, or live chat. The main way for users to reach LinkedIn support is by submitting a ticket through the help center or reaching out on the company’s Twitter help page.

What has been your experience with LinkedIn or contacting their customer support? You may leave a review on and help users avoid potential issues.

*The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.

Legal disclaimers:

  1. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide any legal, medical, accounting, investment or any other professional advice as individual cases may vary and should be discussed with a corresponding expert and/or an attorney.
  2. All or some image copyright belongs to the original owner(s). No copyright infringement intended.

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Frustrated LI Member #6956
Great info, and this is all just fine and understandable if you can actually log into your account. Mine was compromised or suspected of it and they are not accepting my drivers license as verified identification, and I can't actually reply to the appeal or interact with someone unless I'm logged in which I can't do until I use a form of identification I don't have (beyond my DL) to prove I'm really me. More anxiety than i needed today, as I was communicating with someone important. So much for premium membership. This is not cool.
Yep #8078
SAME exact issue. The ticket system is crap when helping compromised accounts.
Norma Lacayo #7082
I have problem to sing on my account pls help
Lydia #7466
This was so helpful! THANK YOU! :)
Tpots_1234 #7546
I have a problem to login in my LinkedIn account
Tina Achey #7797
LinkedIn is trying to charge me over $500 for a service that i am not even subscribed to, i cant get a hold of anyone. So i dont know what to do!
My linkedin account got temporary restriction. I'm unable to open my linkedin account can you please help me how to access to my linkedin account.Thank You.Mohan Reddy Lokapalli
carl isom #7871
LinkedIn customer support represents the OPPOSITE of customer service! 1. They have ZERO people to help customers resolve problems. 2. Every single "article" starts with the same ridiculous statement: Login to LinkedIn. What about those people who have been locked out of their accounts by LinkedIn without explanation? My problem is that I CAN'T LOGIN to LinkedIN. Then there is allegedly the option to send them an email. Which is nonsense since they won't send you an email reply. Again the circular logic kicks in and you are told to "login to LinkedIn" NOT POSSIBLE when you are locked out for no known reason!I'd love to be able to use my LinkedIn account but the email account Linked In has was an Outlook email I got while I lived in the US. Now that I live in the Philippines and I was using MY email account it was flagged by Microsoft as suspicous activity. So now I can't recieve replies from LinkedIn even if they did reply by emal. Because they don't have my current email or phone number.Once again I can't talk to a human to resolve the problems. Because LinkedIn is TOO CHEAP to HIRE PEOPLE to prove REAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!! I'm PISSED! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!
Nephi Smith #7881
I forgot my password and I have a new phone number. My old phone broke and when I transferred my data to the new phone it makes me log into my LinkedIn account again. But I forgot the password. So I follow the steps to reset the password and I get the code on my email but then it also wants to send a code to the old phone number as a two step verification. But I don’t have that phone number anymore. What else can I do to get this issue resolved? Can someone call me on my new phone number?
William #7899
Exactly how are you supposed to get support and contact the help lines if you cant logon to you account but are required to login to get help. Utterly the most stupid thing I have ever seen. If I could access my account I wouldn't need you help in the first place.
Beth Sicilio #7901
This is unbelievable!!!! I’m in the middle of my first job search in decades! I have not been on LinkedIn in in that timeframe as well. I’m coming back from serious health issues and ready to hit the ground running. Wondering why I’m not getting any calls…. then it dawned on me, I haven’t updated my LinkedIn account. I don’t remember the email I used or the password. I have tried every variation I can think of. If I can’t get to my LinkedIn page, then LinkedIn is basically keeping me from feeding my family. This is disgusting. The fact that you can’t reach this company on the phone in 2023 is ridiculous and absolutely wrong on so many levels. I am so pissed off right now!!
Betty #7935
I am locked out and can not gain access to login and take down a job posting. No phone number, no customer service and can't file a ticket as restricted from logging in. I submitted the request from linkedin to identify myself and they have never gotten back to me nor granted me access to login. It's been three weeks. They have an IT service that redirects you to help; however, they keep asking for money and screenshare and I believe it to be a scam.
Paulina Amenyona #7961
My account has been restricted for reasons I do not know. Every means to verify it doesn't seem to work. What do I do
P Krishna #8011
LinkedIn my account is blocked
Md Maroof #8024
I have problem let do a quick security check problem
Bethina Gade #8044
HiLinkedIn have blocked my profile without any reason. I have set up a case, emailed them, colleagues/work have emailed LinkedIn, uploaded drivers license and I have now another profile open trying to reach them. The message on their page is that they will return within 48 hours. And now I have been waiting for 7 days
Check email #8079
I was waiting for a response as well. I then realized it was in my email. They still did t help me which was ridiculous but you should check the email you placed the ticket with.
Dan #8113
Someone hacked my linked in over night. They created a new login password and verification. Linked doesn’t offer help unless you can log into your account. So right now the person has all of my personal and professional data on me because linked in has no security and no way to claim fraud since I can’t log in anymore.
Ghanahyam patidar #8115
My linkedin id not to be working open
Marcia Gillings #8265
Tried to log into my LinkedIn account to update it after 8 years. Since then changed job and home. I am blocked because it won't accept my identity verification and is sending emails to my old job's email address. There is no one to explain to and nothing can be resolved or updated unless I can log in. Even trying to log in via other platforms fail.
Olabinjo Itunuayo Elizabeth #8759
Hi,My account was restricted at the time I was supposed to take some LinkedIn learnings via my official email address, so I had to open another LinkedIn account just to take the learnings.However, my account has been retrieved , but I couldn’t log in because same phone number has been used on both accounts.Kindly advised .
Robin Lane #10522
It is outrageous and unconscionable than Linked in owned by Microsoft cant be contacted. I have tried over and over with no success to do a simple thing, reactivate my general Premium account. Instead, I was charged to activate a Premium business account, which I do not want. Does Microsoft think they are dealing with idiots? I am an attorney and know better than to threaten. But Microsoft should be reported to an agency which purports to regulate social media sites.