In this article, we provide answers to the main RockAuto consumer questions found on, where you will also find reviews, complaints, and further questions and answers.

The top ten questions about RockAuto on the relate to placing an order, shipping, returns, warranties, and customer service. If you have had trouble choosing parts, tracking an order, got the wrong part, or got a part that didn’t work, the RockAuto answers below will likely help you.

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions about RockAuto

1. How do I contact RockAuto customer service?

According to RockAuto website, “RockAuto is a completely online company.” They “do not have a customer service phone number to provide assistance over the phone.” However, you can contact RockAuto customer support via Find more RockAuto contact info on Pissed Consumer.

2. How can I know if my order went through?

The second most frequently asked RockAuto question. The short story is: if you got a confirmation email, your order went through. If you did not receive such an email, it didn’t. To double check, you can look at the Order Status & Returns page. According to the customer Help with Existing Orders page at,

“If you did not receive an order confirmation number, and the parts remain in the shopping cart, your order was not placed. If you received an order confirmation number and email, your order was placed. You can check the status of your order on our Order Status & Returns page.”

What's my Rockauto order status?

3. How can I make sure that I order the correct parts from RockAuto LLC?

RockAuto FAQs provide information on how to choose parts on their Help with Choosing Parts page. They answer questions on how parts are described, how to compare parts, which parts are popular with other customers, and how to know what is included with each part. After inputting information about your vehicle, you will get options that look like the image below. Based on the available parts, you can decide whether you want to use a part that is cheaper or one that is more similar to the original part.

Even though the company provides instructions on choosing parts, customers report having problems with orders. For example, in this RockAuto review, one customer complains about customer support.

In a video interview with, he informs that his order wasn't complete. The "kit had a greasy box with a dirty torn plastic bag inside" and two out of four parts were missing. After reaching the RockAuto customer service, the consumer further reports that the company refused to do anything about it.

4. What should I do if I was charged but didn’t get any confirmation code?

If you don’t get an email with an order number, your order did not go through. A charge might still appear on your card, but should be refunded.

According to their Order Information page, RockAuto places a hold on the funds on your card as soon as you place the order. If the order does not go through, the item stays in your cart and they issue a void request to your bank within 2 hours. Your bank, however, may take several days to release the funds. You may also check what RockAuto complaints say about charges without receiving the confirmation code.

What to do if I was overcharged by RockAuto

5. How do I track my RockAuto order?

You can track your last ten orders using the email address you gave when you placed the order at the time of the order using the Order Look-Up.

How to track an order on Rockauto

6. Does have one-day shipping?

Estimates of shipping time are given in the checkout cart. According to FAQs, the payment method selected can impact delivery time, and RockAuto does not guarantee delivery dates.

“Transit times and "Receive by" dates shown are estimates by the carrier and, while usually accurate, are not guaranteed by RockAuto. If you choose a part listed with a delay (see "...shipping delayed up to X business days") we will account for the lead time in your delivery estimate.

However, if you choose payment method that doesn't process immediately (see "How long will it take to process my payment?"), you'll need to add the processing time to the delivery estimate for the most accurate shipping time frame.”

When can I expect my Rockauto delivery?

7. What do I do if I have not received my RockAuto LLC order?

On the RockAuto Help with Existing Orders page, the company says that once the product has been shipped, they have the same information as the customer (namely the tracking number). Once there has been no activity on the tracking number for seven business days (Monday—Friday), RockAuto will begin a trace on the missing items. To initiate a trace, “report the problem through our Order Status & Returns page (see "How do I report a missing item or package?").”

What to do if my RockAuto package never arrived

How to trace a missing item on RockAuto

In particular, from the Order Status & Returns page, RockAuto says to:

“Click "Arrange a Return / Report a Problem" next to the missing part(s):

Specify the quantity missing and select "Missing Part" or "Package Not Received" (whichever is true) as the reason for the report:

The system will ask you a few questions to determine the cause of the problem and how you would like to proceed if the missing part(s) cannot be found.”

How do I report a missing item or package on RockAuto?

8. How do I return a part to

The answer to this question will help you return or exchange a part, understand the RockAuto return policy, and know what to expect about your refund.

According to Help with Existing Orders page, RockAuto accepts returns within 30 days. They do not accept any returns, except for those covered by warranty, after that time. In most cases, the customer is required to pay for the return shipping of the item.

Here is their full return policy found on their Help with Existing Orders page:

“Every part we sell may be returned within 30 days for a refund of the part price with the exception of liquids that have been opened (oil, paint) and Gift Certificates. Arrange your return on the Order Status & Returns page.

If a part doesn't fit, don't try to "make it fit" and risk damaging the part, your car, or yourself! RockAuto is not responsible for any costs exceeding the cost of the part, and we will not accept returns of parts that have been installed or modified.

To receive credit, a returned part must be complete and in its original, unmarked manufacturer's packaging. Cores must be returned in the box the new part came in. Returns may not be refundable if the part, or the manufacturer's box, is damaged while in transit to our warehouse.

Shipping charges are not refundable unless the return is due to our mistake. If you refuse delivery or the carrier returns a package because you provided an invalid address, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund.”

What is RockAuto return policy?

9. How do I receive a RockAuto refund of a core charge?

To get a refund of the core charge, you need to ship the old core in the box in which RockAuto sent you the new part. Here are the complete instructions from the Help with Existing Orders page on

In essence, you can determine whether the part you purchased has a core that needs to be returned when you look at the part in your order status. If it does, you need to return the core in the packaging the new part was sent in. You can get a shipping label from by clicking “Arrange Core Return.”

“If we charged you a core charge on a part, you will see an "Arrange Core Return" button next to the part. Click the button and follow the prompts to set up your return.

To receive a refund, cores must be returned within six months of the purchase date. You are responsible for return shipping costs unless our catalog or return instructions state otherwise. You may obtain a shipping label from our Order Status & Returns page to take advantage of our discounted rates. The cost of the label will be deducted from your refund. (See "When will I receive my refund?")

Before returning a core, be sure it is complete, fits the same vehicle application as your new part, and is in the box the replacement part came in. Your core does not need to be working (if it worked, you wouldn't have replaced it) but you will not receive core credit if it is smashed, rusted solid, or otherwise unusable.”

RockAuto refund policy

10. How do I redeem the lifetime warranty on my purchase?

RockAuto FAQs do not offer warranties on any parts. On their Product Lines and Warranties page, they describe how to determine whether a part has a manufacturer warranty and describes how to submit a warranty claim through the Order Status and Returns page. The best way to determine whether your part is covered by a warranty is to use the tool described below.

If you know the part is covered, initiate a refund request on the Order Status and Returns page.

To find out what kind of warranty is offered on a part purchased from RockAuto, use this information on their website:

“Find a part in our catalog and click "Info" to see warranty information, pictures and specifications for that part. Or find your order on our Order Status & Returns page (see "How do I view an order?").

For orders placed in the last 30 days, click next to the part to view the manufacturer's warranty and other product details. For orders older than 30 days, warranty information will be displayed in the part description:

Manufacturer warranties also are listed on our Warranties page. Our warranty information is only a summary and does not include all the terms and limitations of each manufacturer's warranty. Manufacturers may change their warranty terms without notice. For warranty details, visit the manufacturer's website or refer to printed material packaged with the parts you received.

For help filing a warranty claim, see How do I file a warranty claim?")”

What is the RockAuto warranty on my part?

You can find more consumers’ questions in RockAuto Questions and Answers section. You can also read and write reviews about RockAuto on Pissed Consumer.

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