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If you want to buy car parts, you may consider RockAuto LLC. They have a wide range of car parts sold at highly discounted prices. However, you may encounter some issues when dealing with them. For instance, numerous customer complaints indicate poor RockAuto customer service.

Below is an overview of RockAuto reviews and ratings on PissedConsumer.

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Number of RockAuto Reviews – 7.2K

RockAuto rating* – 2.4⭐⭐

Claimed losses – $1.8M

Successful calls – 4%/52.3K

Resolved issues – 32

This article will discuss the top questions and issues customers encounter when shopping with RockAuto.

1. Is RockAuto Legit?

Rock Auto is an online car parts business. It is a family-owned company that was founded in 1996 by automotive engineers. According to their About Us page, they have two main goals—to make auto parts affordable and readily provide information about auto parts.

RockAuto ships thousands of car parts from hundreds of manufacturers to millions of customers worldwide at warehouse prices. Their product catalog keeps expanding to enable car owners to find any parts they want.

Although customers like that has a wide range of auto parts at affordable prices, reviews indicate some concerns and questions about the company like, “Is RockAuto legit?” For instance, customers often have challenges contacting RockAuto customer service.

As such, one of the top questions to the company is— “How do I speak to someone at RockAuto?” In the next sections, we will address how to contact RockAuto customer service in detail.

RockAuto company info

Aside from customer service issues, reviews also indicate issues with cancellations, shipping, delivery, returns, and refunds.

For instance, customers wonder what is the typical RockAuto shipping time as ordered items can take too long to be delivered. There have been incidences of missing items, delivery of wrong RockAuto parts, shipping to the wrong address, and wrongful billing.

2. How Do I Speak to Someone at RockAuto?

Regarding the question, “How do I speak to someone at RockAuto?”, some consumers describe the company’s customer service as non-existence. This is because there is no way to speak directly to someone and no telephone number for RockAuto. Neither is there a RockAuto customer service chat.

On their help center, they indicate that RockAuto is fully an online company. Therefore, they do not offer assistance over the phone. The company explains that being a completely online business is the only way they can keep auto parts prices low.

Instead, they have a comprehensive help center and online self-service features that customers can access 24/7. The help center provides answers and instructions for issues regarding finding parts, placing orders, shipping, order status, returns, and refunds. For instance, to get details about the RockAuto return policy, check their “Order Status & Returns” page.

How to contact RockAuto

3. How Do I Contact RockAuto Customer Service by Phone?

As mentioned in the previous section, there is no telephone number for RockAuto customer service. Although a Rock Auto phone number is indicated for the corporate headquarters (1-608-661-1376), it is not usable for customer service. Neither you can use the corporate Rock Auto phone number to order parts.

RockAuto contact information

RockAuto parts reviews reveal customer frustration in being unable to get assistance over the phone. For instance, in RockAuto review #3905005, the customer says that the unavailability of someone to speak to indicates that the company does not care about customers.

RockAuto customer reviews

4. How to Contact RockAuto by Email?

No email address is indicated on their website for contacting RockAuto customer service. However, when customers use the RockAuto returns self-service tool, they get a response from

Therefore, you may attempt to contact the company through this address. Nevertheless, RockAuto complaints on PissedConsumer show (i.e., #3879893) that some customers do not get a response to their emails.

RockAuto review

5. How Do I Contact RockAuto on Social Media?

RockAuto has social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. The company is most active on Facebook, where they post often and respond to customers’ comments. They put up updates and respond to questions about RockAuto parts.

RockAuto customer support on Facebook

Since you can’t call RockAuto, you may attempt to contact them through their Facebook page. Or leave your RockAuto complaints as comments on their latest post for their social media representative to respond. Or, initiate a RockAuto customer service chat by sending them a direct message on Facebook or Twitter.

6. What Is RockAuto Return Policy?

As evidenced in the RockAuto complaints, customers often encounter issues with their ordered items and would like to return them. Sometimes, the RockAuto parts are defective, or the wrong items are shipped.

Other times the customer had attempted to cancel their order, but the items were still sent out. With no telephone number for RockAuto for customers to follow up on such issues, we checked the company’s website to find out what their return policy stipulates.

According to the RockAuto return policy, customers can return items within 30 days for a refund. You can return any parts except liquids that have been opened, gift certificates, and parts that have been installed or modified. You must return the items in their original packaging to qualify for a refund. The company does not refund if the parts or manufacturer’s box is damaged.

Shipping charges are not refundable, and the customer pays for RockAuto returns. If you refuse delivery or the shipping company returns the items because you provided the wrong shipping address, the carrier return fees will be deducted from your refund.

If 30 days have lapsed, you may still be able to return the items for replacement if they are faulty and qualify for the manufacturer’s warranty.

7. How to Return RockAuto Parts?

 According to the RockAuto reviews, customers have challenges with returning items. Even those that meet the RockAuto return policy face challenges. Furthermore, just like there is no RockAuto phone number to order parts, you can’t make a call for returns. These challenges make some customers wonder—is RockAuto legit?

For instance, in RockAuto review #2583322, the customer expresses frustration not having the possibility to escalate his return issue with the company. He believes he had extenuating circumstances (being hospitalized for COVID-19) for not returning his items within the stipulated return period.

The parts are unused or modified and are still in the box. However, he can’t call RockAuto to follow up on the issue of the returns.

We looked at their website to establish the right steps for RockAuto returns. They are as follows:

  1. Log in to your RockAuto account.
  2. On the “Order Status & Returns” page, find the RockAuto parts you would like to return by providing your email address or phone number and order number.
  3. Click “Arrange a Return/Report a Problem” on the part you want to return.
  4. Select the number of items you would like to return.
  5. Then, choose the reason for returning from the drop-down menu.
  6. You may be asked a few questions regarding your return.
  7. Once done answering them, authorize the return.
  8. Click on “View return instructions and label.” Read through the return instruction and follow them carefully. At the bottom of the instructions is the return label.
  9. Print the instructions page, cut the return label section and put it on your return package.

RockAuto return instructions

If you are returning multiple items, view return instructions for each part and print the labels separately.

You can return the items using any carrier. However, ask the carrier for a tracking number and enter it on the “order status” page to facilitate tracking.

RockAuto returns tracking number

8. How Long Does RockAuto Take to Ship?

RockAuto shipping time varies depending on your carrier and method of shipping. The provided delivery time for your ordered items is an estimate and may vary slightly. Bear in mind the time taken to process your order at the warehouse.

RockAuto delivery

Typically, orders take one business day to be prepared for shipping. However, if you make your order over the weekend or on a public holiday, it will be processed the next business day. To establish an accurate RockAuto delivery time, add the order processing time to the provided delivery estimate.

RockAuto delivery days

Delivery delays can also be caused if the items you bought are listed as having a delay. Also, if your provided payment method has an issue, your order won’t be confirmed, causing further delay.

One of the most outstanding benefits of shopping at is that you can access a wide range of car parts at an affordable price. You order the RockAuto parts online, and they are shipped to your location. However, customers often encounter challenges with contacting the company’s customer service.

The option to call RockAuto is not available. Although they have comprehensive help pages for most issues customer encounter. Without RockAuto phone number to order parts or follow up on issues regarding finding parts, returns, and refunds, the shopping process may be tough. Especially without even RockAuto customer service chat to refer to. Customers have to rely on getting email feedback for issues submitted through the self-service portal.

Besides the poor customer service, the RockAuto shipping time can be unpredictable. Often, orders take longer than estimated. There are also numerous reported incidences of missing items.

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