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Uber Eats makes it easy to grab food anytime. The idea is simple – provide a great customer experience by letting you order food and have it delivered straight to your door.

But things don’t always go right. Payment issues show up. Drivers are rude. Food arrives cold…or not at all. Fortunately, there are simple ways to contact Uber Eats customer service to resolve consumer issues like these. We outline the best options below. 

Ubereats questions and answers

Number of Ubereats reviews –  52.6K

Ubereats rating* –  1.6⭐⭐

Claimed losses –  $8.1M

Resolved issues –  370

Key Insights

  • Uber Eats is the second most popular online food delivery app in the world, with over 41 million downloads in 2023. 
  • 59% of consumers would not use Uber Eats again for similar services or products.
  • The most reliable phone number for calling Uber Eats is 1-800-2539377. According to the PissedConsumer platform, 97% of consumers use it to address their issues, and 83% of customers have reported successfully reaching a real person by calling this number.

Is Uber Eats Support Helpful?

What is UberEats, and is the platform's support helpful? Uber Eats is a food delivery spin-off from Uber, the ride-sharing platform. Through Ubereats, customers order food through the app, and a driver collects the order on the customer's behalf and delivers it to the indicated destination. 

So, does the system work? Is Uber Eats support helpful when things go wrong? Customers on have given the company 1.6 stars out of a possible 5. This is based on more than 26,500 reviews, 84% of which are negative. Four hundred thousand phone calls have been made to Uber Eats customer service through the platform, and only 9% of issues have been resolved. Customers typically only spend about three and a half minutes on the phone with the company. 

While some customers praised the convenience of the platform, many others complained about customer service and the company's refund policy. Many also feel the price point is too high for the service. 

One frustrated customer made this point when they asked to "have some sort of promo code or credit applied to my account because the refund won't process for up to 10 days" after their Uber Eats driver skipped the delivery. The reviewer tried to replace the order and feels

it isn't fair that I have to spend the money twice while I wait and deplete my funds…I also pay for a monthly membership which I am about to cancel.

In the various review platforms, customers were reaching out to the delivery service through Uber Eats customer service chat in the app or website, by phone, and through various social media platforms. Judging by complaints, social media had the most public responses from the company, but many customers also mentioned being able to speak to a representative on the phone or getting written responses through Uber Eats customer service email.

How Can I Contact Uber Eats Customer Service via Phone?

Recently Uber Eats has removed the company’s Uber Eats customer service number from the website and customer portal. 

Uber Eats customer service phone numbersSource: Uber Eats Help

Rather than calling the Uber Eats customer service phone number, the company encourages users to log into their accounts and use the platform's help features. The previously listed phone number for Ubereats complaints is 1-800- 253-6882.

You can also attempt to contact the company via the Ubereats customer support phone number at (800) 253-9377 or (913) 442-8075. When you call, be sure to have the details of your order. This includes the order number, the amount, the date, time, and location, and any messages or confirmations you have received. The more information you have to support your complaint, the more likely you are to find a resolution. 

A common thread among Uber Eats reviews is how much customers have struggled with Uber Eats customer support phone numbers.  A reviewer here on PissedConsumer explains in their Uber Eats review #5935918 that they were “double charged” after an order. When they asked to speak with a manager during the phone call, “the rep said a rep will call you within 24-48 hrs.” The customer continued to call “every 4 days and never received a refund or a call back.” 

Can I Start an Uber Eats Customer Service Chat On Social Networks?

According to the Uber Eats app help section in the app, there are several ways to contact customer service via Uber Eats social media. One of those methods is via social networks like X (formerly Twitter) or Facebook. The company routinely tweets specials and information and also announces the same promotions and offers via Facebook.

Customers use Twitter and Facebook feeds as a way to contact Uber Eats customer service, as well. This form of Uber Eats support contact is very public, of course, which can lead to faster results provided by the company. It turns out that the social media accounts are monitored by Uber Eats support. The company will quickly contact customers who leave Ubereats complaints on social media. In their post via X, one customer managed to initiate an UberEats customer service chat on the company feed. They faced challenges sending a DM and asked to “talk to me on the public threat.” However, if the matter was resolved after the conversation on social media, it would not have been done publicly.

Uber Eats customer service on social mediaSource:

Among the Ubereats reviews on PissedConsumer, one customer expressed frustration about how ineffective Ubereats social media accounts can be with customer issues. The reviewer “tried to call customer service” and also tried “facebook messenger” to resolve Ubereats questions about verifying their account but 

I have been unseen and unheard and NO ONE from the organization has reached out to me.

How Can I Speak with Uber Eats Customer Service Locally?

The company’s number will put you in touch with the nation-wide Uber Eats customer support. But what Uber Eats customer service phone number do you use to get in touch with the people who are actually delivering your food or working more locally?

Sometimes there are very specific local issues that need to be resolved, as one frustrated customer pointed out in their Uber Eats review #5311044. Since “its a small town here” they just spoke “to the restaurant locally” and they “refunded us” after Uber Eats driver brought the wrong order rather than deal with Uber Eats customer service.

This is a very specific issue related to the town. A more localized Uber Eats contact number would make a lot of sense in this scenario. However, finding a good contact number for localized assistance is the basis of many Ubereats complaints. In most cases, contacting the local delivery driver is the only localized contact available.

According to Uber Eats FAQ, to contact the local delivery driver, you must wait until the delivery person has collected your order. Then, inside the app, tap the phone that appears on the phone status screen. You then have the option to call or start an Uber Eats chat with the local delivery person. Be aware, however, that the delivery person may not respond if driving for safety reasons.

Contact uber eats customer serviceSource: Uber Eats Help

One Uber Eats customer cancelled an order after “the delivery time changed” and “texted the driver to let him know I cancelled” but the driver “kept calling me after I asked him not to call anymore” since the customer was going to call Uber Eats customer service about the cancellation.

How Can I Resolve My Question via Uber Eats Chat or Help Page?

The company help page is a collection of Uber Eats FAQs related to many things about the food delivery service. There are answers on the Uber Eats help pageabout ordering and delivery, tips, and contacting the driver. But there is not a simple Uber Eats customer service chat or contact form in the help section.

If you dig a bit, however, you can find some contact information for Ubereats support. When you search the Uber Eats help section for “contact” you can find some options once you have logged into your account. 

Once you’ve logged into the help pages, you will select the applicable options until you are told to select the order you have Ubereats complaints about and then you’ll be able to proceed. 

How to select order on Uber EatsSource: Uber Eats Help

In other cases, you are given the option to open a chat with the company by drilling through the various Help menu options. Even then, the chat is AI generated and only useful in certain situations.

Uber Eats online chatSource: Uber Eats Help

Ubereats reviews mention how frustrating this is. One customer in review #5942126 noted that they “spent an hour trying to get help” but then the company “closed my chat and left me no room to communicate.”

The Uber Eats Experience

Issues happen with every company. How the company’s customer service handles the issue is most important when consumer issues arise. Had a bad experience or a great one? See what others are saying in their UberEats reviews, and consider writing a review of your own! 

*The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.

Legal disclaimers:

  1. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide any legal, medical, accounting, investment or any other professional advice as individual cases may vary and should be discussed with a corresponding expert and/or an attorney.
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Macaullay #4749
We placed an order from Uber eats order number #2DA91 and Saad was issued the order to be delivered after struggling to find us we rang him and tried to redirect him, in the end we had to go and find him to collect our order!When we got to him he was so rude and disrespectful to us! He said “I have drove these roads for many years and still couldn’t find it! It mustn’t exist!” After my partner tried to comfort him he drove off after being so rude!We have lived here for 20+ years and everyone else seems to find it okay! Even on the phone he was rude not listening to directions and talking over me!I want something done about this and not to be pushed back!
Anonymous #4755
I ordered from popeyes three large mac and cheese. Arrived: One half full, all three burned like they scraped the bottom of the pan, all dry and one only two thirds full. I contacted uber eats online and they kept giving me the same response. Then finally received response stating they are doing nothing because they see where i had several refunds in the past. Two previous orders where they didn't deliver to the correct address. (They took a picture it was not my porch.)tried calling one of the numbers disconnected. Tried calling popeyes. Says busy called five times. I wasn't reporting to get refund. I wanted them to come get this mess and give me decent three large mac and cheese. I have had before and it was great. The tone from uber eats was very disheartening and not customer sensitive. I took a video that wish i could download to this (also pictures).
samantha de beer #4808
i had an order my hubby ordered for me at work and the driver LEON driving a white bakkie REG DWM890EC was so incredibly rude and shouting at me in the middle of the driveway because he doesnt like having to get confused with addresses, midn you i gave my exact address and if google is wrong its not my fault he shud have listened to what i said - i want this taken further who is he to treat a woman in public this way?0813008971
Samuku #4828
Hi I have ordered food from uber eats this morning.. The guys who was supposed to deliver food got lost and he canceled my order. Before canceling i tried to contact him, then next when i check the order was cancelled and now the bill its my name
Sam p #4832
I opened Uber eats app to place an order. My last order from 5days ago popped up to tip driver. I pushed no but poor connection it then took £4.40 tip, why so much? And why 5 days later? I try to change tip but won't allow me as was over 24hrs so why would to app pop up with a 5 day old order to tip driver! There is no help at all to refund my money
Debbie Sherred #4944
I am having problems placing a order I tryed with two different bank cards and I know there nothing wrong with the bank card I just wondering if there something wrong with the Uber eats app I used the app for a very long time now and not had problems before I always used this app I don't want to go with another delivery services kind regards
Anonymous #5574
HelloI was told to rate my order of which I did and after that you guys took my £1.95Please why,I did not order anything but to rate why will you people take my money, Please I need my refund back, next time you people should say how much you charge for rating,ThanksStellamaris
Sarah Maher #5833
My order ZP236145755. Never arrived last night. Delivered to wrong address.Granddaughter very upset.Not the first time
Charles Holland #6006
I had a unauthorized billing on my PayPal account for $24.39 on September 5th. I believe this was a double billing issue from Johnny J’s when I first started using Uber Eats and I never received a refund
Joshua Solti #6123
Good afternoonI placed a order with McDonalds today and one of your drivers was supposed to deliver it but did not. Also, I tried to ask for a refund on your app but it only came up with an order which is totally wrong from the 12th of September which couldn't have been me as I was not in the country last Sunday 12th. This obviously is a rubbish app which doesn't work so you need to look into this a fix things. Plus as my order from today was not on the app I would not let me apply for a refund. A screen shot of that order is attached as well. Please could you look into this. Or if this is not Yh be correct place to ask for help do you know what Uber eats email is??RegardsJosh Solti
Mateo Capunpun #6202
I olaced an order via Ubereats today September 29, 2022 toGong Ho restaurant. The first driver assigned by Uber (a young black guy) took the order but never deliverwd it. Uber messaged me that something hapoened so they were sending another driver (Amishaban a girl) to pick up the order. When she arrivwd at the restaurant she was told that the order was picked by thefirst delivery driver. In other words the first driver STOLE my order!
Ratchanee Field #6500
My daughter ordered McDonald’s on last Monday ,never received her order, when we call to Uber customers service they said have to check for 48 hours,and they will send email to let us know,but we waited and after 48 hours we never received anything from Uber ,so we call them again and they said exactly the same thing again, until now we never heard anything from them, this is kind of joke, how you do this to customers. How and why ?????
Michelle #6550
Cancelling my subscription as I've tried but still comming out of my account
Lisa meakin #7023
Ordered a food totalling £50 from a burger shop for 4 people. Took driver ages to find us but we had to wave him down in the end, though we live on a main road and our house number is clearly marked on the front of the house. My son gave him the code then brought the food in, driver returned to his car. Started opening the bag and realised there was only one burger and fries and it was obviously not our order. Tried running after the driver but to no avail. Rang the burger shop but they said it was an Uber error and not their problem. Tried ringing the driver but the call came back as error and not connecting. Tried through the Uber app to contact the driver but no connection again. Contacting support through the app for a refund and they won’t refund me at all and will not give me a reason why either. Always used Uber but after this disaster, will never use again!!
Ellen Johnson #7735
I ordered a McDonald's via Uber eats. It was so late, missing items. All of it was stone cold. I was missing 20 box nuggets, a milkshake. The chips were small not large! But all inedible as disgusting. I was so angry and never complain usually. I phoned the restaurant, they said I could go and collect missing items! But I paid for delivery. It all cost £40.82. Money down the drain. I'm so angry.I can't resolve as they're just refunding my chicken Nuggets. I want a full refund as went to bed upset and hungry.
zamo craig #7855
Good day my order was cancelled but still my money was deducted,, i would love to get my refund backdriver name no KK34MVGP Big Boy Swiftmy order no was 20311reply to my email asap
Samarah #7868
Hello, I'm tired of this right now. I've sent several complaints about this order and I still haven't had a response. You guys are purposely doing this and it's obvious, people wouldn't want to order from Uber eats after hearing about bad reviews. I won't stop contacting or might start giving bad reviews till I get a refund, this is blatantly unfair to customers that just wanted to get their food. The problem was in my McDonald's order that I already said 3 other times on the app. I'll repeat it again, mcflurry spilt on the bag making my chips soggy (inedible) and the mcflurry dripping down the bag which I noticed when I saw my floor getting dropped everywhere I walked.The email on the Uber eats account was XXXX and Order number 1050E. Hope this email gets in the right hands with someone who can take control of the situation.Thanks.
Donna Turner #13778
I am trying to obtain a UK telephone number to contact Uber Eats due to being charged for food I did not receive.The app is useless to try and receive help, no option to even chat!
Naomi #13989
I applied a promo but i was charged the full amount. I only use uber eats because of the student discount
Damo #14210
Bin waiting from 7.40 for food 2 keep being delayed rang macdonals 2 be told 2 ring uber but no number 2 ring