Delivery service can be amazing – fresh, hot food delivered right to your door. But sometimes it isn’t so amazing. Orders come in wrong, your food is cold, or perhaps your meal never shows up at all.

The idea behind services like UberEats is ideal – food delivered right to your door after easily ordering. But the reality of a food delivery service can be a bit different at times. When something goes wrong, it’s important to be able to reach customer service in hopes of making it right.

Ubereats questions and answers

Number of Ubereats Reviews –  8.8K

Ubereats Rating* –  1.5⭐⭐

Claimed Losses –  $940k

Number of Ubereats Issues Resolved –  22

1. Is Uber Eats Support Helpful? offers a straightforward service to customers. Use the UberEats app to order food, and a driver will bring it straight to your door. It seems simple, but sometimes you need to change or cancel an order. Sometimes there are payment issues or your order arrives wrong. When things like this happen, customers want to easily call the Uber Eats customer service number.

But as we all know, not all customer service departments are created equally. So how does the Uber Eats support stack up? We turn to Uber Eats reviews and – more importantly – complaints to find out.

We looked at the Uber Eats reviews on our website as well as other review-based websites to try and see a clear picture of On PissedConsumer, customers have given Ubereats a score of 1.5 stars. TrustPilot rates the company even lower with a 1.1 rating. Other review platforms seemed to have similar Uber Eats complaint issues.

The most common complaints across platforms included:

  • Customers struggling to find and successfully use the Uber Eats customer service number.
  • Customers trying to track their orders through the Uber Eats app.
  • Customers asking for an Uber Eats refund after not getting their order or getting a wrong or unacceptable order.

In the various review platforms, customers were reaching out to the delivery service through the app or website, by phone, and through various social media platforms. Judging by complaints, social media had the most public responses from the company, but many customers also mentioned being able to speak to a representative on the phone or getting written responses through email.

2. How Can I Contact Uber Eats Customer Service Via Phone?

Once you’re logged into your account on the UberEats app, you have several options for reaching out to the company. You can reach out via the Uber Eats customer service email, social media, or the phone number. When you call, be sure to have the details of your order. This includes the order number, the amount, the date, time and location as well as any messages or confirmations you have received. The more information you have to support your complaint, the more likely you are to find a resolution.

That Uber Eats phone number is (800) 253-6882.

Customers can call Uber Eats support if they need to make a quick change to their order, or if there is a problem. Having a phone number available, however, doesn’t guarantee success with customer service.  A common thread among the reviews on multiple platforms is how much customers have struggled with the Uber Eats phone number.

A reviewer here on PissedConsumer explains in his Uber Eats review (#2130116 ) that he is being repeatedly contacted as if his home is a restaurant with orders ready for pick-up. He left his PissedConsumer review to complain that nobody at the company was answering his phone calls to customer service and he wasn’t getting a response via email.

Uber Eats customer complaint

You can also contact the company via the service phone number at (800) 253-9377 or (913) 442-8075.

3. How Can I Contact Uber Eats Customer Service Via Social Networks?

According to the Uber Eats app help section in the app, there are several ways to contact customer service. One of those methods is via social networks like Twitter or Facebook. The company routinely tweets specials and information via Uber Eats Twitter and also announces the same promotions and offers via Facebook.

Customers using Twitter and Facebook feeds as a way to contact the Uber Eats customer service, as well. This form of Uber Eats contact is very public, of course, which can lead to faster results by the company. It turns out that the social media accounts are monitored by Uber Eats support.

In his Uber Eats review via Twitter, one customer sent the company a message via the social network. When he asked for follow-up more publicly, he received a generic response that just made him angry. If the matter was resolved after the conversation on social media, it was not done publicly.

UberEats Twitter comment

According to the Uber Eats FAQ, drivers will attempt to contact customers. If there is no response, then the customer is charged for the meal despite not receiving it. This policy seems to be an issue with the Uber Eats Twitter review as well as many others across various review sites.

UberEats no refund note

4. How Can I Speak with Uber Eats Customer Service Locally?

The company’s number will put you in touch with the nation-wide Uber Eats support. But what Uber Eats phone number do you use to get in touch with the people who are actually delivering your food or working more locally?

Sometimes there are very specific local issues that need to be resolved, as one frustrated customer pointed out in his Uber Eats review (#2127029). He ordered from Dairy Queen in his local town, only to be told that Uber Eats drivers refused to pick up from inside that particular store. After canceling his order due to this issue, he was frustrated that he was still charged after ordering from a restaurant through the Uber Eats app that the drivers won’t deliver.

This is a very specific issue related to his town. A more localized Uber Eats contact number would make a lot of sense in this scenario. However, finding a good contact number for localized assistance is the basis of many Uber Eats complaints. In most cases, contacting the local delivery driver is the only localized contact available.

According to Uber Eats FAQ, to contact the local delivery driver, you must wait until the delivery person has collected your order. Then, inside the app, tap the phone that appears in the phone status screen. You then have the option to call or message the local delivery person. Be aware, however, that the delivery person may not respond if driving for safety reasons.

Contacting UberEats driver

5. How Can I Resolve My Question Via Uber Eats Help Page?

The company help page is a collection of Uber Eats FAQs related to many things about the food delivery service. There are Uber Eats FAQs about ordering and delivery, about tips, and contacting the driver. But there is not a simple Uber Eats customer service page in the help section.

If you dig a bit, however, you can find some contact information for Ubereats. When you search the Uber Eats help section for “contact” you can find some options. There are several Uber Eats contact pages about contacting the driver you ordered from. There is also a page about the Uber Eats cancellation policy that refers to a helpline, but doesn’t offer the number for the line.

UberEats cancellation policy

On a second page about refunds, after you cancel Uber Eats, customers are asked to enter an order number through an electronic form to start a conversation with customer service about a refund. This does make it possible to contact Uber Eats customer support through the help pages.

There is another way to send an Uber Eats customer service email through the company’s help pages. If you visit the page for an Uber Eats complaint that is unrelated to the help menu selections, there is a more generic online form that you can use to submit a complaint to the company.

Uber Eats help question form

There is a reason the term “hangry” exists. Being both hungry and angry is a bad combination, especially when you tried to solve the hunger and a mistake on the part of the delivery company led to anger. According to many positive tweets and posts on social media, many customers have good experiences with and enjoy food delivery.

But a large number of frustrated customers online asking for a better Uber Eats contact number or leaving complaints across every review platform, including ours, tells a different story.  If you have issues with Ubereats, you have choices about how to contact the company. You can call Uber Eats, but you can also email the company through the help pages or send a private message through social media options. Contact through social media seems to get the attention of the company the most quickly, according to UberEats reviews.

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Paul W. Rohrer #1321
I am appalled at the Simone Biles gay commercial. I’m done with Uber Eats.
Perin McKnight #1233
I have been trying to open an account for ordering food on line. I go through each line and when I get to --enter code # sent to phone #, I cannot find any code # or letters on my phone. Please help. thanks.
Kiondra Harris #1144
I am pist off I literally watched this driver not even pull in my apts to deliver and lied I was calling her she wouldn’t answer I want my money back the food was for my kids and then you people don’t even have number someone can call customer service
Mary Anne #1058
So the only local support we would get would be from the rider who might be driving at the moment we try to contact them? Well, pretty understandable that the rider shouldn't be bothered while on the road. I don't mind customer support not being localized as long as they're efficient -- which means when I need support they are there. Not the kind that I have to wait forever until I get connected to one. That beats the point of support for delivery apps you know, it isn't like a broken product that you want to return. It's real time and the delivery item is perishable.
Jack Benson #1057
Thank you for taking the time to discuss Uber Eats, its helpful to get objective people out here instead of those Twitter rants that automatically cancel businesses because of one bad review that happened. Sometimes people forget that these businesses employ people that depend on the income they get from this job. Of course feedback from customers will help improve a business so I do not discourage anyone making constructive criticism -- just wanted people to know that at the end of the day it is a business that is employing many people.
Tiffany O #1056
I really want to clear out who is at fault here when refunds take forever to do. I really dislike cancelled orders and the poor assistance I get when it comes to refunds. This is mainly because it takes forever for the funds to come back to me. They say it must be with my bank, if that is the case is there anything Uber Eats can do about this? I'm sure a lot of other customers want faster refund time or even yet riders who don't cancel orders out of the blue causing you to have a refund in the first place. Don't they want revenue or something?
Amy #1055
I do not use Uber Eats very often but in the instances that I do I have had a fairly good experience. My concern is now though is has the company placed any measures for safety during this pandemic? Are they giving masks to the riders and what about the food? Do they ensure that the rider doesn't pick up poorly packaged food? The consumer's health is at risk here, one reason I have not opted to use delivery food. I personally do takeout if needed.