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Uber is one of the leading ride-hailing apps that provides a seamless way to connect riders and drivers with a tap of a button. It is currently accessible in more than 70 countries and 10,000 cities. By the first quarter of 2023, Uber's user base had grown to over 130 million.

When customers decide between different ride-sharing apps, they compare not only costs, like Uber vs Lyft price, but also the quality of service, turning to online reviews to learn about the customer support offered. They often evaluate Uber support against Lyft customer service or the customer assistance provided by other leading competitors in the industry.

Here is an overview of Uber reviews and ratings on

Uber QA

Number of Uber reviews – 28.8K

Uber rating* – 1.7⭐⭐

Claimed losses – $11M

Successful calls – 8%/270K

Resolved issues – 211

Key Insights

  • Despite its convenience, some Uber customers encounter issues when using the app and would like prompt assistance. 
  • 44% of reviewers on believe that Uber needs to enhance its customer service, and 49% are hesitant to use it again for similar services in the future. 
  • Uber provides limited options for contacting customer service. There is no live chat or direct email address, and users are encouraged to reach out through the app.

This article will discuss the reliability of Uber customer service and ways to contact its representatives.

1. Is Uber Safe?

Riders and drivers considering signing up to the app often wonder, “Is Uber safe?”. is comparably safer and more convenient than taxis and public transport. According to their website, the app takes particular measures to ensure that both riders and drivers are safe.

The app is built with easily accessible safety features such as emergency assistance, GPS tracking, phone number anonymization, on-trip reporting, share my trip, and 2-way ratings. A dedicated safety center on the app details what Uber Technologies, Inc. is doing to keep you safe. 

Drivers undergo several screenings, including criminal background screening, before being approved to accept rides on the Uber app. The app automatically locks out drivers who exceed the consecutive driving hours limit. It also features speed limit alerts that remind drivers to stay with a given speed limit.

We checked Uber ratings and reviews on to find out if customers find the ride-hailing company safe. With more than 28.8K reviews, users rated the app 1.7 out of possible five stars. 80% of the reviews are negative, while 9% are positive, with only 13% of customers saying they would recommend Uber to a friend or colleague.

As of the date of writing this article, over 270K calls had been made to Uber customer service with only 8% of the users' issues being resolved. On average, the duration of each call is 1 minute 17 seconds. 

Over 21% of customer calls are regarding payments and charges, with most customers requesting a refund as a solution to their issues. Other reasons for contacting include account-related matters, inquiries, and account activation or cancellation, among others. Overall, Uber customer service has received a less than favorable rating, with customers giving it only 1.5 out of 5 stars.

With that said, there have been some safety complaints, as evidenced by Uber reviews on The top Uber complaints are in regards to safety include:

  • rude drivers;
  • the car number plate on the app and the car that arrives do not match;
  • drivers arriving later than the scheduled time;
  • no show by the driver;
  • riders falsely accused of not wearing a mask;
  • drop off at the wrong location;
  • being forced out of the car;
  • sometimes, there are no vehicles available.

For instance, in Uber review #5565809, the rider complained about the driver’s behavior and attitude:

This particular time the driver took me on a weird route. When questioned about it, she got SUPER defensive and dropped me on the side of the road.

They were also frustrated that they couldn’t find an Uber safety phone number to call for assistance during the incident. Notably, the reviewer updated their complaint to indicate that Uber refunded them for the ride.

Other common Uber complaints include:

  • fraudulent charges;
  • wrongful billing;
  • difficulty contacting Uber customer service.

For example, in a video review #2234205, the customer could not contact Uber to seek a refund on a $24.99 charge that had accumulated over a couple of months. He was first charged $5 for no show even though the driver couldn’t find him. He was charged more for a pass that he did not understand. His efforts to contact Uber support via email or phone have been futile.

Uber drivers also encounter challenges when using the app or in the cause of their rides. For example:

  • being locked out of the app without explanation;
  • delayed payments;
  • rude riders;
  • riders who flaunt COVID-19 safety measures;
  • difficulty finding the rider at the listed pick-up location.

Despite some challenges, Uber still receives positive feedback in several areas:

  • convenience;
  • quality and timely service;
  • some good drivers;
  • reliable and safe rides.

2. How to Contact Uber Customer Service by Phone?

How do I talk to Uber customer service representatives? This is one of the most common questions Uber riders and drivers ask because customers often need prompt assistance with various issues. To answer this question, we checked the official website to find out how to contact Uber via phone.

Uber offers 24/7 phone support for both drivers and riders. Riders and drivers can call the Uber phone number +27800172956 or navigate the help section on the app to “Call Support.”

contact Uber customer service by phone

Drivers can access phone support, whether on-road or off-road, in-app, by following these steps:

  • Open your Uber Driver app.
  • Log in 
  • Tap the menu icon and select help
  • Select the issue you are experiencing.
  • If phone support is available for the respective issue type, tap Call support.

If you are a rider, you may wonder how to contact an Uber driver by phone using the app. 

If you have just requested a ride, you can call your driver by navigating to the driver’s info at the bottom of the screen and selecting “contact.” On the other hand, you may want to contact the driver after your ride is complete, say if you have lost an item. 

In this case, go to the “Your Trips” section on the app, select the relevant ride, and select “I lost an item” to contact them.

There is no Uber safety phone number provided on the website. However, on its safety page, Uber recommends that you call 911 through the app in case of an emergency. The app will display your live location and trip details, which will be shared with emergency dispatchers.

Uber safety number

Reviews indicate that customers have a difficult time reaching the Uber support representatives on the phone. For example, in review #5721791, the customer says: 

Keep going around in circles trying to get customer service … Not able to reach a human.

3. How to Contact Uber via Live Chat?

Customers are also keen to know how to contact Uber via live chat. There is no Uber help chat option for riders and drivers. However, there is an in-app Uber online chat option for Uber Eats delivery. 

Uber live chat

Uber reviews further evidence that there is no live chat option for riders and drivers. In review #5730431, the customer expressed their frustration with the lack of an Uber driver support chat or customer support phone number:

I wasted 40 minutes trying to find working customer support phone number or at least a live chat for Riders. None. There is one phone number for Drivers.

4. How to Contact Uber in the App?

Another common question is how to contact Uber support via the app. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to your Uber app and log in if you haven’t already
  • At the bottom of the screen, go to your “Account”
  • Tap on “Help”
  • Scroll down the list of topics and select the most relevant category.
  • Follow the prompts.

In most cases, the Uber app will lead you to a help page that addresses the issues. You may also be provided with a form where you are required to share more details about the issue. The Uber support team will get back to you via the in-app message center. You may also receive an Uber customer service email regarding the issue. 

Note that there is no Uber customer service email on the website or app that you can write to directly. Neither are there clear steps provided on how to call Uber. However, some people attempted to write to but did not get a response.

4. How to Contact Uber via Email

Like many other users, you may be wondering how to email Uber support. There is no Uber support email address provided on the official website. Some people attempted to write to but did not get a response. 

In Uber review # 5724479, the customer confirms that there is no way to email Uber after their failed attempts to get in touch with customer service regarding “weird payments”:

…so i tried almost every possible way to email uber. no contact email for costumer support literaly nothing online.

5. How to Contact Uber Customer Service on Social Media?

Uber customer service is most active on Twitter on the main company page (@Uber) and the dedicated customer support page (@Ubersupport). While they have a Facebook page, there has not been any activity on the page since 2019.

Therefore, the best way to contact Uber customer service for prompt assistance is by commenting on the @Ubersupport feed or sending them a direct message. The Uber social media representatives typically respond to complaints on the feed within minutes. They ask for further information about your issue or you to send personal details via DM. This is the closest form of Uber online chat support that there is.

Uber customer service on social media

Ensure Smooth Customer Experience with Uber

There are few options available to get in touch with Uber customer service. Although the company provides a phone number for support, reviews on indicate that some customers may experience challenges getting through to someone. There are no currently Uber live chat or email support options. 

To ensure the most efficient customer experience, use the app. Consider sending a DM or posting your concern on their social media for a prompt response. 

What has been your experience with Uber customer service? You may leave a review on or comment below. 

*The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.

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Wilson Oscar #5629
unable to activate account
Sean anston #5842
I had requested ride from Rookie bar on brushwood in elgin to 7-11 on hassel rd in Hoffman Estate driver Michael arrived i told him i had get my backpack and lockup bar he was cool about it he did me a favor by starting trip and save me from charging fee and Michael said since i informed him he decided start trip and waited 5 minutes he deserves all 5 star ratings
Denise John #5897
I have nva used Uber eats b4 I used it 4 the 1st time 2nite & of course my order was messed up. I didn't get 1 of my combo meals so I really hope I can get a refund on my order plz email me at so I can get a refund on my debit card thank you!!!
Lyneisa #6462
The driver didn't even show up. He cancelled the trip but, I was still charged. Then, he charged a $9.37 cancellation fee. I need my $21and cancellation put back in my account!
Tamara Wink #6794
I ordered a Whataburger 12:02am 1/5/23, with Driver Ranzgar to Deliver by 12:20am.12:30 I checked order and THEN LEARNED DRIVER JENKINS TO DELVER BY 1 and I was livid cancelled order and UBER APP STATES FOOD DELIVERED BUT HOTEL SECURITY NEVER HAD DELIVERY ATTEMPTED AND HOTEL IS LITERALLY 7 min from Whataburger! I rcv Attempted Call @1:02 from Driver and 1:03 from Uber. Ironically my iPhone is PROGRAMMED to DND 9:15pm - 6:30am every day!Food never was ATTEMPTED TO BE DELIVERED AS HOTEL IS LOCKED W/Security Officer, Marriott Courtyard!FRAUD IS PAYMENT FOR ZERO SERVICE.TEXAS AG IS 2 B CONTACTED 1/8/23 as BSNS TRIP OVER AND DELAYED ARRIVAL HAD ME STARVING, thus order, AND NO ATTEMPTED DELIVERY AS CAMERA AND GUARD CONFIRM! Driver & Uber tried to call after 1 am when ORDER made 12:02 WRITTEN PROMISE FOR DELIVER 12:20 & ZERO APPEARANCE AT HOTEL!
Jody greathouse #6893
My debit card ending in 8647was charged 9.99 for Uber pass? Not sure wat that is but I've not signed up for anything with Uber. My zip code is 30725 they said u may b able to locate how my card was charged using this info. Please help me with this issue please. I don't use Uber an did not sign up for this. Thanks n advance
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I am dissatisfied with uber as I have already paid my charges but it is still reflecting
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Recently, I tried to arrange a ride through UBER, to the hospital. I apparently joined one of your other services. Please, cancel my enrollment...i do not want a membership !! The code that was sent to me was 2561. Please help me !
Tamara leivas #8120
I called for a ride. It was my first time supposed to be at work at 6 o'clock. Said it would be here in 6 minutes. It never showed. I never made it to Kirk and I hope I didn't get charged.⁷
Brandi #11613
So I actually work for Uber and for a few months now I’ve been having just this one issue no matter if I do Uber Uber eats or shopping pay etc .. but this morning I did UberEats and what proceeded to happen at really left me offended to the point that I logged off that’s been my only job today… when I excepted that job I was told I would make $7.57. The job was to pick up order at Starbucks and deliver it… I did just that it took me 25 minutes… I was paid $2.57 .. and as per usual no tip. Nobody ever tips in this economy so I don’t even think about tips… WHAT I DO THINK ABOUT IS FOR THE LAST FEW MONTHS. AT LEAST I’VE BEEN TOLD I’LL MAKE A LOT MORE FOR THE A JOB AND THEN ONCE I DO THE JOB I MAKE A FOURTH OF WHAT I WAS TOLD.. … but the issue today it just felt offensive. I was literally offended. I would have rather done it for free and felt like I was doing something good for someone may be putting some good karma out there… then be paid two dollars.. so I proceeded to speak to their customer service on chat in the app… WOW… offended and an important all over again… they called my issue, resolved, except it wasn’t after I explain what had happened and been happening and my only comfort a.k.a. the only response I received from the four different people I talk over an hour including 30 minutes of being put on hold… was “ Sorry for the inconvenience.”
Ashok K Nair #13874
I lost my Gold chain by travelling from Mumbai airport to Panvel on 12 th, October, 2023. Since they don't have a proper customer complaint email id I have send several emails to Uber no reply and tried to call customer care it gets automatically gets disconnected. My question is to whom to contact. As myself is one of the regular customer of Uber.Thanks,Ashok K Nair.
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Then my account was closed due to an unintended error, but unfortunately there was no one to hear you