Uber is a ride-hailing mobile app that connects riders to drivers. It has over 93 million monthly users worldwide and a 71% market share in the USA. There are numerous Uber complaints on PissedConsumer regarding rider and driver safety, fraudulent charges, and account issues. Most people have difficulty contacting Uber customer service and would like to find out the best ways to get in touch.

This article answers the top questions about Uber support.

Before we delve into the answers, here is a summary of Uber ratings and reviews on PissedConsumer.

Uber QA

Number of Uber reviews – 13.2k

Uber rating* – 1.7⭐⭐

Uber claimed losses – $5.5M

Successful calls – 6%/99.7K

Resolved issues – 44

1. How Safe Is Uber?

Riders and drivers considering signing up to the app often wonder, “Is Uber safe?”.

Uber.com is comparably safer and more convenient than taxis and public transport. According to their website, the app takes particular measures to ensure that both riders and drivers are safe.

The app is built with easily accessible safety features such as emergency assistance, GPS tracking, phone number anonymization, on-trip reporting, share my trip, and 2-way ratings. A dedicated safety center on the app details what Uber Technologies, Inc. is doing to keep you safe. 

Drivers undergo several screenings, including criminal background screening, before being approved to accept rides on the Uber app. The app automatically locks out drivers who exceed the consecutive driving hours limit. It also features speed limit alerts that remind drivers to stay with a given speed limit.

With that said, there have been some safety complaints, as evidenced by Uber reviews on PissedConsumer.com. The top Uber complaints are in regards to safety include:

  • rude drivers;
  • the car number plate on the app and the car that arrives do not match;
  • drivers arriving later than the scheduled time;
  • no show by the driver;
  • riders falsely accused of not wearing a mask;
  • drop off at the wrong location;
  • being forced out of the car;
  • sometimes, there are no vehicles available.

For instance, in Uber review #2704325, the rider scheduled a pick-up at 11.30 PM. About 4 minutes into the ride, away from the major roads, the Uber driver requested that they pass by her house so she could use the bathroom. When the riders declined, the Uber driver dropped them off at the side of the road and falsely reported them for not wearing masks.

Uber review about safety concern

Other common Uber complaints include:

  • fraudulent charges;
  • wrongful billing;
  • difficulty contacting Uber customer service.

For example, in a video review (2234205), the customer could not contact Uber to seek a refund on a $24.99 charge that had accumulated over a couple of months. He was first charged $5 for no show even though the driver couldn’t find him. He was charged more for a pass that he did not understand. His efforts to contact Uber support via email or phone have been futile.

Uber drivers also encounter challenges when using the app or in the cause of their rides. For example:

  • being locked out of the app without explanation;
  • delayed payments;
  • rude riders;
  • riders who flaunt COVID-19 safety measures;
  • difficulty finding the rider at the listed pick-up location.

2. How to Contact Uber Customer Service by Phone?

One of the top consumer questions is how to call Uber customer service. According to a recent response on Twitter, the Uber customer service phone number is only available in specific locations. However, in the response, the Uber customer support did not indicate which locations.

Uber phone number tweet

The website does not list any Uber phone numbers for customer support, whether for drivers or riders. However, it mentions that drivers can access phone support in-app, whether on the road or off-road.

Uber help for drivers

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Log in to your Driver app.
  • Tap on the menu icon.
  • Go to help.
  • Choose a category that best describes your issues.
  • If phone support is available for your issue category, there will be an option to call support.

There is an Uber phone number provided on their website in case of a safety incident: 1-800-285-561-72. However, Uber.com notes that if the safety incident requires police or medical attention, call 911.

Uber phone number for safety incident

Multiple reviews on PissedConsumer indicate that consumers search online for Uber customer service numbers. While some websites list phone numbers, these Uber customer service numbers do not go through. In the instances when they do, customers are taken around without being provided with solutions to their issues. 

For instance, in review #2954514, a rider says they spent over two hours trying to figure out how to call Uber. After searching through the app and the web, they managed to find a couple of the Uber customer service numbers, which did not go through. However, one did go through, and even though they could contact Uber customer service, the representative was not helpful. They promised to send an email in response to the issue. The customer received an Uber email, but it did not address the issue they were reaching out about.

Uber review about calling Uber

3. How Do I Contact Uber Via Live Chat?

There is no Uber live chat option for both riders and drivers. Multiple reviews reiterate that no Uber live chat is provided. For example, this Uber review #2741828 says:

…Live chat rolls you over to Ask a lawyer so apparently there is no live chat…

However, if you contact Uber customer service via phone or in-app, a customer service representative may contact you through email. If the email you receive does not show a no-reply email address, you can respond with further questions for Uber support to get back to you.

4. How to Contact Uber Support in the Mobile App?

Uber.com recommends that you contact them in-app. Here are the steps to follow to contact Uber via the mobile app for both riders and drivers:

  • Login to your account.
  • On the home page, tap on the 3 lines at the far-left corner.
  • You will be presented with a list of the common issues that customers reach out about.
  • Select a category that best describes your issue.
  • Follow the prompts.

In most cases, the Uber app will lead you to a help page that addresses the issues. You may also be provided with a form where you are required to share more details about the issue. The Uber support team will get back to you via the in-app message center. You may also receive an Uber customer service email regarding the issue. 

Note that there is no Uber customer service email on the website or app that you can write to directly. Neither are there clear steps provided on how to call Uber. However, some people attempted to write to support@uber.com but did not get a response.

5. How Do I Contact Uber Customer Service on Social Media?

Uber customer service is most active on Twitter on the main company page (@Uber) and the dedicated customer support page (@Ubersupport). While they have a Facebook page, there has not been any activity on the page since 2019.

Therefore, if you can’t find an Uber phone number, reach out via Twitter. You can contact Uber on Twitter by either sending them a direct message or posting a tweet on their feed. Some people post their Uber complaints directly on the company’s Twitter feed.

The Uber support will get back to you with the steps to follow to resolve your issue. You may also receive a response on your email from the Uber customer service email.

The main Uber Twitter page addresses the company’s policies and updates users on new policies and updates on the app. They also address a major concern among riders: is Uber safe or not? Uber does not provide any of their contact details on their various social media pages.


There are limited methods for contacting Uber customer service. The company recommends that you reach out in-app. There is no Uber live chat or email address to write to directly. There is no Uber customer service number listed on their website. Although some phone numbers are listed on various websites, Uber complaints indicate that they hardly go through. The optimal way to contact Uber customer service is on the @Ubersupport Twitter page. 

What has been your experience with the app? Leave an Uber review on PissedConsumer.com.

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